Very Sad

Writer Hunter S. Thompson dead at 67

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  1. Jeff says:

    We studied this guy quite a bit in college. Personally, I thought he was a narcissistic pompous asshole in his writing, but if he shot himself, he obviously didn’t love himself as much as I thought. Some of what he wrote was interesting, but aside from knowing that he essentially created a genre of writing, I can’t say I remember anything of his that I read (and it was only 11 years ago). These days I’d think of him more for articles in Rolling Stone.

    I hate suicide stories. Few things could be more cowardly and selfish.

  2. Ed says:

    "Few things could be more cowardly and selfish."

    My first exposure to Hunter was quite late when my friends invited me to join them in Notting Hill’s only cinema where you can smoke (might have changed since then) to watch Leaving Las Vegas.

    Considering the mood when we arrived, it was decidedly different when we left – and had an everlasting impression on me.

    Having heard on the radio this morning that Hunter has left us in the interview with an associate of Hunter’s the gentleman explained that Hunter was a man of much turmoil and obviously a very tormented man.

    Cowardly and selfish perhaps, but I doubt very much that was of any relevance to the man himself.

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