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We made some tweaks to the Visual C++ Developer Center today. We added the top five threads from three different newsgroups to the home page. This will make it easy to see what people are talking about around Visual C++ in the newsgroups. For now, I've added the following groups:

This is sort of an experiment. Add a reply to this thread to let me know if you find it useful or if it causes any difficuties in reading the page.

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  1. Wil says:

    This is the easiest way to read the groups (or at least the busiest threads therein), by far. Thanks!

  2. arsal says:

    you can send me C++

  3. You might try the Visual C++ Toolkit 2003. It’s freely available:



  4. how do you change the compiler in MV c++

  5. abiola says:

    can i acecess win32 api and native win32 api via

    vidual c++ . If so, pls recomend books to read and other resources.

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