Visual Studio 11 ALM Virtual Machine and Hands-on-Labs/Demo Scripts updated for beta

I’m pleased to announce that in conjunction with today’s beta release of Visual Studio 11, the Visual Studio 11 ALM Virtual Machine has also been updated, along with all of the hands-on-labs and demo scripts.

Start your downloads here!

Comments (8)

  1. Matha Goram says:

    Thanks a bunch Brian for your efforts! Nice to know that there are folks looking out for the individual users.


  2. Karel Deman says:

    Outstanding – as always!

  3. Automation Planet says:

    Just in Time!, Thanks 😀

  4. Nice work! One question, how big is the total download?

  5. briankel says:

    @Aaron, Thanks!

    13.5 GB compressed. You'll need about 20,000 3.5" floppy disks. 🙂

  6. Thanks, we have download caps so wasn't sure if it would blow it or not. Thankfully I have 60GB per month, so not an issue. However, I only have 18,000 floppies, so not quite sure what I will do, will figure something out however 😉

  7. briankel says:

    Ha! Well if you can round up a few ZIP Disks it should make up for the missing floppies. 🙂