Best Gadget Present

The best gadget present this year, didn't even go to me. It went to my two kids. One of my good Microsoft friends, Robert, gave each of the boys one of those headstrap miner lamps from REI. The model is the Petzl Tikka Plus. I rebuilt some computers this weekend and I wore one of these the whole time. I can't imagine working on a computer under a desk without one now. 🙂

Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp

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  1. Jeff Atwood says:

    Oh yeah, the LED headlamps rock for working on computers. I wear it all the time when working on mine. Of course you feel like a total dork the whole time– my wife never fails to point this out when she sees me wearing it– but hey, it’s effective!

    And I figure my wife knew what she was getting into when she married me, anyway. In theory.

  2. Chris Dubea says:

    They are really cool. But you can get a simple one beam one at Walmart for under $8.00.

    My son’s scout master bought the entire troop one of these and I was so jealous I bought myself one.

    The myriad of uses are amazing.


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