Visual Studio 2010 Lab Management has officially released

And it’s here!

I’m going to excerpt Brian Harry’s blog since he already said it so well:

Today, we released the final update to the Lab Management features for the Visual Studio 2010 product family.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post with a bunch of details on the Lab Management capabilities and also explained recent licensing changes.

Today I am announcing that the final bits are now available for download to licensed customers.  Here are some useful links:


Knowledge Base Article describing the update

Lab Management Trial page with lots of useful content and links

The patch you need to install on your clients and servers


As I mentioned in my previous post (referenced above), this update also includes all TFS fixes that have been made since TFS 2010 released.  This is a great update to install even if you don’t use Lab Management today.  Not only will it enable Lab Management for you to try, it will provide you quite a few TFS fixes/improvements.

I’m installing everything on my Lab Management rig this afternoon.

Also remember that Lab Management is now included for all customers who have Visual Studio Test Professional 2010 with MSDN, or Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN. I posted some more details here a few weeks back on these changes, along with a video recording of my keynote demo where I showcased some of the capabilities of Lab Management.

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  1. Dan Samuels says:

    Will there be new Hands on Labs that go through the lab management scenarios?

    Will a new Hyper-V VM be released with the RTM bits of Lab Management that we can play with?

    The 2010 hands on labs are great so here's to hoping more will drop soon.

  2. Brian Keller says:


    The Lab Management VHD will be updated any day now with RTM bits. The product team is working hard on getting it ready and is improving upon some of the scenarios that were originally present in the RC version. I'll update my blog again once it's ready.

    Yes there are detailed walkthroughs for all of this stuff but they are a bit hard to find. Here is the URL:…/lab-management-pre-release-2010-walkthrough-vhd.aspx

    I expect there to be a newer walkthrough published once the RTM version is ready. Meanwhile, the RC version works great if you want to try that immediately.


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