The grinch of Halloween

No, I'm not the grinch of Halloween. I love Halloween. It's probably my second favorite holiday. My favorite is Thanksgiving (read: lots of great food, little commercialization).

But Major Nelson - my friend over in XBox Live - just wrote a post about how he hates Halloween. How can you hate Halloween? I have some theories:

- Somebody toilet papered Major Nelson's house last year
- Major Nelson, as a young Cadet Nelson, had his candy stolen by a pack of neighorhood punks. Unfortunately in real life you can't send feedback and have their accounts banned. 🙂
- Major Nelson doesn't like trick-or-treaters interrupting his XBox Live sessions (I can understand this!)
- Major Nelson is diabetic and therefore can't experience the sweet side of Halloween. Mmmm... candy...

Of course, there is one aspect of Halloween that I hate as well. And that's candy corn. Check out Dan's blog from our discussion yesterday!

Now if you'll excuse me I have to go get the finishing touches for my Borat costume. Jagshemash!

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  1. Randy H. says:

    I worked for a company that managed a chain of seasonal Halloween retail stores. I helped with the installation of POS systems in the stores. That will turn you into a Grinch, just like working in a department store might turn you into a Grinch at Christmas.

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