Changes to the DBPro Download

We recently made some changes to the download of the Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals Add-on to try to clear up some initial confusion customers were reporting. This is the add-on which installs into Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite edition and provides the additional functionality provided by Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professionals. Here is a quick list of the changes, hopefully this simplifies things a bit:

Add-on no longer called a "Trial" - The add-on can be used in a trial mode when installed with the Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite 180-day Trial Edition. When running in this mode you will get all of the Team Suite and Database Professionals functionality, and both of these solutions will stop working when your trial time period expires. However, if you own a "full" (non-trial) edition of Team Suite then this add-on will not expire since you are entitled to receive the Database Professionals functionality for free as a benefit of owning Team Suite edition. Hence it didn't really make sense to name this add-on a "Trial" by default when it can in fact be installed as a full add-on provided that you have an appropriate license to Team Suite.

.EXE and .ISO available - Previously we chose to offer only a .ISO file for download, which required you to either mount that image or use a CD burning program to create media. We are still offering an .ISO file, but we are now also providing a self-extracting archive file (the .EXE) which you can download and quickly run to get started.

Documentation Clarification - Remember that this add-on does not provide the Team Edition for Database Professionals documentation. To get the documentation, you can either view it online or you can download and install a newer version of the MSDN Library which includes this documentation. At the time of my blog post, the latest version is available here.

Hopefully those changes clear up some confusion - but if you still have questions please visit the Team Edition for Database Professionals Forum.

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  1. Rob Caron says:

    Brian Keller has a blog post ( Changes to the DBPro Download ) that goes into detail about some improvements

  2. Data Dude says:

    Based on your feedback and continuous confusion about what to download and or install we created an additional

  3. Alright, alright, so our initial download site for DBPro was a bit confusing. 🙂 Well, we’ve got a handle

  4. SRLTeam says:

    Visual Studio 2005 Team Edition for Database Professionals (DB Dude) available now in form of Add-on

  5. Brian Keller: Technical Evangelist for Team System : Changes to the DBPro Download VSTE for DBPro(TSData)가

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