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I spent most of my vacation this holiday rebuilding my computer systems and network. I installed Windows Media Center Extender on my living room Xbox and on my Media Center 2005 PC. The results have been absolutely amazing. I'm demoing the finished system to my wife and kids and they're currently watching the old home movies. They could care less about all the technology that I'm so excited about, for them it's all about the content. (As it should be.)

I decided to put together a little video demo of the system. This is a five meg file shot with my Sony TR3 laptop. (There's a noticeable grinding sound in the video, which is from the hard drive on the laptop. I'll use a mic next time.)

You can check out the video here.

If you have any comments let me know. If this works out, I'll start to put together some other videos.

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  1. John Walker says:


    Very cool. Please do continue to do the video post stuff. I chuckled when you mentioned that nobody seemed to care about the technology stuff and only about the content. Same here. See my blog post …!1pazN1_q2uBZqRODs-ei4uqw!116.entry

    .. for a cool little app I did to post photos to my moblog. Nobody cares about the tech stuff, but they’ve come to love the photos I post.

    I’ve been wanting to set up one of my PC’s with Windows Media Center and I’ve got an XBox. Tell me a little about your setup. I’ve got WiFi running throughout and a Wet11 bridge for my XBox. Anything close to what you have?



  2. Brian says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your note. I wasn’t happy with my wireless setup at home, so I went to 802.11g (Linksys with Speedbooster). I tried the Xbox and Media Center both wireless and that didn’t work as well as I liked, so I wired the Xbox to the wap point. That still didn’t perform the way I was satisfied with, so I moved the Media center box onto the wire with the Xbox and that seems to work great. There are some tips here for setting all of this up:

    Best of luck!


  3. John Walker says:


    Thanks for the reply. Quick question…did you buy a Media Center PC or build your own? Reason I ask is because I am an MSDN Universal subscriber and have the Media Center install disk and wonder what it would take to build one based on an existing PC I have. Thanks and again very cool video post.

  4. Gene says:

    So… if I understand you correctly, this whole enterprise is not worth undertaking if my house is set up for wireless? My TV and X-box (and all the other stuff) are not even in the same building as the media center PC would be… so… is it not worth the hassle? I play my MP3s over the Apple Airport Express now, and those play fine… however, there’s a huge difference between 4 meg MP3s and 2 gig DVDs (or similarly sized MPEG files).

    What exactly did you experience when you were broadcasting the video over your wireless G?

  5. Jonathan says:


    Great Stuff! Have you tried to play any "protected content" (usually HBO/Cinemax/Etc) through the Xbox Media Center Extender? I understand that this was a problem with dedicated extenders (from Linksys and HP) that has been resolved with a firmware update. How will the Xbox version be updated? Will Microsoft have to send out new DVDs (as the software is on the DVD), or something through Live? What if you don’t have a Live account?

  6. Brian says:

    Actually, Barb Bowman has some good tips for using Wireless with Xbox Extender. Check it out here:

    I didn’t really get the right equipment for that, and so it didn’t work out as well as it might have if I had done some research first. 🙂


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