Visual Studio 2005 SP1 and Team Foundation Server SP1: Get it while it’s hot!

Visual Studio 2005 SP1 is out the door! Get your bits here. There are fixes and enhancements across the entire Visual Studio 2005 product line so be sure to download the corresponding SP1 bits for your edition. I’m especially excited for Team Foundation Server SP1. Brian already provided a lot of information about what SP1 means…


Submit Your Questions for the Upcoming Channel 9 Interviews of the Team Foundation Server Team

On Dec. 14 & 15 I will be filming more Visual Studio Team System Channel 9 interviews on-site with the Team Foundation Server team in Raleigh, North Carolina. I am pleased to announce that Brian Harry has graciously agreed to take some time on camera to talk about the roadmap for Team Foundation Server which he posted last week….


How to install the Microsoft Loopback Adapter on Windows Vista

Recently I’ve been trying to figure out how to install the Microsoft Loopback Adapter on Windows Vista since I couldn’t find an “Add New Hardware” option for manually installing devices like there was in Windows XP and other legacy versions of Windows. Windows Vista caters to the plug-and-play world which will be great for most users, but…


Team Foundation Server Roadmap

Brian Harry published a must-read roadmap which should give you a good idea of what’s coming in future releases of Team Foundation Server. There’s a LOT of great stuff in there which should whet your appetite about what their team has been hard at work on. The first comment Brian received on his post pretty…


How to Disable Hibernation on Windows Vista

Hibernation is a feature introduced in Windows 2000 and later in Windows XP which allows your computer to enter a sort of “deep sleep” mode – your computer’s state is preserved, and it uses far less power than if you just put your computer into Standby mode. But in order to enable your system to Hibernate, Windows reserves a…


Visual Studio and .NET Framework v.Next Specs

While catching up on some post-turkey reading I came across this blog entry by Brian Harry pointing out that Microsoft is now posting specs for several upcoming features being planned for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Wow – we sure have come a long way with transparency and this is another big step forward. I remember when…


Team Foundation Server Migration Toolkit

Matthew Mitrik, a PM on the Team Foundation Server, blogged about the TFS Migration Toolkit that his team is building. As more and more customers make the switch to Team Foundation Server, we’ve been seeing some serious demand for tools to help customers migrate to Team Foundation Server from their legacy source control management tools….


So you think you can code?

Every year Microsoft runs a worldwide student coding contest called The Imagine Cup. (Yes, there is actually a real cup involved just like in many sports.) The competitions kick off with regional events held in many countries and culminate in a final event which will be held in Seoul, Korea this year. I’ve had the opportunity to…


New Video: Erin Geaney on the Team Foundation Server Power Toys

If you follow Brian Harry’s blog then you’ve probably heard of the Team Foundation Server Power Toys (TFPT). Last month the team refreshed the TFPT bits and added four new Toys to the bundle which Brian blogged about here. I also wanted to capture some demos on Channel 9 so I headed over to Erin Geaney’s office…


New Tag for Discovering Team System Videos on Channel 9

We recently started tagging new Visual Studio Team System-related content on Channel 9 with a VSTS tag to make them easier to discover. I also just finished tagging all of the older Team System-related content as well. There were several great videos out there, including some that I had never even seen before! There are…