I need a new laptop.

Check this out - Scott Quibell and Rob Cecil figured out how to make the LED lights on their Dell XPS laptops change color based on the status of their project's latest build status in CruiseControl.NET. Sweet!

Mike Swanson just cross-posted this to his blog along with a lot of other great information about Continuous Integration, including more fun and creative ways to publish and monitor your team's build status. In his post Mike reminded us that while Team Foundation Server doesn't support Continous Integration out of the box, you can easily add that functionality with a sample by Microsoft which was later refined by Vertigo. Or, if you wanted to try to take advantage of the Dell XPS project by Scott and Rob you may want to integrate CruiseControl.NET directly with Team Foundation Server using the CC.NET Source Control Add-on found here.

Note to Self: Mike just so happens to be my new manager... which means that now I have the perfect business justification for asking him to order me one of these Dell XPS laptops. 😉

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  1. Rob Cecil says:

    Be sure to grab the new 1710 model – 7900 GTX 512mb I believe is possible. Yeah, we need these, … to build faster, yeah, that’s right!!



  2. Brian Keller says:

    LOL – thanks Rob, I’ll be sure to let Mike know! I wouldn’t want him to order me the wrong model. 🙂


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