Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 ALM Virtual Machine Now Available

The Visual Studio 2012 Update 1 ALM virtual machine and 21 hands-on-labs / demo scripts are now available for download.

All of the existing hands-on-labs / demo scripts were updated slightly to reflect UI and workflow changes included in Update 1.

One new lab / demo script was created focusing on new ALM tooling for SharePoint 2010 developers and testers.

Finally, two existing labs / demo scripts were enhanced to include exercises based on new capabilities included with Update 1.

The new and updated labs / demo scripts are referenced in the table of scenarios listed on the download page.


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  1. Thanks Brain…much appreciated!

  2. Brian, is this VM compatible with the VM Depot ( ?

    And if so, can you post it up there so we can use it to create our VMs in Azure?

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