Meltdown 2005 Registration Open

It looks like registration is now open for Meltdown, which is scheduled for July 26 and 27 in Seattle. (I'm bugging my boss now to let me go.) Here's the page with the details:

Meltdown 2005 - Gathering the Superheroes of Game Development
Join us at Meltdown 2005 in Seattle to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of DirectX. Prepare to usher in the next era of amazing gaming and graphics for Windows with two solid days of presentations and demos spanning five tracks. Learn what's under the hood of Visual Studio 2005, what new advancements are coming in Windows Graphics Foundation and what to expect from Windows codename 'Longhorn' that will make it the biggest Windows launch since Windows 95. Discover how the business of creating, selling and distributing games is maturing and how you can best prepare yourself, your titles and your company for the continued wave of innovation that only is found on Windows PC's.

Even if you're not interested in going, check out the site for the cool graphics. 🙂

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