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I'm very much looking forward the the release of IE 7. To help understand what's coming, the IEBlog is providing details on the upcoming version of the product. Check it out here.

You can also get information at the Internet Explorer Developer Center and the ASP.NET Developer Center.

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  1. malaise says:

    Errr small correction: they’re NOT really providing details, that’s why people over there are so annoyed.

  2. Brian,

    sorry – but did you actually read some of their posts?

    they do _not_ provide details. infact, the only thing they provide is the information that they are not going to provide any information at all.

    reading the it team blog is a waste of time, imo.


    thomas woelfer

  3. Brian says:

    Dave promises more details as they get along with the project. I think the supported platform list is an important initial detail. 🙂 Hopefully the amount of detail will increase over time. I’ll make sure to pass these comments along.

    Be sure to keep sending good feedback to these guys if you want to affect the product. I know they’re reading all the comments on their posts.



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