Voicemail SPAM and other election woes…

Virtually every phone call I get at home nowadays is a 30-second political ad. I've lost track of how many I've received but I think it's approaching double digits. I for one can't wait until the election is over if for nothing else to stop the barrage of these SPAM-calls. Are there really people out there who are swayed to vote a particular way based on these calls? If so, it's a sad testament to our voting community... I'm even on the Do Not Call registry but I guess it doesn't apply if you have a political message. What's the number for the "Do Not Call Even If You Have a Political Message" registry?

Oh, and in other news, I got a call from one of those polling organizations conducting a survey of voting preferences. Now since I'm in marketing and we rely on such information regularly, I feel it's good karma to participate so I gave up 10 minutes of my time. But after a few minutes I could tell how offensive it was to me - a registerted libertarian - since all of their choices relied on me responding either Republican or Democrat! A few of the answers gave Green Party as an option, but none of them listed any of the Libertarian candidates. Before this turns into a blog about how biased our two-party system is I should cut it short... but I think I'm going to stop answering my phone until November 3rd.</rant>

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  1. Geoff says:


    Are you sure you are on the Do Not Call registry? I haven’t gotten a single political call, which I can only assume is because I am on the registry. Or maybe because I am never, ever home to take them. 🙂


  2. Larry says:

    If you’re not in a "swing state", odds are they’re not going to waste their money calling you.

  3. Brian Keller says:

    Hmmm… well, I signed up for the DNC registry. And I know Geoff is in a Swing state – Florida definitely qualifies! Chances are better that Geoff’s just not home, and his bleeding heart sister is getting the calls instead. 🙂

  4. Raymond Chen says:

    Political groups (and charities) are specifically exempt from the DNC registry. Are you so surprised that politicans created a law and made themselves immune to it?

  5. Amnber says:

    I am not a "bleeding heart" <big scowl to Brian Keller>…I just have a heart, that’s all <big toothy grin>

  6. PO'd says:

    We have two phone lines and have been inundated for WEEKS with these friggin obnoxious calls from local and statewide politicians, including the Governator! It’s bad enough when you answer directly, but when your phone machine picks up these damned computerized phone calls, it does NOT know how to hang up on these Invaders! What an aggravation!!!!!! (Sometimes I can’t even get rid of one of these junk-calls before the other line begins receiving another one!) ARGH!

    There should be a LAW against such rampant invasions of a person’s space, privacy, and phone lines! The LAST THING I will ever do is VOTE FOR one of these a-holes who insists on calling (some of them call more than once!) begging for my vote and tying up my lines and disturbing my peace!!!

  7. Brian Keller says:

    I hear you! In fact, I just got two in a row and I only have one phone line. New policy: anybody who calls me between now and when I cast my vote tomorrow, I am going to vote for your direct competition. I don’t even care what the issue is or how strongly I feel about it; my phone ringing off the hook is pissing me off…

  8. Me too says:

    What’s even more annoying: Before you can DELETE these crappy nuisance-calls from politicians, your phone machine insists that you LISTEN to it first! Sheesh!

    I finally turned off the machine, so now when those idiots call with their crummy recorded calls, all their equipment will hear is ‘ANSWER FUNCTION IS OFF!’

    Why is it, every time someone invents a method for COMMUNICATING, the ABUSERS come along and ruin it for all of us?!!

    PS I downloaded a sound-wave of the so-called SIT wave (those three tones you hear before the Operator-Voice tells you "I’m sorry; that number is not in service") and am now going to add that to the BEGINNING of our phone machine message, so that (hopefully) these idiot computers will hang up when they hear it. It is exhausting, trying to keep up with the ABUSIVE Idiots who violate the whole concept of communicating.

  9. Brian Keller says:

    Wow – that’s an interesting approach to get the tones. I wonder if the "war dialers" (let’s face it – they really are war dialers from back in the B.B.S. days…) are smart enough to detect the beeps? Of course, the risk is that your friends and family hear the beeps and think your number is disconnected!

    <advertisement> As for the answering machine, at least I don’t have to listen to the whole message before I delete it. I get my email straight to my email Inbox because I use Lingo.com, which I love by the way… if anybody reading this is interested, send me your email address and I’ll refer you so we both get $25 credit. briankel at microsoft dot com. </advertisement> 🙂

  10. Me, Back Again says:

    Well, on election day the calls started up again, and ONE was actually a human being, apparently, babbling on to the phone machine about location of our polling place… I got on the machine and asked IS THIS A HUMAN BEING? and man, did I give them an earfull, about all these dam*ed phone calls… (I have to admit I felt a little sheepish when I learned it was just a little old lady volunteer trying to help folks find their polling place… But I stick by my guns:

    THESE ELECTION-TIME PHONE CALLS HAVE TO STOP! IT IS AN ABUSE OF PHONE PRIVILEGES AND RIGHTS! Furthermore, our polling place is listed right on the Voter Pamphlets we all receive, and we do not need or want Idiots, volunteers or not, calling and wasting time and phone-machine space…

    By the way, for the sake of any Election-volunteers in the audience, please get it thru your skulls that people’s phone numbers are shown on the voter registration records NOT BECAUSE they WANT YOU CALLING THEM, but because most people are afraid that if they don’t give out all those invasive question-answers, their registration to vote will not be approved!!!! Shows how scared people are, in this country. Most people never question WHY ARE YOU DEMANDING THIS INFORMATION, regardless of whether it is the Voter Registration form, the DMV forms, Jury Summons forms, or Adult Education registration signups! Most people just fork over all their private info, like obedient little lambs led to slaughter.

    And while on the subject:


    I spend half my waking life fighting it… I wish more of you would fight it too, and give me a little reinforcement and relief!

    Thanks for allowing this little ventilation here…


  11. Brian Keller says:

    Here, here! I am with you in your quest to protect our privacy. It’s not so much that I’m afraid of people finding out where I leave or what I eat for breakfast (FWIW, I usually don’t eat breakfast). But if it’s not going to be useful to either me (the consumer) or them (the company / political campaign / etc.) then let’s not waste either of our time or valuable resources? I can’t get over the amount of money people must spend to send me junk mail. And all of the wardialing calls I got during the election, did ANYBODY actually listen to those without getting pissed off? We just need to keep complaining and hopefully they will realize that they are not effective…

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