Win $100,000

I just got back from two weeks of travel + R&R, so no time to blog really... but I did find this in my inbox and thought it was really cool! I wish I had time to build an app. 🙂

Does Your Mobile Application Think in Ink?

Get ready - Microsoft and PC Magazine invite all ISVs to enter our "Does Your App Think in Ink" contest. The best mobile application for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition will win US$100,000--and you don't even have to share any code with Microsoft! Get set - you can develop your Tablet PC Platform SDK application on a standard Windows XP desktop. Go! Contest ends August 31, 2004.

We've seen a lot of recent interest from grad schools in Tablet PC adoption. They allows students to have a great laptop and take all the notes they need electronically while discouraging them from Web surfing and having a “wall“ (laptop screen) between the student and professor. I think it's the perfect fit - there are already some great apps for the academic space, but if I was going to write an app for the contest above it would probably be in this space somehow. Hmm...

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