Team System "Chat" transcript now available

It looks like the the transcript from our September 6th "Chat" on MSDN is now available. It was great meeting everyone who could make it - we had nearly 150 people during the live session which is simply incredible! Team System has become very popular in a relatively short amount of time, which is of course thanks to our customers. So THANK YOU for believing in the product as much as we do!

For people who couldn't attend the live chat session the transcript is a good way of catching up on common questions related to Team System. There will be another Team System chat on October 4th - get the full chat schedule here:

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  1. Heynemann says:

    I posted it right after the chat ( 🙂

    But it’s cool to learn that it’s official now.

    Thanks for the tip.

    Bernardo Heynemann

  2. Buck Hodges says:

    Brian Keller mentioned that the transcript of the Sept. 6th chat is now available.  Team System "Chat"…

  3. Rob Caron says:

    As Brian Keller notes, the transcript from the chat we held earlier this month on Team System is…

  4. Brian Keller says:

    Ah, so you did Bernardo – you’re on top of it! Good stuff. 🙂 BTW you’ve got a great blog, I just added it to my favorites. – Brian

  5. Rob Caron on So Long and Thanks For All The Fish.

    Naren on WorkItemTracking object model primer.

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