New batch of VSTS 2008 VPC’s

Brian Randell has posted a new batch of Visual Studio Team System 2008 VPC's. As has become my tradition, I've updated my earlier blog post with direct links to the files for using a download manager. Please see:

Since VPC's are usually multi-gigabyte downloads I highly recommend using these instructions for a better download experience.


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  1. Steve Parker says:


    Do you know if the passwords have changed in the latest sandbox release? – I tried the account TFS Setup with the password of 1Setuptfs but get an incorrect password notification.


    many thanks

    Steve P.

  2. Brian Keller says:

    Steve –

    That is the password for the VSTS 2010 CTP VPC, not the 2008 ones. Please see step 8 of my other post and follow the respective link for the VPC you downloaded.


  3. Vlad says:

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I still would – if I download the CTP from the 10-1 series 1, would it still work? Or are there more recent builds?


  4. Brian Keller says:

    Vlad –

    That’s still the most recent pre-release build available for Visual Studio Team System 2010. Just be sure to follow the steps in there for disabling the clock synchronization before you launch the VPC, because the software technically expired on January 1st. If you follow the 10-4 episode you’ll be fine.


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