Free Microsoft .NET training for Java Developers

We just put the finishing touches on a free, online, self-paced training course designed to help Java developers become better acquainted with Microsoft .NET development. This training is designed to help familiarize Java developers with Microsoft .NET development concepts using their Java development skill set as a frame of reference. Some types of questions this course answers include:

- "I know how to use Swing/AWT/SWT/JSP, but what are my options for developing my Web or smart client presentation layer with Microsoft .NET?"
- "I know how to use RMI with Java – but how does .NET Remoting work?"
- "I have a piece of Java source code – how can I migrate this to run on the .NET Framework?"
- "How does application deployment and updating work with the Microsoft .NET applications?
- Much, much more…

This training includes video presentations, downloadable student notes, video demonstrations, as well as hands-on labs you can complete from your desk.
To access this training, please visit:

If you have any problems accessing the materials, you can email For other resources for Java developers, such as Interop guidance, visit

- Brian

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