Going to TechEd? Calling all Java developers!

I know TechEd isn't the most likely place to find a Java developer, but if you're out there here are the resources you'll want to check out. Maybe you're interested in porting some Java applications to .NET - or you might have a tricky interoperability need. Even if you're a pure .NET developer, you might need to interoperate with Java resources in your enterprise. We've got ya covered.

Pavilion Booth 21, “Java and .NET: Migration and Interoperability.”
Topics include:
- Interoperability, including a cool new tool for testing interoperability scenarios built by
Simon Guest
- Visual J# .NET
- Java Language Conversion Assistant (3.0 now in beta!)

DEVC35  Web Services Interoperability
Thursday, May 27 8:30 AM- 9:45 AM, Cabana 06
Speaker(s): Simon Guest
Track(s): Developer Tools and Technologies
Are you looking to Web services to provide interoperability between .NET and other systems? Maybe you are involved in a project to prove Web services connectivity with .NET and IBM WebSphere or BEA WebLogic? Come chat about your experience and share questions in this open roundtable discussion. Learn valuable recommendations for implementing interoperable Web services today and see how we are taking this forward with WSE (Web Services Enhancements) 2.0. 

DEV381  .NET and J2EE Strategies for Interoperability
Thursday, May 27 3:15 PM- 4:30 PM, Room 11AB
Speaker(s): Ted Neward
Track(s): Architecture, Developer Tools and Technologies
Learn about the options and strategies available to architects and developers today for creating solutions in .NET that seamlessly interoperate with existing J2EE implementations, applications, and services. Concentrate on a number of interoperability technologies and products, including how XML Web services can be used today to bridge the gap, and highlighting both advantages and shortfalls of the approach. Hear about using the latest Web services toolkits in order to achieve security, reliability, and transactions.
ARCC21  Java and .NET on TheServerSide
Friday, May 28 1:00 PM- 2:15 PM, Cabana 04
Speaker(s): Ted Neward
Track(s): Architecture
1:1 meetings
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