How to Edit Encarta Encyclopedia

I was just looking up something in Encarta and I saw a link to this page:

How to Edit Encarta Encyclopedia

That's right, with Encarta's new Encarta Feedback program, you can suggest updates, corrections, and improvements to any article quickly and easily. Not only can you contribute to an authoritative and well-respected reference work (amaze your friends and family!), but you will get the warm and fuzzy feeling of having helped others and added to the world's storehouse of valuable knowledge.

I don't know how long this has been up, but I think this is a great idea. Wikipedia is built on community input and it's nice to see that the editors at Encarta can see what a great asset the community can be in building out a library. We have a good feedback mechanism for VS 2005 in the MSDN Product Feedback Center, but we don't have anything formal like this set up for editing articles on MSDN. I think it's something to consider.

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