Visual Studio 2010 ALM presentations from my recent roadshow

I recently had the great opportunity to support the launch of Visual Studio 2010 by embarking upon a 4-week roadshow through South Africa and Europe (plus 1 unplanned additional week in England due to the volcanic ash cloud!).

I promised that I would upload my slide decks, so here they are. I also used my SpeakFlow presentation on software testing a bit in lieu of slides. But fair warning: about 80% of my talks were based on demos, so the slides in and of themselves don’t really tell a complete story. Instead, I would encourage you to watch the recordings of my sessions from TechDays in The Netherlands. You can view all of the recordings on Channel 9 at the following locations:

And finally, you can run just about all of the demos I delivered during my roadshow by downloading the VHD and hands-on-labs I posted in April. I’m hard at work producing an RTM version of these materials, but for now everything in that VHD will continue to work until June 30, 2010.

I hope you enjoy the materials!

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  1. Eddie says:


            I’ve looked online, downloaded the VS 2010 Training Kit, got a copy of your book and I’m still having a hard time getting my head around everything in 2010 and how to easily introduce the new tools into my organization. The tools seem technically cool…but I’m having a hard time explaining the value for why we should start using them.[Given the Tools cost and the inherent challenge that solution files will have to be converted from 2008 to 2010…arrrggh]

    Are there any presentations/videos/podcasts that cover how the new tools specificially make development/testing/PM teams lifes easier when compared with the 2008 products?

    We have the 2008 products and I’m struggling to make the case for why 2008 is painful and why 2010 will make our lifes painless(We just moved to 2008 about a year ago – spring 2009).

    I’m also having a hard time finding content that makes 2010 easily approachable. I haven’t found a simple and easy way to get the benefits of 2010 when comparing 2008.  (even your book goes overboard for the managers I have to convince)

    Any pointers?

  2. Brian Keller says:

    Hi Eddie,

    What company are you with? Depending on the taxonomy we might be able to get you in touch with a sales professional who can help you build a case. Given the scope of Visual Studio 2010 and the huge variance in ways that you might be looking to adopt it, it’s not really easy to have this conversation over blog comments.


    PS: The solution files should convert very easily and you can continue to work with previous .NET Framework versions from within Visual Studio 2010.

  3. David Xu says:


    Where I find the download for the TFS Immersion Training Kit?

    This materials will help us greatly learn 2010.

    MS Learning course? Cost $?

  4. Brian Keller says:


    I am sorry, I don’t know since I didn’t work on that kit. But I’ve pinged David to find out. It looks like he provided an internal Microsoft network link in his post. I will let you know what I find out.


  5. Brian Keller says:


    It looks like David prematurely posted that blog entry. The content is not yet available externally and David has removed his post. Thanks for letting us know.


  6. David Xu says:

    Bummer to hear Brian. Will the content be made available? I’d happily purchase a MS elearning course for the material.

    I was really looking forward to the Module 1 content.

    Module 1: Planning a Team Foundation Server 2010 Deployment

    Estimated duration:  3 hours 42 mins

    Labs:  1 paper-based lab

    Job aid:  Checklist for planning a Team Foundation Server 2010 deployment

  7. Brian Keller says:

    Sorry I really have no idea, David since I wasn’t involved in that project. Perhaps it’s best that you go to David Baliles’ blog and ask him about it.


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