Interview with BizSpark Startup Xobni

Just posted this to Channel 9. Cool company, new version of the product. Xobni is an Outlook plug-in that lets users easily connect to their contacts through the various social networks. The program comes in two versions, one free and now a new pay version that ads enhanced features. I recently talked to Matt Brezina,…


Half-Life 2 Mod Spot

And I was just showing my kids how to make a Half-Life 2 map the other day… Kent has posted a link to new information around Half-Life 2 modding on Coding4Fun. This is really cool. Update 1 for todayThe C4F item mentioned yesterday is now live. Not much now, but very cool stuff coming soon….


Visual Studio 2005 Launch Information

DevDiv VP Somasegar has posted information about the Visual Studio 2005 launch. Check it out here: Visual Studio 2005 update We are now about 77 days from the November 7, 2005 launch of Visual Studio 2005, one of the most significant releases in the history of the Developer Division. We have been releasing Community Technology…


Somasegar on the Visual C++ Libraries

Earlier this week, DevDiv VP S.Somasegar answered a question about the Visual C++ libraries in his blog. I wanted to make sure Visual C++ Developer Center readers had a chance to see this: C++ Libraries I recently got a chance to meet with a number of developers and some MVPs in my trip to the…


Information on Win32/Zotob.A

Stepto posted information today around the Win32/Zotob.A worm. Here’s a link to his post: Guidance pages and information on Worm:Win32/Zotob.A Ok, earlier this morning we activated our Software Security Incident Reponse Process to respond to a malicious attack known as Worm:Win32/Zotob.A. Our investigation has determined that only a small number of customers have been affected…


C++ at the PDC

Visual C++ PM Kang Su Gatlin let me know that he’s posted a listing of the offerings availble for C++ developers at this year’s PDC. Looks like there’s lots of good stuff to see and do. Get the details here. I’ll be at the MSDN booth Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, so be sure to stop…


Visual Studio 2005 SDK August CTP

Allen Denver posted a note in his blog to let us know the VSSDK 2005 August CTP is now available. Here’s a link: Visual Studio Partner Programs Downloads The August SDK adds 2 C# samples ( Package, MenusAndCommands ) that have been rewritten to our new quality level. It will work only with Visual Studio…


WinFX Beta 1 SDK Available

In my ongoing effort to link to every SDK in the world, here’s the WinFX Beta 1 SDK for your coding pleasure. Microsoft® WinFX ™ Software Development Kit for Microsoft® Pre-Release Windows Operating System Code-Named “Longhorn”, Beta 1 Web SetupThe WinFX SDK contains documentation, samples and tools designed to help you develop managed applications and…


NVIDIA 9.5 SDK Available

I saw on that the NVIDIA 9.5 SDK is now available for download. Get the goods here: NVIDIA SDK The NVIDIA SDK includes hundreds of code samples, effects, and helpful libraries to help you take advantage of the latest in GPU technology. The latest release includes: SLI Best Practices code sample Transparency Antialiasing code…


Meltdown 2005 Slides are Up

Update: I changed the name of the file because I left a space in it when I first posted it. This was causing download problems. Hopefully the new link will fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the middle of this crazy Windows Vista beta launch, I was able to attend Meltdown this week. This is…