The Kids at the B&N Harry Potter Party

Friday night we did the bookstore circuit and the kids got all the freebees around the new Harry Potter book.

The funny thing is, we didn't buy a book that night, rather we waited until this morning. The stores were smart enough to have tons of copies still available. While we were in line I actually saw a couple of people add the book to their checkout pile when it was offered by the clerk. That's the way to up-sell stuff, "Would you like the new Harry Potter book that that today?"

Now get this, as we're coming into our apartment, the neighbor sees the book in my son's hands, and he says, "That's a really good book." I was thinking how strange that sounded as the book was released less than 12 hours ago. The neighbor explained that he bought the book at midnight and had spent the entire night reading it. 🙂

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