Visual Studio and .NET Framework v.Next Specs

While catching up on some post-turkey reading I came across this blog entry by Brian Harry pointing out that Microsoft is now posting specs for several upcoming features being planned for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.

Wow - we sure have come a long way with transparency and this is another big step forward. I remember when I joined the just company five years ago somebody was nearly fired for just mentioning the code name for the upcoming version of Visual Studio at a conference! Now you can even download CTP's of a product months or years ahead of its impending release. And the customer feedback we get from such a transparent process has been proven to be so worthwhile I can hardly imagine how we lived without such a tight feedback loop before. With hundreds of active Microsoft bloggers, a public community bug and feature request database, and now even published specs, it's a very fun time to be working here. It sure keeps me on my toes trying to stay on top of all of it!

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