Reminder: Digital Blackbelt Series

The first webast in this series is about to begin.

MSDN Webcast: Digital Blackbelt Series: The Software Security Crisis: Selling Management on the Need to Invest in Secure Software Development (Level 100)

Friday, February 4, 200511:00 A.M.12:00 P.M. Pacific Time, United States and Canada (UTC-8)

Tune in for an introduction to the Digital Blackbelt Series. Learn about the evolving "Secure Culture" at Microsoft Corporation and how your company can save money by spending defensively.

Here's the page with all the information about the series.

Comments (3)
  1. denny says:

    I wish the times for these were show to a user in a local time …..

    way to often I get it an hour off and miss the cast….

    I know the general web site can’t show every time zone….

    but when I signup and give my info the site should at that point start telling me the time in my zone so I don’t have to do the PST – EST thing in my head….

  2. Hey Denny,

    I’ve heard that request before. I’ll check with some people around here to see if that’s in the works anytime soon.



  3. denny says:

    Thanks, I was all set for that session and missed it by 1 hour! I recalled 12; but that was the "End" time not the start so I was on the phone at 2-2:30 and getting ready for 3pm

    and then saw it was 11-12 PST.

    the email they send is good but today I was re-building my main pc and could not be in outlook to get the email on time….

    another idea: what about an MSN Messenger as a notification say 15 minutes before a cast??

    that would have poped up on my system even if outlook was not setup yet …

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