Don’t Miss this Upcoming Whidbey Chat

Update: The transcript for this chat is available here.

Here's a chat you're not going to want to miss. It looks like Eric Rudder will be there to answer some questions. Here are the details:

What's New in Whidbey?
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, code named Whidbey, will radically improve developer productivity while continuing to provide full access to the Microsoft .NET Framework. How about the opportunity to chat live with the Senior Vice President responsible for this innovative solution? Eric Rudder will join us live on March 18th along with members of the Whidbey team to tackle your Whidbey questions.

This chat is on March 18th at 10:00 AM PST. Click this link to add a calendar item to Outlook.

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  1. Wil says:

    I think one thing that folks on this BBoard will want to ask him is what we should think about, and how we should deal with, the decision to drop Class Designer from C++ (but from no other language) under Visual Studio 2005. See <a href="">announcement</a&gt;,

  2. Jana Carter says:

    If you missed the chat, here is the transcript:

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