Helpful links for the Visual Studio 2010 CTP

Today we published a new CTP Virtual PC image of Visual Studio 2010. I hope you enjoy this pre-release as much as I have been! It's still early since it's a CTP, but I think it's our best CTP yet. I think you'll like the walkthroughs which are included in the VPC image.

I've authored two blog entries which might help you when downloading and running this VPC image.


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  1. Now that we have made the 2010 CTP available for your use ( please see Brian Keller’s post for all the

  2. In my last post , I began talking about the logical structure of the VSTS 2010 Architecture product.

  3. In my last post , I introduced the Modeling project that will be introduced in the VSTS 2010 Architecture

  4. As I promised in my last post , I want to show you how you can make Layer Validation part of your build

  5. Geek Noise says:

    Layer Validation with the VSTS 2010 CTP

  6. DGML, or "Directed Graph Markup Language" is what we are using in VSTS 2010 Architecture to

  7. It became clear from the emails and comments to my last post that I should probably spend a little more

  8. In this last post I introduced you to some *very* basic understanding of how DGML works. Now I want to

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