DirectX 9.0 SDK Update – (December 2004)

I meant to link to this in December and I forgot about it. The DirectX 9 SDK Update for December 2004 is available for download. You can download it from here:
DirectX 9.0 SDK Update - (December 2004)
Download the complete DirectX 9.0 SDK Update - (December 2004). This release contains updates to the Direct3D Extension Library (D3DX), tools, utilities, samples, and Documentation. It also continues to include the DirectX 9.0c Runtime and Redistributable.
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  1. Redeian says:

    I want DX9.0 SDK UPDATE

  2. Paul Winwood says:

    Hmm, I have had a look and it seems like all of the DirectShow Samples (including the C++ Base DirectShow Classes) have been removed. The dxreadme.htm only says this will happen in future DirectX releases and that DirectShow will move to the Platform SDK. To develop DirectShow stuff I think you will need an earlier release of the SDK.

  3. vinko says:

    is a laik funciotn

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