ABC affiliates pulling 'Private Ryan'

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It's a sad state of affairs that, with all of our great technology like V-Chips and remote controls (i.e., the power to choose), that we still have to take cues from the FCC about what we can and can't watch on television. I mean c'mon, people. The problem is not the content. If somebody wants to complain that their children are getting access to content that is innappropriate, then it takes less effort to change the channel than it does to lodge a complaint with the FCC! It just blows my mind... yes, of course, there are some public places where a certain level of censorship makes sense, like at the mall and on billboards. But in your own living room - where you, as a parent, should have complete and total control over what plays on the television, there's just no excuse to ruin it for the rest of us who want to pay homage to the great veterans of this country by way of watching Saving Private Ryan which, by the way, is an amazing film in my opinion.
</political commentary>

This weekend I will be excercising my freedoms by playing a little Halo 2. And if my local affiliate decides to pull Saving Private Ryan, then I'll just need to dig out the DVD.

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  1. Wallym says:

    Thank you Janet Jacksoin.

  2. nathan says:

    This isn’t censorship. Censorship is when the government says, "you can’t say this." This is a bunch of TV executives say, "we’re going to make a political statement by not showing this movie, so that people will think the FCC participates in censorship." I think the TV executives are morons. I also think this stems from the whole janet jackson breast fiasco.

    don’t blame the FCC for this one.

  3. Scott says:

    The FCC recently fined television stations for dropping the f-bomb. This movie has a lot of swearing in it. If I owned a tv station and didn’t want to risk getting fined I wouldn’t show this movie. Now, with all of the attention drawn to this, I would be surprised if the FCC fined anyone over it.

  4. Brian Keller says:

    Hey Nathan –

    Point well taken, but I still contend that the executives would not act in this manner were it not for the FCC and the threat of fines. And I’m not saying the FCC isn’t doing their job; they ARE doing their job based on their role in the government. The problem is, should that role be defined as such? Do we really need a government agency telling us what we can and can’t watch? Yes, the Janet Jackson thing was an anomoly which shouldn’t have happened. Live events should be on a delay for this very reason. But you can’t tell me that Tom Hanks is going to just sporadically take his clothes off in this TV version of Private Ryan. (ok, there are more jokes to be made there but this is a public blog and I fear the FCC might be watching)

  5. So let me get this straight.. We are all allowed to watch the WTC towers come down, over and over again on instant replay on every channel, but fictional depictions of other real events for some reason need to "sanitized for our protection"?

  6. Big P says:

    How can you ban Spielberg from teevee? Isn’t that like banning Jesus from the Vatican?

  7. sirshannon says:

    Speilburg’s fictional movie drew complaints the last time(s?) it was shown by ABC. ABC gets to show it only because they agreed to Speilburg’s demand that it not be edited in any way. This is not a documentary. It is a movie with a lame ending. Dubbing a few "eff-bombs" and "ess-bombs" would not hurt the movie at all and would make it suitable for the public-owned airwaves. Speilburg’s ego is all that kept this movie from being shown.

  8. Scott says:

    @sirshannon: As someone who considers himself an artist at times, I have to disagree with you about editing out offensive material. I hear the words fuck and shit on an almost daily basis. They are part of the language. Anytime that a fuck is replaced with a fuddy-duddy, the movie becomes that much less relevant to real life. I think that it’s not ego that is keeping this movie from being edited but a respect for art.

    On a side note, why are people so offended by certain words? We should know enough by now to realize that words are just words.

  9. Ian says:

    Abolish the FCC.

  10. Bob says:

    The really funny aspect of this whole FCC uproar is it is based on seeing a 40 year old black woman’s tiddy, which is something that probably all red blooded American boys "spanked the monkey" to while viewing the National Geographic.

    In 1977, Roots didn’t get fined and there was boobie everywhere.

    My comments are not meant to be a political statement, but just food for thought.

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