New Video: Erin Geaney on the Team Foundation Server Power Toys

If you follow Brian Harry's blog then you've probably heard of the Team Foundation Server Power Toys (TFPT). Last month the team refreshed the TFPT bits and added four new Toys to the bundle which Brian blogged about here. I also wanted to capture some demos on Channel 9 so I headed over to Erin Geaney's office (she's a developer on the Team System team) to get a closer look at some of these tools. That video is now available in case you haven't had a chance to play with those Power Toys yet - they are pretty slick.

Just a reminder in case you missed my post on Friday that you can now follow all Visual Studio Team System-related videos on Channel 9 by watching for videos (and screencasts) which have the "VSTS" tag. [NOTE: Unfortunately the Channel 9 tagging system seems to be experiencing some technical difficulties today, but I've notified the team. I can only guess that it must be due to all of the Team System users who are now hitting that page? <g>]

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  2. Terry says:

    Regarding the lighting:  Your offices probably have florescent lighting which is a nightmare to match, even the ‘daylight’ ones.  

    What may work better is a reflector.  Either white or a more efficient silver one would fill shadows rather than create new shadows or color-balance issues.  Plus they are very portable (collapsable) and easier to set up.

    If you do go with a light, bounce it off the wall/ceiling to mix better with the ambient illumination and lessen shadows.

  3. Brian Keller says:

    Thanks, Terry! I really appreciate you sharing your expertise. I’ll have to look into a reflector.

    We also just received some new cameras which are supposed to be pretty rockin’ so I’ll see how they perform in the non-Window offices as well.

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