Halo 2 vs. Half-Life 2

Well, it's not really like that, but Steve posted that he's tempted to get an Xbox simply to play Halo 2. I'm having similar pains over Half-Life 2. My beautiful wife picked up a copy of Halo 2 for me this morning at Target. On my home PC, I've got a ready to activate copy of Half-Life 2. The problem is, after playing the source beta for Counter-Strike 2, I find that my video card isn't quite up to snuff for the HL2 release. So my conundrum is, do I buy a new video card so that I can play HL2, or do I save myself 250 bucks and just get some of the other great new Xbox games that are coming out this fall? The mind reels...

Update: I'm going to get a new video card and at get the game.(Eventually) I didn't mean to start a Vi vs. Emacs war, my only point was that I don't have to screw with the console games at all. I can just pop a disk in and play it. The PC is a little tougher, as I want to play wide screen and I want it to run well. I love playing Counter-Strike, so there was never really a question that I would get the software. I'm also looking forward to playing with the source code and maybe building a level or two. πŸ™‚

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  1. Dan says:

    I’d stick w/ the xbox. aside from H2 there is also MechAssult 2 wich in my mind is going to be a better online game than H2 (i’ve played beta versions)

  2. I’m right there with ya. I’ve been a pure x-box gamer for the last year, and when i loaded doom 3 up on my ati 9200, i was appalled that 800×600 brought it to its knees.

    So know i too am wighing purchasing a new card – though in my case its either a new card or window tinting for my car….oh the agony!

  3. John Gibbs says:

    You could wait until HL2 comes to the Xbox :).

  4. Well, I’m all for Half-Life 2 (http://blogs.msdn.com/mswanson/archive/2004/11/09/254589.aspx), and yes, I had to upgrade to a new machine to prepare for the full experience: http://blogs.msdn.com/mswanson/archive/2004/11/02/251391.aspx

  5. Mike Weller says:

    Go buy that sucker – you know you want to!

    /die hard HL2 fan πŸ˜‰

  6. Callum says:

    Edge Magazine (UK) gave Half Life 2 10/10.

    Edge magazine don’t give games 10/10.

    Enough said.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Lazycoder weblog » Half-Life 2 rendering paths

  8. Brian says:

    Yeah, I’ll probably go buy a 6200 when I can. I was just thinking out loud. πŸ™‚

  9. dave says:

    Well I see that a new ati card x800xt is 450$ now. I bought new amd64 6 weeks ago and then found that i could not find a x800xt card to buy (they were all out of stock). So i have been been waiting for 6 weeks to get new video card. Now that i have paid for my pc, it is hard to let go of another 450$ for a game card. If bought the new card with the other 1500$ it does not seem that bad. But..spending 450$ for game card sure seems like a lot of money. What to do?

  10. brian says:

    HL2 allll the way halo looks like crappy cartoons

  11. ....... says:

    Halo 2 is obviously great …………but Halflife 2 will be a better fps…….in my opinion

  12. Darklord says:

    Half life 2 is way better than halo 2. Halo 2 is like Halo except for double weapon wielding and new stuff. Halo 2 will get boring really fast. The multiplayer for Halo 2 is good but Counter Strike 2 is going to appeal to people much more. So, go out and buy a video card for HL2

  13. jhjhjkhk says:

    it has a texture problem in the video clips,

    silly menu functions

    glitchy animations for sp

    and bad radio sounds

    but Multiplayer is awesome

  14. evilmutant says:

    I know what you mean, I just recently bought an Xbox almost solely for Halo 2. I thought Halo was a great game, in terms of both graphics and gameplay, and that it was a whole lot better than Half Life (but then again, they started work on it just around the time HL came out). I have a PC that hopefully will play HL2 without too many explosions or fires, and (over here in the annoying UK) Halo 2 has only just been released today. I think it’ll be a great game, but without a doubt HL2’s gonna be a hell of a lot better!

    I say buy an Xbox cheap, and steal from children until you have enough money to fix up your PC! (Or not, if video games haven’t warped your brain as much as they have mine….)

  15. wee-man says:

    halo 2 owns half-life’s ass by miles. all u pc geeks get of ur crusty computer chairs and relax on ur bed and play the best game to ever grace this earth which is HALO2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Aaron says:

    You nubs. Half Life 2 will give it to Halo 2 from behind, in the ASS, hard, as Halo 2 screams "Oh half life! I worship you! You are my daddy!" etc. Seriously. There is no comparison. Having almost beat Halo 2 at a friend’s house, I can already tell you that Half Life 2 will blow it out of the water. Halo 2 is fun for about…3 hours. Then it’s the same old shoot aliens crap, like the first one turned into. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun game, but the technical detail just isn’t there. HL2 owns it in almost every aspect. If you don’t believe me, check out the 25 minute trailer for it, available at fileplanet.


  17. craig says:

    dude get the new video card because then you can play all the new games with the source engine not just half-lif 2 but also dod source and cs source plus is you like pc games there are more great games coming out that require nice video cards it is an update you will eventually have to make if you are an avid pc gamer or if you just use your computer once in a while. So I would just get the video card, but you try H2 just to see if u like it befoer you by the video card. You might like xbox games more but i doubt it the source engine is off the hook just check out the video demos fricken crazy. πŸ™‚

  18. -=AX=-Elite says:

    i agree with the person above HL2 is going to be way better just go get a new video card, SERIOUSLY, it isnt that big of a deal!!!

  19. HL2fan says:

    actually, in hl2 you won’t need as high end of a comp to play it as doom3 cause Valve didn’t want to limit the number of copies sold due to not everyone having supercomputers.

  20. DDog says:

    I’ve been waiting for HL2 since I finished the original,lol. Did the Halo thing, didn’t work for me. Looked too much like a per-schoolers game. HL2 is going to be "the best game of all time", on any format be it pc or xbox.


  21. ramZey says:

    I agree wid wee man Halo 2 is a kicker… Halflife 2 is good but not the same enjoyment

  22. Mr A. Snowman says:

    According Game Informer

    Hl2 got 9.5/10 whilst halo2 got 10/10

    im not sure how much biased each review has – i.e. does the reviews review in terms of every other xbox only games or all games.

    though hl2 and halo are 2 different games. both have aliens but both are different. Halo is for multiplayer. single player is massively short. half life 2, i rekon, will be best fo sp. cs 1.6 according to friends is more fun than source. though that could be due to mods available for 1.6

    get a better pc. cause the no. of games that will come out will be more in favour of pc. wait for san andreas for pc. xbox has a limited life – till xbox ‘2’comes out.

  23. a says:

    what other xbox games are coming out that will be good?

    cause as far as im concerned, halo/2 is the ONLY game for xbox. though u may wait to save for hl2 for xbox :p

    turn xbox into your ex-box!


  24. poopy says:


  25. poopy says:


  26. TOR says:

    I just beat halo 2 and its a good game, probaly the best for the x-box, but when it comes to comparing halo 2 vs. half life 2, HALF LIFE 2 is going to walk all over halo 2

  27. TOR says:

    OH and by the way a great x- box game can not compete with a great computer game

  28. Fritzler says:

    The thing that really pisses me off about all this Halo 2 business..is that everyone thinks its the greatest thing. Half-life 2 is going to far exceed Halo 2’s repetitive upgrade of its predecessor. If it weren’t for Half-life..there would be no Halo. Half-life birthed the fps with a story. Ive been looking forward to Half-life 2 for the past 6 years, ever since i beat Half-life 1 and all its expansions (Blue Shift, and Opposing Force). Another thing that pisses me off is the fact that everyone bases a game off of its multiplayer. No one ever takes the time to play the single player and rate the gameplay and level design and all the time it takes to make the levels. Halo seems to be the greatest game out to everyone because thats ALL they play. Xbox’ers normally dont have gaming PC’s, and they also fail to realize that PC’s MAKE console games. Half-life 2’s physics engine,interactivity, storyline, and gameplay are going to make it the best shooter of all time, just like its predecessor. My advice is to not miss out on this wonderful experience, and upgrade your computers, like I did, and if you havent played Half-life 1’s unique and enthralling storyline yet, DO IT and you will see what the hype is all about. AMEN.

  29. Fritzler says:

    Oh and another thing..dont save for "Halflife 2 for X-box" FPS’s belong on a PC with a MOUSE, none of this autoaim business..grrr.

  30. Fritzler says:

    Halo 2 is just this big overblown thing due to Microsoft overhyping it…sorry to post 3 times in a row..im just fired up about this..its like democrats vs republicans..its a hot topic in my aspect.

  31. Gunshot Lullaby says:

    Just to even things out:

    Halo 2’s single player took my roomate 10 hours. I found that grossly offensive, considering Halo 2 was in a 3 year development process.

    Considering that Halo 2 looked more like… Halo 1.1

    Considering that Halo 2 is even being compared to Half-Life 2.

    Second, in response to Fritzler, good point but I think in all fairness Duke Nukem 3D spawned the FPS with a story line πŸ™‚

    Which reminds me, Halo 2 – noninteractive environments? So… what exactly did they add?

    (I expect noobs to answer that one for me)

    Halo 2 = Halo 1 + Dual Weilding + a sword?


  32. Fritzler says:

    Ok..well If you want to claim that Duke 3d had a story..then you have to trace back to the roots of Wolfenstein..that had a story too. Im talking REAL story, as in..the first level doesnt start you off killing a bunch of badguys..im talking progressive story..intriguing..(starting on the tram..meeting coleagues ect..) but valid point

  33. Fritzler says:

    Ok..well If you want to claim that Duke 3d had a story..then you have to trace back to the roots of Wolfenstein..that had a story too. Im talking REAL story, as in..the first level doesnt start you off killing a bunch of badguys..im talking progressive story..intriguing..(starting on the tram..meeting coleagues ect..) but valid point

  34. Fritzler says:

    Ok..well If you want to claim that Duke 3d had a story..then you have to trace back to the roots of Wolfenstein..that had a story too. Im talking REAL story, as in..the first level doesnt start you off killing a bunch of badguys..im talking progressive story..intriguing..(starting on the tram..meating coleagues ect..) but valid point

  35. MO says:

    halo 2 is a great game i bought when it came out but i much as it hurts me to say since i have waited to years for it the single player was short so i dont think it can be compared to half-life 2 but i am gonna get xbox live to find out how good halo multiplayer is.

  36. Master chief says:

    We get best of both worlds, us xbox people.

    The incredible Halo 2, and even the shittier half life crap thats goona come out.

    Even though i’ve got the option of both. I still probably wont waste my time on a shittier fps like hl2, considering i know halo 2, cant be beaten, hehehehehhehe

  37. MadMan says:

    Though i like them both, and i give halo much respect because its fun to get a big group of people together to lan and such. However, Half-life 2 is and very much WILL destroy halo in its graphics engine. Half life 2 is going to have the most advanced graphics ever seen in a video game. Just that would make me choose half life over halo 2. And not to mention HL2 is going to have a great story line.

    I think we all know who the winner here is.. As much fun as halo 2 is, half life will over run it like no other.

    Hell, i just beat my halo 2 in three days playing for about 2 hours a day…. kind of a let down when it comes to the story line.

  38. Diep-Vriezer says:

    Well I would always go for the PC (Half Life 2). If you really want Halo², download an emulator and play it. Halo² is basicly the same as Halo 1, it looks about the same.

    The gaming community behind HL² is also much larger then in Halo2. Never, ever go for an XBox.

  39. Fritzler says:

    Grr..Whats this BS about Halo cant be beaten..thats the same kind of crap I always here from completely blind and oblivious XBox players, who refuse to explore anything else outside of the relm of anything that doesnt require you to have the game and the system "512 Ram wah? gigahertz what? video card? what?". losers..

    Halflife 2 will own complete ass. PC gamer gave it its highest rating ever..98% So stick your head between your legs and kiss yourself goodbye Halo’ers, and be sure to shield your eyes from Half-Life, because once you see it, you will want it more than anything.

  40. Fritzler says:

    Oh and another thing..about the "Xbox’ers have the best of both worlds" BS, Halo 2 will eventually come out for PC just like 1 did, and first person games are not NEARLY as good as FPS’s on PC’s. So..we PC’s have the option of both, and THEN some..considering San Andreas will come out soon on PC as well. PC’s MAKE console Games..BIATCH

  41. Fritzler says:

    HAHA YES, SILENT ASSASIN..exactly..not as much hype because microsoft isnt overblowing HL2, but halflfife will sneak around the bend and slit halo’s throat..exactly..well said hicks

  42. Persian Mafia says:


    …..You couldnt shot the gun in the car while you computers drives it

    …..pc will always dominate any system

    … leave the real gamerz alone

  43. Hicks says:

    Amen.. Persian.. Amen.. Leave the Hardcore Gamers Alone…

  44. me says:

    halo 2 gameplay reminds me of any other kidde alien shooter run into their face with a massive gun and shoot. real skill there don’t u think?

  45. TOR says:

    nicly said Fritzler, Hicks, and persian mafia your absolutly right PC’s will always dominate shity consoles

  46. Acid says:

    ^Some of you guys need to learn how to spell ^.

    I’ve played through the entire game of Halo 2 and found that there was almost no closure to the game. What a let down. The story’s pretty garbage and the graphics aren’t the best. The only reason I had my girlfriend buy it for me was because I needed to play it and get it over with. Atleast that’s how it felt after the first two levels. Not enough fighting on earth. A mouse would be much better, can’t wait to play it on PC.

    As for Half Life II. All I have to say is WOW. graphics, storyline, interactive npcs and objects, secretive storyline. I want to get the Collectors Edition which is HL2, CS: Source, and HL1 w/ the HL2 engine.

    Bottom Line: Get the graphics card man. You won’t regret it.

  47. Persian Mafia says:

    1day 5hours 28 min and counting


  48. batman says:

    They are both great games. I have had experiance with both. Halo online via LAN and beat the single palyer and i can say having played it throughly It is a great game. Im not so sure it left the impression halo 1 left the first time playing. But when it comes down to 2 tv’s 2 xbox’s and 8 friends fragging eachother halo’s definatly got the advantage in THAT particular department.

    I’m not here to hate on halo or HL2 but i would personally go with HL2, just because ive played the beta and i LITERALLY crapped my pants. not to say halo’s gameplay is not fun but talk about revolutionary taking the physgun and throwing a table full of boxes and watermelons and watching them smash on the floor. After playing the beta for abot 20 minutes i threw a chair in my yard and I can almost say that real physics are catching up the HL2’s engine! Thats only the beginning of it though these graphics are second to none beside Doom 3 and far cry. But are in my opinion the most real looking of the bunch. And good luck fighting more than 2 or so enemies at once, mabye its just my poor planning but i seriously think that the AI in Hl2 is smarter than i am no joke. I got surrounded so many times. If you have the money definatly pick up HL2 because you also get the mod capibilites DOD source and CS source look awesome.

  49. Batman says:

    since i guess i was hating a lil on halo i guess i should defend it a little, the story may have been poor but its the same concept of the second matrix, its just a filler to the third game which will no dobut be put off until Xbox 2’s release so that should be sweet

  50. Fritzler says:

    Well Said Batman

  51. Persian Mafia says:

    where did all my text go that i type about halo 2 vs HL2? can someone answer that

  52. Brian says:

    Hey Persian,

    I hid some the posts with too much profanity in them. It’s nothing you’re saying in particular. You can say anything you want about the games, just keep it a little cleaner.



  53. Persian Mafia says:

    Ok sorry about that. Is it possible if u can put it up the things that i said and put *** instead of the bad words. I will keep the profanity to a 0.

  54. Brian says:

    Sure, here they are:

    I saw this clip on how many dumb **** where waiting in line for that garbage game halo 2, poeple even missed there work and i was laughing my head of because all i had to do is click some bottens, punch in some numbers in the comfurt of my own home and i got the silver pack for hl2. I love valve. And to top it all off i think that metroid prime and metroid prime 2 will always domiate and be by far a better game than *** ass halo and halo 2. Reminds me of pacman, running in cirlce and killing monsters. And i cant wait for resident evil 4 πŸ™‚

    and this one:

    Tough decision to make. Hmmm Halo 2 or Half Life 2. LOL what is there to decide of course HL2. What the hell was halo 1, with its repetitive maps and *** ass environments that don’t do anything. SHIT in HL2 you can kill one person so many ways that you will play the game in tell you find it all. Just thinking about Halo and Halo 2 make me laugh. All you do is move forward kill some aliens with your gun move forward kill some more aliens and then you see a car u can get in β€œHoly shit” you say to yourself. I don’t know about you guys but in Halo you count shoot the machine gun in the back of the car all you did was drive. ***. With all that aliens in that game at least they could of make it cool by controlling them… o I’m sorry HL2 has that. WOW when I saw that clip when you control those bugs. Now lets take about multiplayer. For how long was counter strike the best multiplayer game? From what vs1.1 and plus all those mods that comes with it. And for those Xbox lover waiting for xbox 2 wont make a difference because pc’s will always dominate and systems, because everyday ati and nvidia is ganna come out with a more better and power full graphics card. To finish this all up Halo and Halo2 is childes play. You should rather go play with your Lagos and leave the real games alone.

    If you want to just copy these into a new post, I’ll delete this one.



  55. Persian Mafia says:

    Thanks very much and im sorry about the language.

  56. Hicks says:

    Hey Brian, i was wondering if you could put out my posts that had the profanity in them.. and put *** where curse words are.. i apologize for the language.. but this topic tends to get me kinda heated.. i will not use any more curse words… i am sorry…

  57. Brian says:

    Hey Hicks,

    I don’t see any that I hid. I think everything else is cool. πŸ™‚



  58. Toddeh says:

    Look, Halo 2 does not come close to HL2. I myself being a PC HL nut am slightly biased but truth be told… HALF-LIFE 2 will own halo2. Lets do the math:

    Story= HL2 wins

    Graphics= HL2 wins

    Multiplayer= HL2 wins

    there it is, simply Half-life 2 will own halo 2. cant wait for the release… how many days… i cant wait!!! i think half-life2 will create a new generation of gamers.

  59. me says:

    toddeh u missed

    XBOX + HALO + crapy controler + $50 multiplayer= shit rip off

    PC + HL2 + mouse + free multi = good value fragin

  60. Hicks says:

    Half-life 2 will be out in less that 24 hours, and it is going to be the most revolutionary game of all time… Halo 2ers need to just go home… get some yogurt and login to Xbox live and play on a child’s playgorund. As for November 16th, PC Gamers… Prepare yourself for weeks worth of bad grades, and alot of caffene, because Half-life 2 is going to take over our lives… Can i get an Amen?

  61. Hicks says:

    Also, can anyone who is familiar with PC’s and system requirements and specs… Can anyone tell me if my PC will be able to run Half-life 2 good… like where i will be able to optimize all of its revolutionary stuff?

    My system Specs are:

    Intel P4 1.8 ghz

    768 MB RAM

    Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB

    Sound Blaster Live! 5.1

    Dell 4500 Motherboard


  62. me says:

    is it comin out same time in uk as usa?

  63. Hicks says:

    Someone plz respond to my Techincal Specs Question 2 posts up

  64. Persian Mafia says:

    Hicks first what kind of ram ddr sdram ect.

    second did you overclock your cpu if not try do do so. third u have a preaty nice graphics card. If you can run cs source you should be able to run HL2.

    Tonight at midnight everyone get ready to get your game on!!!!!!!!!!

    I have…..

    Atholan 64 +3200 2.0 over clocked to 2.1

    1gig of ddr ram

    nvidia ti 4200(hopefully nvidia 6800 ultra or x800)

    Soundblaster audigy 2

    K8v deluxe mobo

  65. Persian Mafia says:

    O and hicks update up drivers for yor graphics card trust me it will make a difference.

  66. Persian Mafia says:

    …ur drivers πŸ™‚

  67. Hicks says:

    My 512 stick of ddr-sdRAM= PC2100

    My 256 stick of ddr-sdRAM= PC2300

    What now Persian?

  68. Hicks says:

    Oh and Persian.. do you have an AIM or Yahoo Screen name? If so E-mail me and tell me at Golfgiant2003@aol.com

  69. Persian Mafia says:

    ok that good. update ur graphics card drivers and if u can try to overclock ur cpu and ur should be fine. i sent u a email with my aim sn go chack it out. talk to u later

  70. Hicks says:

    Persian… I don’t think i can overclock my cpu… first because its intel.. and second because its from Dell.. if you know a way i can… tell me man… also.. i didn’t get that screenname man.. just type it in the forum…

  71. APM says:


    Half Life 2. Not a Microsoft product [ugh, but Vivendi… worse] :~) Too bad no Linux support [but then I don’t think we want Steam on Linux…]

    Plus I’ve a Physics degree, so…

    On the other hand, having an XBOX would be sweet – I could use it as either a console or a MythFrontend! (prob. would have to drop more dough than a 2nd hand PC though). And Gabe is ex-Microsoft, too…

    Oh, and for the record:

    Vi [or Vim] over emacs any day. [I like the design of emacs, just don’t like to use it]

    Also, gnome over KDE

    Linux over Windows

    FreeBSD over Linux

    Hmmm… what other holy wars can we start? *grin*

    Hey, Persian, that sys is WAY over-the-top. What do you do that needs that kind of horsepower? [Also wonder what your power bill runs up to…]

    My 2500+, 512Mb OCZ, and 9500 [yes, Linux using an ATi card. yes, stupid of me] are more than enough to handle games, C/C++, Matlab, Java, et al. for me…

  72. Stormus says:

    I’ve seen both worlds. I have a Good PC, an Xbox a PS2, and about every other sytem you can name. I purchased Halo 2 a few days ago and I played it quite a bit. Its fun for a while but the Single player gets extremely boring after about 4 hours MAX worth of playing. I beat this game in about 2 days. It was not long enough by any means, not to mension the story line isn’t good at all. Altough I must say halo 2 multiplayer is fun, that also gets boring. Don’t get me wrong, Halo 2 is a good game but just not as good as Half-life 2 is going to be. Half-life2 is going to have the best graphics we have ever seen, also the story line is going to support the first one and be a really good story line. I’ve played HL and all of its MODS, and i mean All, least all of them on Espace Mods. I promise you halo gamers half life 2 may not have to hype that HL2 has, but mark my words Half-Life 2 will be better then halo. So when your playing on your lil Xbox console with O.K graphics, tommorow i will be playing Half-life 2 with the best story line, best game play, best graphics, and the best MODS.Can i hear Game of the year? Thank you, your verdics in, "Half-life 2 is going/WILL be better then Halo2"


  73. Some Dude says:

    Half-Life 2 is for the win. It will beat the hell out of halo 2 any day of the week. It will become the best game ever made. Halo and halo 2 is the samething that keeps repetting over and over. The game gets boring in 2.5 to 3 hours. Half-Life 2 will just own. So many types of ways of killing a single man. And the phyics and guns and graphics and artificial intellegence. It’s just a better game in every aspect.

  74. Some Dude says:

    Oh yeah forgot to say, the story line of the Half-Life games it the best. halo is pretty much crap

  75. Persian Mafia says:

    there is a way to overclock dell comps but my friend knows. try to find out online. tonight midnight game on.

  76. Some Dude says:

    Oh yeah Half-Life 1 not 2 but 1 won over 50 game of the years

  77. Persian Mafia says:

    Hicks is pejman17 for aim

  78. Xbox sucks says:

    Xbox sucks, GO HL2

  79. Powerdraft says:

    It amuses me how many people compare games that they have not even played yet. Console games cannot match pc games simply because of the limited resolution of a television. Anyone that claims Halo 2 will prevail, should have stayed in school and got an education. It takes little education (1st grade level) to understand there can be not compitition. So… time to re-enroll in grade school and buy yourself a PC.


  80. GOD says:

    You guys can’t really compare the graphic engines and stuff, because think about it…Xbox is 4 years old, Halo 2 pushed it too the max. The glitches in Halo 2 you guys talk about, are because there is no loading time between missions. They take textures and sounds from different parts of the game. Plus, it has 120 minutes of cinematics in it…That’s just plain sweet…

    PC is stupid because to play most decent games, you gotta have like a $1500 computer, when you could play a game that is just as good and easier to play with friends using your TV and a $150 Xbox… No comparison.. You PCers are paying $1300 more for things that don’t effect the game experience, like realisticness of the character’s skin…


  81. Fritzler says:

    Wait..what did i just hear? Console is greater than PC? First off..let me just say that there would be no percious console games, if it wasnt for PC’s. Console games are made on PC’s with MOUSES and KEYBOARDS. And what you say is a decent point about PC’s being expensive..but where you are wrong my friend, is when you say that it doesnt effect the game experience. X-Box is a 700 mgz processor, which is very good considering its a console system. PC’s on the other hand, tho they may be expensive, they allow for much higher calculations, such as the physics in Half-Life 2. Console is not greater than PC, there is just no comparisson. Consoles are nice for those computer illiterates out there who just want to plug and play. But the price they pay for plug and play, is the experience they are missing by not playing THICK PC games like Half-Life 2. Consoles are good no doubt about it, but when it comes down to the stream of things, its PC’s that take the cake, no matter the cost.

  82. Rotisserie says:

    There is no real comparison.

    Besides HL2 has the power to grow and become better. for Example:


    -Day of Defeat:Source(2?)

    -HL Rally:Source

    -Team Fortress Classic:Source

    -maybe Earth Special Forces(any word?)

    "if we leave and the other team comes and takes our base, all they would have is 2 bases in the middle of a box canyon in the middle of nowhere….."


    -anything and everything you’d care to make. And we dont make our stuff look like rejected footage from a trading card game.

    "lesse…. should we choose the orc-looking guy, the gay lizard, or that thing with the chromed viking horns?"


    -Whoop-de-doo for skins.

    "They have a name for light red. Do you know what it is?…. Pink."


    -HL’ers dont care about you measily 8 man Lan parties cause on a typical day, we fight 2-3 times that nuber of friends and strangers as a warm up.

    -And yes, Steam is free. thats their saving grace and we salute Valve everyday cause in the end, they’re not Microsoft…….


    -HL tends to be buggy? so what? A REAL game soldier wouldnt let a few bugs slow him/her down much. Thus HL’ers have techniques such as Bunnyhop and Conc-jumping, even though they werent meant to exist. We use skill and twitch reflex, not ergonomic buttons and auto-aimers to squeeze every ounce of speed and accuracy out of ourselves as possible and have defied even the developers to become game legends. The only thing Halo ppl got is another chance to fight the same battle over and over and over …… again…… (now that sounds like fun, right?)

    Its called "Variety",Halo players, and you wouldnt know it if it was slapping you around with a bright colored flag nustled on its backpack. Worse than that, you’d prolly not know what to do with yourselves(besides get fragged) if you had that much control over what you can/cant have/do in your game.

    Oh, thats right. you never have….

  83. Rotisserie says:

    lol had alot on my mind πŸ˜›

  84. Coffinfeeder says:

    Well, half life 2 came out today. And from what I’ve heard about it- it has its flaws. (mostly story-wise, and vehicle controls) I don’t believe I’ve heard anyone gripe about any flaws in Halo 2. Nuff said?

  85. Coffinfeeder says:

    Besides, Rotisserie, all console games have their limits. We can’t expect halo 2 to have as great of boundaries to explore as half-life 2. Halo 2 on the xbox console wipes the floor with 99% of most multiplayer games out there. Give us a break with your rants about how halflife rules everything because its PC bound. I was more of a q3 fan than a cs fan any day of the week. Valve delivered on the new engine for the single player, that sounds awesome. But what about the multiplayer, CS: source? They just throw out a beefed up game that they know will keep on selling (which is smart), but I think bungie gives it players a hell of a lot of options. With the clan storing on its own space, they also give a good amount of options for designing your own master chief. For multiplayer I think that bungie delivers way over the call of duty, whereas valve just stops shorts and gives out something thats been in the online world for 5+ years.

  86. me says:

    1 day xboxs players will go 2 nursery and learn dat they have been playing a machine which is sutable 4 a 5 year old that is reatarded and has mental age of 2. 1 day u find a pc by chance and play hl by chance and u will die of shock.

  87. hehe says:

    You really cant blame the mindless gamers for playing halo 2. They really cant see outside the box. They’re soo stuck into their halo world, that they just dont see the potential of what Half Life 2 can offer. Keep in mind it only takes about an average of 2 days to finish halo 2. Where’s the fun in that? As for HL2 it takes longer to finish, not to mention the better storyline.

  88. beal says:

    overclocking your computer from 2ghz to 2.1ghz doesn’t do anything.


    its definately, 100% not worth it.

    you want better speed? get bigger L1/L2 cache, and not just bigger, folks. Bigger cache line sizes.

    also, half life 2 will probably be better than halo 2.

    also, whoever made that stupid comment about stuff not working or not being supported on linux…. read about cedega.

    and yes, freebsd > linux > whatever… [im writing this on bsd right now]

  89. Coffinfeeder says:

    You guys have points that are NOT valid, whatsoever. I’m not saying I don’t play computer games. And I’m not saying that Halo 2 will be the best game for any time to come. I KNOW that computers are a lot better for gaming, because only time is the limit to what they can perform. What I am saying, is that you guys rant about a game that isn’t what it was cracked up to be. And what I believe, is that halo 2 WAS a game it was cracked up to be. Will half life 2 have mods that make it a cool online experience?- yes it will. Those are one of the good points to it being on the PC. But what I explained was, valve didn’t put out nearly as much to the gamer as bungie did, and bungie was the one WITH the limits. :]

  90. Coffinfeeder says:

    By the way, I read that the it takes about 20ish hours to beat half-life 2. So theres your average for that game. And I’m not saying that I just play xbox, I prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard. We’re not talking about what "potential" a game can bring. We all know that thers not much to add to a console game, why bring the point up? To pretend like your point is superior? I like to discuss what the game BROUGHT before the mods.

  91. Rotisserie says:


    as i was trying to explain in the paragraph i marked Gameplay, yeah , its traditionally buggy, but HL’ers are a superior breed of player cause we can and often do surpass such limitations when they occur.

    And I said nothing about Counterstrike. Personally, i find that mod to be boring and repetitive. Frankly i dont know why ppl always say CS as if thats all there is to HL.

    Anyways, the story is better in HL, always have been. The few "flaws" that exist are few and far in between.(that and updates are free) Gameplay is superior, both Singleplayer and Multiplayer. We only seem militant because it is obvious by our perspectives. Plus, we can do more than just play games on our PC’s, so that makes it more than worh the investment.

    BTW, the only thing Halo2 can wipe the floor up with is oldie games from the last century. HL2 is already good and will only improve with age as more games and options are added.

    You’re only as flawed as your maintenance…..

  92. Coffinfeeder says:

    It’s hard to compare the two, but if you read the reviews man. There is very little complaint over the gameplay in halo 2, and that is with the ‘limitations of the console’. Those guys at bungie know how to make a fun game- period. I’m disappointed that there can’t be any mods for halo 2.

    Anyways, where do you get that ‘superior breed’ nonsense? I’m the type of person who would admit when a glitch is bad, and not try and make it sound good for the game. Valve is supposed to remove the glitches before shipment, its their job. Just because someone plays half-life doesn’t mean in any way, shape or form that they are ‘superior’ to other gamers. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes, just because someone doens’t like half-life doens’t mean that they’re not a gamer that could rule those servers if they played it.

    I’ve played half life 1, man it was a borefest. I guess thats because I’m used to more fast passed games that don’t require you to solve irrelevent puzzles. But to each his own. I’m sure it has some very respectable points as wrelease. If you want to consider all of those gamesell.

    The games I’m talking about that halo 2 wipes the floor with is every game before its "old century", then ok.

  93. Spudthefish says:

    Oh, and all the people saying that consolers are baby gamers. here we go

    I have a pimping gAming PC. ANd and xbox. next, no one uses auto aim in halo. We have a harder time, and can still wipe the floor with mouse users. I ve done it. Friend got the mouse port for the xbox. Next I will enjoy HL2, but the story is larger in Halo 2. they have books, and interesting things in the story that really make a good experience. HL2, in my opinion, was just a

    game about a scientist fucking up, and then fixing his mess. Sure there was depth, but it was just another alien massacre. If they had added supplemental stuff, it would have grabbed a lot more people. Next as people have said, consoles can only give soo much. If bungie had made this game for pc, it would have INCREDIBLE everything. They would have squeezed every ounce of anything out of the pc, like they did for the xbox. If someone would care to refute any of this, please include real responses. Not ones that say oh, and got to school and learn a bout pcs and be healed. Give me something real, or all you will prove is that you have nothing to argue with.

  94. Coffinfeeder says:

    Well the point is, no one is arguing that HL 2’s graphics will be unrivaled because of the dominant PC capabilities. And HL 2 will have some cool multiplayer features in the future, because of the good mod capabilities. But if you want something that is awesome from the start, with rock solid gameplay, then halo 2 is your choice. Like spud said, its harder to hack on xbox live, and the competition rules anyhow. Plus there are tons of gameplay options to choose from in Halo 2’s multiplayer. Now compare that with a new "beefed up" counter strike, and its not contest as to what is better.

  95. Shadow says:

    Hey guys just been reading all your posts. Personally I dont think you can settle the Half Life 2 vs Halo 2 arguement, like some of you have said its just a matter of opinion. I’ve got a PC and an Xbox. I’ve got Halo 1 and 2 and Half Life 1 (I will soon have 2 as well) so I’ve had the best of both worlds. The thing is Halo 2 was never ever going to match HL2 graphics wise just cause of the xbox’s limitations. The reason Halo 2 doesn’t look much better than Halo 1 is because Halo 1 was already testing the limits of the xbox, there wasnt that much more room to improve. According to reviews both games are criticsed for a poor story (I kept expecting there to be another level at the end of halo 2) and yes to all those PC gamers out there it didn’t take that long to complete. But if HL2 takes an extra 4 hours to complete than Halo 2 that doesnt mean it is a way better game. Personally I think Halo 2 is better on the multiplayer side and HL2 stronger of the single player (yes b4 you start moaning about CS how many of you have had an Xbox lan game to compare it with? You cant rubbish something you’ve never done) If you could combine the bests bits of both I think you would have the greatest game of all time.

    Happy gaming!!!

  96. Shadow says:

    Just as a follow up personally I will be disappointed if HL2 is not better than Halo 2 graphics and physics wise because YES it is on PC and as you have so well pointed out most of your PC’s make the xbox look like a shit heap comparitively (My PC has a 2.8gig processor compared to the xbox’s 733meg, one no contest) however one area that Halo 2 does beat HL2 hands down is sound. Voice acting on both is good but sound track wise and voice acting Halo 2 is just better. Hell a there are blockbuster films that dont have soundtracks as good as Halo 2’s! Personally I’ll decide which one is the best when I find out which one bores me first (a long wait for decsion then) and by this I am not including mods, just what you buy off the shelf.

  97. Coffinfeeder says:

    By the way, all of you idiots ragging on Halo for having "kiddie" play. What are you TALKING about??? I’ve never seen a game with smarter AI ever. Nothing stands close to halo when it comes to AI. So get over yourselves. There is nothing ‘Kiddie" about halo’s gameplay, and mostof you saying that probably dont even own an xbox- at least you wont come out and admit owning one.

    Ok, now read these words coming from a gamespot review for half life 2:

    "Another surprise is the somewhat disappointing performance by the game’s artificial intelligence. Even on the tougher difficulty levels, most of the humanoid enemies don’t seem to show the same kind of intelligent behavior that they did in the previous game. They’ll seek cover and then peek out to fire, but invariably they’ll charge at you, making it easy to take them down. And maybe it’s due to some of the weapons being a bit overpowered, but most opponents don’t present much of a challenge at all–"

  98. Maverick says:

    Ok guys, it’s the age old arguement here of console vs PC, rather than acutually discussing the matter in hand.

    PC gamers are slagging Halo 2 off without even playing and and the same goes for Xbox gamers.

    Fact of the matter is I’m sure both are stunning games in their own right and both have their good and bad points.

    So far I have only played Halo 2, the graphics, AI, multiplayer, everything is mind blowing, I love it.

    I am yet to play Half life 2, but from what I’ve seen it looks brilliant.

    I think perhaps people should play both games properly rather than just slagging off the game they will never own, it seems to me the PC gamers are the worst for this, they assume that because some people prefer to use a control pad they are somehow inferior, it is not that case!

    Having a PC with a shit hot graphics card doesn’t make you a ‘hardcore gamer’ or put you in any better of a position to slag off the oposition.

    Buy both, play both, decide.

    If you’re not willing to do so…. SHUT UP

    I thankyou


  99. tripoli says:

    Half Life 2 is the greatest game ever made..so far anyway..heres to half life 3…not to say halo 2 is’nt great..it is..it just aint half life 2

  100. george says:

    I agree, just play both games decide, i enjoy paying halo 2, is the best console game, and i can,t wait to play half life 2 on mi xbox

  101. dave says:

    i have played both games as i have a decent pc and xbox. i love everything about halo2 its a great game as was the original. MS did a great job releasing info bit by bit and teasing us .. building up the antisipation.. and it payed off.. the game is fab, mean the sales speak volumes all credit to the developers they should be proud of there achievements its one game im sure people will be playing for years to come or even 15 years down the line saying "ah remember halo – man that was a great game". but i think we can also say exactly the same for half-life 2 i love it but i dont find myself thinking which is better, they are both masterpieces in there own right. i mean yeh they are both first person shooters but they are to different to compare. i say roll on halo and half-life 3 i know both will share a place in my software collection.

  102. Dave says:

    i will say though, from a multiplayer point of view, theres nothing like you and 2 mates cruzing down the beach in a warthog. jumping over rocks and bumps… fantastic. i have yet to find any game that fills me with that satisfaction, only thing missing is a drop ship. imagine flying ya mates into a fire fight sat in the back of your drop ship waiting to drive off the back in a warthog. i think halflife 2 could have done some sort of deathmatch game type.. the gravity gun adds a compleatly new dimension of play to the game.. radiator wars with your mates.. fantastic.. im sure the mod community will fix. that

  103. Name says:

    Congratulations, you’re all morons.

  104. Sleepwalker says:

    There is a point when a gamer became a lamer (looser) – point when they invented PS, GameCube and XBox. I’ll beat a crap out of ANY online console gamer – I bet on that.

    I’m online for 10 years, playing on modem (Doom 2), Internet (since Quake 2) for 7 years. Gimme some XBox meat – I’ll eat it!

  105. Ryan says:

    Have you noticed that all the people that said Halo 2 is better use poor grammer — they sound like goddamn middleschoolers.

    Just an observation.

    But seriously, if you really think that a game (Like Halo2) that can run on an old crappy system like an xbox *cough*770mhz*cough* is gonna be better than HL2, even if it is running on an old system? Even OLD systems kick the X-box’s butt. The sad truth is that the X-box will never be able to play games that are any higher quality than what PC games achived about 4 years ago.

  106. Coffinfeeder says:

    Give us a break, wouldja? Just because you play on PC makes you no better than anyone. Like they always say, there will always be someone better than the next person. There is probably someone out ther who plays on console that could take on 5 of you. :]

    ps I play on PC and console, just so you guys cant label me a ‘consoler’ πŸ˜›

  107. Ryan says:

    I play both, and the strategy is still the same. The major difference is that PC gamers generaly play more strategic games against more skilled opponents. PCgamers generaly kick console gamer ass in FPS’s. I dont even own an xbox, but i can own all my freinds at halo AND halo 2.

  108. Coffinfeeder says:

    I believe we’ve already established that no console is ever going to surpass a PC. I believe EVERYONE knows that. Why do you guys like pointing out the obvious in every post? What we’re defending is the fact that Halo 2 is such a great game with fun gameplay and competitive graphics, even though its on an "outdated piece of crap" console. And what does the way someone types on a forum have anything to do with their intelligence? A lot of people use ‘leet’ speak online and are probably very well versed irl.

    And would you like to tell me what "old system" can rival a game like xbox’s halo?

  109. Ryan says:

    my old system from 2000. 256 ram, 2..oghz, gforce4mx420. Its alot better than an xbox.

  110. Coffinfeeder says:

    Ok… you can’t exactly compare the two. A console cannot hold the same capacity, clearly. I thought he was referring to another ‘console’. Not a comp from 2000 that was top of the line in it’s time.

  111. Ryan says:

    actualy, it was far from top of the line. I had the option of double the ram, and a Gforce4ti, a 2.6 processer

  112. Coffinfeeder says:

    What I’m getting at is that people who play on PC are not generally better than people who play on a console. Different people like different mediums. Now if someone plays on a PC and has no life but to play CS all day, then yes he/she should be pretty good. I’m pretty sure that someone playing on a console gets bored well beyond playing 3 or 4 hours a day, especially because most consoles aren’t online capable. Therefore, yes- PC gamers who play online games all the time wlil be better, because of hte vast amount of time spent practicing and the different competitions. But that doesn’t mean that theres not a guy on the console who can kick some ass.

  113. Coffinfeeder says:

    Whatever, you know what I’m talking about. That PC was damn good. You’re comparing something that is obviously better than xbox specs. I wish I had a PC half as good as that in 2000, hell I wish I typing on a PC about half as good as that one now.

  114. ryan says:

    you can get one for like $400…

  115. Coffinfeeder says:

    Yes, but I have other obligations- cant just throw money into a PC.

  116. Ryan says:

    That really isnt the point, though. The point is that Technically, there is no way that Halo 2 is better than HL2. The plot could have been beter than HL2, but it wasnt. It was decidedly broken. It was interesting, but it stopped. It just cut off. Basicly, you just have to wait for Halo 3 on Xenon to even finish the game. Its not a cliff hanger, its just annoying.

  117. Coffinfeeder says:

    It was decidely broken that HL 2’s story was better than Halo 2’s in a forum dominated by Half life 2 fans? Gimme a break. I’ve read reviews saying that the story line in HL 2 was one of its bigger flaws. Yes, HL 2 does own Halo 2 when it comes to graphics, because it was made on an optimal system designed for such graphics. Halo 2 was built for something less, but the game play still stands as strong and fun. And I bet the AI in half life isn’t nearly as good as Halo’s, at least from what I’ve read. I doubt there are many enemies in HL 2 that are using tactical formations against your character.

  118. Clint says:

    Well, having just beat Half-life 2 (took me about 14 hours) I have to say it was on of the most amazing experiences ever. The graphics, the physics, and the story are all wonderful, but, in response to Ryan… Same thing about the ending as Halo 2. Game stops, gotta wait for Half-life 3… I like them both but for different reasons, I love playin on a lan game with all my friends on Halo/2, but Half-life is so realistic it’s like living the game. Just my 2 cents.

  119. Ryan says:

    Its true that both games are good, id just rather waste money on HL2 than Halo 2 because, well, HL2 is better.

  120. Coffinfeeder says:

    Now that is a valid response πŸ˜› I’d do the same, but I just dont have the money to dish out into a new comp/vid card. The Environments on HL 2 look pretty awesome, thats what I wanted to check out more than anything.

  121. bleeting-goat says:

    hmm… Well… I played neither. I would prefer HL2 out of loyalty. I liked Halo 1 on PC. I hate the idea of playing on the xbox… I hate game controllers. Personally, my decision lies with HL2… Problem is, my computer is crap. P3 866 384RAM GEForceMx440 blah blah blah… I got a good power supply though. Maybe when money comes in to my pocket without other obligations (like BILLS!) I will save up for an upgrade. My work ‘puter is near recent top of the line (everything is maxed, except the vid card…), a laptop besides. Maybe I can convince my boss to let me take it home on a weekend for "work"… my post is worthless, but I gives a valid point: I am poor.

  122. Sphere says:

    Its simple. Anyone who thinks Halo 2 wins over Half life 2, simply doesn’t have an up to date computer. Aside from HL2 not running well on your PC, any other attempt to say Halo 2 is better is ludacris. As stated previously, anyone who is skeptical about it download and watch the halo 2 in game trailer (E3), then watch the Half life 2 in game trailer (E3). If after all that you still think Halo 2 is better, than you have deep seeded mental issues.. maybe early molestation as a child or something. Ate lots of paint chips? Huffed to much nitrous?

  123. Chino says:

    I have an xbox and a better than the rest pc, and have both hl2 and h2.

    half life 2 ends chiffhanger stylee too. but i do belive it had a bit more closure than halo2. which was a cheap shot to all the fans out there..who have waited the 3 plus years to play it.

    halo 2 has a MUCH BETTER AI engine than hl2 which is down right poor in comparison, enemies flanking you and setting up ambushes, thats what its about!

    so bout have their pros and cons, forgetting the graphics which cant be used in comparison… halo 2 is a much better gaming engine, but hl2 has it hands down in atmosphere, multiplayer tho goes to halo2!

    my 2 cents


  124. selvey55 says:

    Interesting Point:

    Everyone look down at your hands. Unless you’re being naughty you probably have your hands on a keyboard. And unless your lazy like me and purchased a wireless keyboard so that you could control your music wherever you wanted to in your room, you’re keyboard leads to a computer. Here is where the prime difference between the console-pc war falters. What can you do with that xbox after you done gaming? Not to much. I’ve seen them used as computer stands at lan parties *shrugs*. As far as the pc goes, we havn’t found a limit with to what we can do yet. You can have a LOT of fun exploring the possibilities of a PC. I use mine for so much multimedia crap I don’t think I could go a week without it. Versitility crushes the console world. There is a reason we pay more. You get what you pay for.

    As for the hl2 halo2 war….

    I played halo2 for about 8 hrs strait last sunday with some friends. Had a good time, but the multiplayer isn’t any better than the last game in my opinion, wich I can play on my computer in the first place. We played some co-op wich was….eh….alright. Wasn’t boring, but it just didn’t draw me in like I was expecting. Same old same old alien fighting in different locations. The locations are the only difference in the whole game. As for hl2, I got my copy yesterday and havn’t been able to put it down. It’s like a good book, I just HAVE to know what happens to Gordan next. What has he being doing since the last game? More importantly, why in the world am I being shot at in the first place by humans! And why is everyone in hiding? Not to mention the crafty physics puzzles that make you go "wow, didn’t know games could do that!" The buyancy and scale puzzles are really cool. Not to mention the city of zombies, check it out if you havn’t already, there are infinite ways to kill guys, I never thought headcrab guys could be so much fun. Zero G gun with the saw is a nice combo…..lol. With all said and done, hl2 is the way to go if you have both systems and can opt for either option.

  125. Ryan says:

    thats pretty much where i stand too, Halo 2 WOULD be really cool, if we didnt see everything in Halo 1 already… lol

  126. Louis Dumont says:

    Great PC games cannot compete with Great Xbox games and vice versa. It’s just not fair. With PC, you can always get video cards and expansions and all other stuff which you say make Half Life 2 better than Halo 2. When Half Life 2 comes onto Xbox and when Halo 2 comes out to PC, that’s when you compare the games. Halo 2 and Half Life 2 are both great games. I refuse to state which is better. Although, if you say Halo 2 sucks, then you obviously have a grudge against the Xbox, just frikkin hate consoles and downright IDIOT!

  127. selvey55 says:

    Where is this idea from that hl2 will come out on xbox? Did the first one come out on xbox? NO! Valve is closer with PS, the first game came out on PS2. Computer got halo, and we wanted to give it back because microsoft delivered us with a glitchy game. However, we kept it, because occasionaly the game’s multiplayer deserves to be played….even though I play other things more often. Eventually, xbox owners will realize that they are not getting hl2, and pc owners will get halo 2. Then we will have a halo 2 burning party because microsoft will once again give us a glitchy game that no one will want to add on to or mod. When the 2 games are compared on pc, hl2’s engine will be well established with countless great multiplayer options and modifications, halo2 will probly just glitch out of existence like its predecessor for computer.


    Well, I just don’t like how xbox owners in this forumn are falling back on how if the 2 games were on the same platform halo 2 would win. That simply isn’t true if you look at past events. The fact that they ARE on different systems is a completely relevent argument in evaluating which should recieve the best game award.

    In addition, I’ve already shown how the gameplay, graphics, and versitility of the pc bring half life 2 a few steps or leaps ahead, now I have an argument built against the "same platform" idea. Any others pulling for halo2 want to add something?

  128. Vince says:

    Halo 2 vs Half Life 2

    I’m a xbox gamer and a PC gamer, but mostly I play the PC. (Call Of Duty, Warcraft 3 <- godly games) I’m not planning on getting halflife 2 cause my comp isn’t "powerful" enough. The thing with Halo 2 : one, you guys need to stop harrassing halo 2 cause its a great game, just because halflife 2 has better graphics doesn’t mean its gonna be so awsome. halo 2 does have holes in its storyline but everything else it just great.

    P.S.- Halo 2 will outsale Halflife 2 because you need a really good PC to play halflife 2, all you need for halo 2 was a controller, and an xbox. (DUH)

  129. Vince says:


  130. Louis Dumont says:


    I’m afraid I’m going to have to disagree with you. I’m not saying that Halo 2 is better. Half Life 2 WILL come out on XBox and I plan to get it and compare the two. Only then will I say whether Halo 2 or Half Life 2 is better than each other.

    Although you say Halo 2 sucks now, Halo 2 PC will probably be a better game than Halo 2 Xbox. The extremely minor graphical glitches would be complimented by the PC’s "gameplay, graphics, and versitility".

  131. Mark H says:

    I just beat Half-Life 2; I haven’t tried the Halo’s but I’d suggest getting video card because Half-Life 2 was as good as first I believe. Besides, you should be ready for any more good games that come for PC anyways.

  132. DDog says:

    By the look of the time of your posting Vince I would have to say that it’s past your bedtime. If people want to do comparisons between games just stfu and let them, I mean we are in a "forum". As for the games? Got both. Played H2, beat it in good time,wasn’t that impressed. Just started playing HL2, as far as i’m concerned it is a far superior game in every aspect.

  133. Radetsu says:

    Can you say…. Mods…. Patches, everything a console game cannot offer. Done give me that downloadable content crap eather, thats gay, doesnt add much. I have playd both, Halo 2 is weak in the story…. do i really care whats happening on the aliens side of the story? seriuosly, just give me their weapns and its the same thing. Halo 2 is the same as halo 1 with destructible vehicles. Half life 2 owns in all aspects, hte modeling, graphics, Mods that are soon to come, valve is working on an expantion, and half life 3 is being planned. Halo 3 might be good if they can get it right on the X Box 2. PC’s own, thay have countless games, more than a console could ever have. Halo 2 is for multiplayer, just through out the single player, it leaves you empty. Half life 2 is a diffrent story. its is fulfilling, and makes you think. The physics are great … you can do anything ANYTHING!! should i break this board into 6 pieces and take the sharp part and shoot it with my gravoity gun into the window through that guyes skull?? sure *shling clash* dead… its that interactiv. The gns have a punch, the decals, vehicles, varitey of AI, and yes the AI is smarter than me too. only thing i gotta complain about in half life 2 is… where are he shells when you shoot the pistol? they dont come out, and i dont hear the clink of them falling to the ground as i shoot the combine btween the eyes. Get the Video card, PC’s have a future, consoles are computers, just crappy ones, get a real beast machine. =) Peace out!

  134. Agamemnar says:

    The lowdown is this.

    Halo 2 scored .2 points higher than Half-Life 2 on gamespot and PC Gamer.

    Halo 2 is more stable than Half-Life (it is on a console so generally stability is a given), and the multiplayer is what makes Halo 2 special, not the single player.

    Half-Life 2’s graphics and single-player is much better, but the multiplayer is simply counterstrike (ripoff of Rainbow Six anyways) with a new engine. Xbox live really is a since to use, and the Halo 2 multiplayer options are just phenomenal.

    If you love multiplayer, go Halo 2.

    If you love single-player, graphics and story, go Half-Life 2.

  135. Agamemnar says:

    btw I happily own both and am pleased with both equally πŸ™‚

  136. Agamemnar says:

    Oh and on a side note, the AI on half-life 2 is just ridiculously shitty.

    Half-Life 2 is REALLY easy, which is fine I guess . They want you to have some fun with the gravity gun πŸ˜€

    And also the puzzles can get a little annoying in FPS’ πŸ™‚

  137. selvey55 says:


    -PC gamer doesn’t rate console games.

    -Half-Life2 is stable on computer nerd’s computers because we own all the bells and whistles that keep our pc’s well above what is required to just simply run the game.

    -Multiplayer is not just counterstrike, when I bought it, I got all my favorite multiplayer games with the new source engine. Basically all of them are redone with physics and new effects, levels, etc. I’m still enthralled with this new tech. Not to mention, the real key of a game like HL2 is that within a month or 2, we will probably see more activity from the modding community than ever before, and multiplayer will take care of itself.

    -Counterstrike is nothing like rainbow six. Have you played rainbow six? I have. It’s very slow paced and more realistic compared to counterstrike. The reason counterstrike has become so popular is because of it’s quick learning curve, combined with how easy it is to run, add to it the fast paced action, and finally, the ability to jump right in and start playing. I haven’t seen another game that is in quite the same style as counterstrike, but your welcome to find one if you like.


    Come on dude, respect our right to have an opinion. Some of these guys have made some very insightful arguments for such a mute point. Sometimes it isn’t necessarily WHAT were arguing about thats important, it’s being able to prove why your opinion is better than someone elses. It’s the best kind of critical thinking there is. So please, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

  138. jules says:

    i have both but i was expecting something more from half life 2. its the same tired old jump/move box/shoot thats been done to death.

    this game matchs the description the kings new cloths.

    everyone is so excited about getting it to see that it does NOTHING for the genre except a few textures and physics.

    sad that so meny people i happy with the same dish..ive been waiting for game to grab the same way as the fisrt doom and duke nukem and i just fall vitim of the hype time and time again,fps are finnished as the cutting edge off gaming

  139. fried says:

    it depends on whether u want to wait for halo2 to come out for computer, or play it now on xbox along with other new xbox games. u decide.

  140. fried says:


    "Counterstrike is nothing like rainbow six. Have you played rainbow six? I have. It’s very slow paced and more realistic compared to counterstrike."

    You think rain bow six is slow. Lmao. Try AA (Americas Army). Although its a recruiting tool for the army… it’s is either extremly slow and boring, or it’s you tk and piss ppl off and have fun while smurfing. (srry if u actually play AA, but thats just my opinion.

  141. fried says:

    oh and about Halo and HL, i say get both lol.

  142. me says:

    While HL2 boasts superior graphics with some truly incredible looking levels it seems kind of bland to me. Halo 2 has far superior tactical action that continues to pressure you for the entire game. With Live (and the new patch) it comes included with for some very intense multiplayer that can only be matched by UT2004 for crazy action. Halo also has coop. Which for me jacks up the score quite a bit even if it’s only on the same TV.

    Half Life 2 is pretty and has a neat futuristic feal that reminds me of the Longest Journey. I think I would enjoy the single player game more though if they had chosen to given Gordon a voice and some character of his own. A strong central character like Garrett, Kyle Kattarn, or even the Master Chief to play off of those wonderful NPCs would have been great. Maybe some dialog selection options and some RPG elements like Deus Ex.

    Instead we get "you’re a man of few words aren’t you?" Boooooring.

    Compair the action of the two games (sometime when you’re not riding high on playing the game you’ve been waiting for for six years for ten hours straight) and I don’t see how HL2 can compair to Halo. Scripted AI sequences that are pretty much the same every time you play (albeit with a very good physics engine) vs. more or less a different experience everytime you turn your X-Box on.

    Jump puzzles have been replaced with "physics problems". Which is a fancy way of saying "new jump puzzle". Find some stuff, stack it up, feel like you’ve accomplished something. The floating barrels, for instance, was just showing off.

    People who tout HL2 as GOTY or Best Game of All Time need to go back and play any game by Looking Glass. System Shock. Thief. Or Dark Forces. Jedi Knight. If you calculate for what I call "graphics inflation" any of these games is just as interesting and perhaps more compelling than what I’ve seen of HL2 yet.

    And for pure action Halo 2 has it beat hands down.

  143. james says:

    just thought i let everyone know that you can play Half Life 2 at Top Graphics with a Radeon 9100 – And Doom 3 at Medium Graphics. :D:D:D:D

  144. james says:

    basically the xbox is shit! its big n bulky and Halo 2 is one of the shittiest FPS’s ive ever played! Half Life 2 Kicks Halo 2’s Ass!!!

  145. rybot says:

    Halo 2, tactical action?? It’s just run and gun!! honestly, this has been done to death on hundreds of PC games. HL2 introduces a whole NEW dynamic, that offers countless scenarios. H2 adds damageable vehicles…omg! I’ve read many reader reviews that complain about halo’s short single player. The only reason Halo ever became popular was because it was the first FPS on this gen of consoles that was easy to play, and had a multi-billion dollar company backing it.

    The play mechanics are some of the most simplistic i’ve ever encountered in a FPS. After just 2 games of multi-player, I was able to match the skill of my friend who’d been playing the game for 2 years. But even so, i’d never play it again, because console control just can’t match that of the PC. Halo only sells so well because they can afford to flood the media. Many people who play halo are so blinded by microsoft’s will, that they don’t even know games like Prime 2 or HL2 exist.

    It all comes down to the fact that halo is an easy FPS where you’re slightly more invincible than the average human, and the only action you take in the game is killing the enemy. If i wanted that i could just stick with SOF2, at least there i can dismember enemies and take screenshots. I mean, yea, you get vehicles, but that’s been down already, in many games. HL2 offers a whole new mechanic, whereas the only thing H2 adds is stolen from GTA and goldeneye. That mechanism can be exploited in so many different ways, the options are quite endless.

  146. Dave K says:

    Sorry, there’s no console shooter that’s ever going to match a top shelf PC FPS like HL2. Consoles are good at some things… but first person shooters ‘aint one of em. Controls alone are a huge defecit, poor quality graphics are another. I have a buddy who liked console style controls… after he got spanked hard during a lan game he decided he’d better learn to use a kb/mouse setup… cannon fodder.

    Halo 2 has decent gameplay but nothing earth shattering… twitch, twitch, twitch. Add to that the severe limitation of running on an XBox and you have a game that’s basically Halo part 2… nothing new to the table (OOOhhh… except dual wield… how revolutionary!). Don’t get me wrong, after playing it on the XBox I’ll definitely get it for the PC when it comes out, it’s a fun game, but it’s not in the same league as HL2.

    HL2 is easily the best game of the year, on my dual opteron/6800 GT box it’s nothing short of awesome, and on my AthlonXP/5700 Ultra box it plays totally respectably.

    Funny, I’m to the prison now and I have yet to stack a single box (other then when I was playing with the grav gun early on). I’ve jumped on them on occasion but none of the puzzles required stacking to solve. Some of the traps in Ravenhome were very clever, the monsters are numerous and challenging… the maps are some of the most intricate and best designed I’ve ever seen.

    Overall the game is awesome, graphics almost to Doom3 level and gameplay that’s deeply engaging, it’s an easy 9.7/10. Halo 2 is also close to 10… but that’s on a console scale… compared to other console games. Rated against HL2 I’d give it 6 or so at most.

  147. Agamemnar says:

    I have an Alienware ALX computer and half-life 2 still has HEAVY audio glitches and long loading times.

    3.6 ghz p4 HT, 2 gigs of ram, platinum Z2 pro audigy, 100 gig 7200 rpm HD… etc etc.

    Playing at everything full detail.

    Half-Life 2 is still an amazing game but the experience is only fulfilled in SINGLE PLAYER. I own a loft where I keep my second xbox and to play live/coop/multi with friends and to have portability to me is much more important than what Half-Life has to offer. Friends want to play with me not watch me.

    Counterstrike is not nearly as fun as Halo 2 MP. You need to be a huge counterstrike fan to think otherwise.

    And you’re right PC Gamer doesn’t rate games, but gamespot does. Halo 2 scored .2 higher. I would assume IGN shares the same though I haven’t checked.

    And yes Halo 2 can get tactical on some levels, it isn’t all just run n’ gun. Half-Life 2 offers some cerebral puzzles to break the monotony too.

  148. electricgrandpa says:

    Ok, but Halo will stop once it’s over… Half life 2 has mods.

  149. Agamemnar says:

    What are you talking about you can download patches + content from xbox live.

    We’re talking about microsoft here… the company with unlimited funds.

  150. Vince says:

    The Producers of bungie spend way too much time on gameplay and level design, they never thing that maybe halo 2 was very short even with thos mamoth sized maps. in the DVD all they yap about is that they spend so much detail on the level, like what u thing that gamers sit there and look at every wall. so thats why halo 2 was pretty bad. Even after spending 3 years in production, halo 2 was a dissappointment. not to mention the ending. ( which i won’t spoil) Halflife 2, i think this game gots the whole package, halflife plays like a movie. so overall, halflife 2 will beat halo 2 but in the end halo 2 will sell out halflife 2 anyday.

  151. Coffinfeeder says:

    Everyone one of you guys who says Half Life 2 is better is only saying that based on the graphics alone. The gameplay in halo 2 most likely rules over HL 2. The only interesting thing I’ve heard about HL 2 is the gravity gun. I like playing against smart AI, something that HL 2 apparently doensn’t offer. Halo AI is superior, which makes for funner and more involved game. The bottom line is, if you’re going to judge a game on graphics alone- yes HL 2 is better. I like grahpics, but I won’t judge how good a game is by that alone. Gameeplay is everything, and if the game doesn’t have smart AI, then the graphics don’t really matter.

  152. Scrivs says:

    Apparently "bungie spend way too much time on gameplay and level design" is a bad thing!! Anyway, I spent about 3 minutes tops going from power on to playing level 1 of Halo 2, but 3 hours on from opening the HL2 box, I still can’t play! I spent 15 minutes installing, only to find that you get an error if you don’t install Counterstrike. Then I got told that my video drivers are out of date. Fair enough.. follow link, install drivers, restart game. They’re still out of date! Wow, NVidia are quick updating their drivers! Now I’ve finally started the game and there’s still a problem, probably with the sound driver. I’ll sort it evetually, but I don’t see why I should have to. Consoles rock.

  153. MadGamer says:

    I think they are both great games. I have beat them both. Storylines are both great although I like Half Life 2 a little better because it requires you to figure it out and there are no cut scenes. I think HL2 wins overall.

    As for graphics, you cant compare pc with console. PC will always win since PC’s have better capabilities. HL2 physics is pretty damn cool. Between that and holding 2 weapons, id deffinately go with a more realistic and interactive environment. HL2 graphics is like that of Pixar’s. I dont think any game has used graphics like that.

    As far as characters, HL2 gave the charachters 40 muscles in their face to produce facial expressions. They had psychologist help them on this one. Makes them much more believable.

    AI- halo 2 is exactly the same, so is gameplay, except you get to hold 2 weapons.

    HL2- HL2 enemies act more intelligent. They arent as repetetive as Halo 2 enemies. Halo 2 enemies will always do the same thing if you play a level again and again. In HL2 they act to the situation much better.

    I think HL2 wins on all fronts with the exception of cost. Its biggest downfall is you have to have a good pc to run it to its fullest capabilities. And as far as glitches with HL2, I didnt have one sinlge one. Never happened in a pc game for me before.

    Halo 2 pretty muchly requires no thought to play. Lots of little kids play console games as opposed to PC which is why I wouldnt be supprise if it sold more.

  154. juls says:

    lol yeah they really messed uop with that steam program took me 3 hours plus to get hl2 going only to find 30 mins later i could not log on to steam because of a prob there end ..i was in a blind rage..hl2 box has been crushed into bits lol

  155. Spoon says:

    Lot more action in HL2. Ravenholm scared the shit out of me. Between the fight scenes with Hunters and Brutes in Halo2 compared to striders and gunships in HL2, much more action in HL2. Story in HL2 wins any day.

    H2 is for little kids, pretty much requires no thought like mad said. I feel like im in a damn cartoon with that game. And dont gimme this crap about H2 enemies being better, they do the EXACT thing over and over again. HL2 enemies like they say, assess the threats.

    Anyone who thinks H2 is better is just freakin ignorant and probably hates pc games.

  156. knome says:

    What is everybody basing halo2 ai off of? Only thing i can come up with is that there are more of them and there hits do a lot more damage than yours. Other than that, HL2 AI is Intelligent like its meant to be. Striders are much harder to kill then brutes or hunters and the combine soldiers appear much more intelligent then covenant. There is just more covenant.

  157. TOR says:

    First of all I am not basing Halo 2 and Halflife 2 on graphics(even though halflife 2’s are better)I based the games on gameplay, action,AI,and stuff like this.Halflife 2 was like playing a fricken movie,and the AI was Un B Fricking leave able and who ever said Halo 2 has better AI,please! the only thing that the Ai in Halo 2 does, Is hide behind something when they are injured. Before I move on I would like to say that I am a big fan of both Halo 2 and Half life 2, Truly. But when it comes to comparing THE AI,COME ON. Have you people seen the video where Gordan pushes a table in front of a door to block a combine soldier from entering, and the AI tries to open the door but realizes it is jammed so the AI breaks a near by window and starts shooting aimlessly into the room trying to hit you, meanwhile another combine enters the scene and breaks down the door. NOW THATS WHAT I CALL FRICKEN kick ass AI, PLAIN AND FUCKING SIMPLE. :0

    Sincernly, TOR

  158. Agamemnar says:

    Again, you have not countered my multiplayer argument, which veritably adds a ton more value to Halo 2 than HL2 has to offer.

    Single player is for loners.

  159. TOR says:

    I dont care who argues with it. It’s a fricken Fact The AI, The Graphics,THE STORY, THE GAMEPLAY, THE PHYSICS……PLEASE. HAlf life 2 is better and always will be better X- box or PC Half-LIFE 2 is a better game peroid.

  160. TOR says:

    True, I agree Multiplayer is better for Halo 2 but that does not mean it is a better game.

  161. MadGamer says:

    HL2 multiplayer is supposed to come out in the next several months. And to think halo 2 multi is better???? there are over 10 hl mods and it will be the same for hl2, they just havent made hl2 multi yet.

    CS2, which uses hl2 technology, is by far better than halo 2 multi in my opinion. You also dont have to do the subscription bullshit with HL2. I dont wanna bad mouth Halo 2, bc I think it is one of the best console games ever made and I enjoyed playing it, but everyone keeps saying its better than HL2 when there is no question that the graphics, characters, gameplay and ai is better. Those are all technology based aspects which neglects opinion.

    The story is a matter of opinion and I do think HL2 is better. Although I really like Halo 2 as well. They spent nearly twice as much making this game compared to halo 2. Also its not fair to compair a PC game to Console.

  162. Coffinfeeder says:

    Spoon: Anyone who thinks H2 is better is just freakin ignorant and probably hates pc games.

    No, its vice versa. Anyone who hates Halo is obviously just against console games. I like PC and console games, and I’ll admit when one is better or worse than the other. I’ve never played HL 2, but most of you PCers haven’t played halo2- and rag on it bad, just because it’s not for PC. That last person who said HL 2 had better AI is obviously in dream land. Of course they’ll have some auto-coded AI, we’re talking about battle AI here. I bet its quite easy to code something to: if door = locked/broken, then find window and break. Anyways, I got by reviewers who know what they’re talking about- and not bias’d ass half life fans.

    And when it comes to story, wow. Don’t even get on the story subject. Halo’s story is both original and creative. It’s very deeply involved, hell it is based off novels. Half life 2′ story is a joke. I’ll give it to you in a nut shell: Science experiment gone wrong, OH NO!! Now we must fight the mutants and save mankind. wow- awesome story guys. There is no challenge when it comes to stories which is more involved and well thought out.

  163. TOR says:

    Your right I forgot about all the insane multiplayer stuff that half life 2 is coming out with,that is going to be awesome, MY BAD. But you have to except the fact that for the time being anyway Halo 2 has better multiplayer than Half-life 2.

  164. Coffinfeeder says:

    You can’t add mods into the argument.. that would be kind of pointless. Just like Half life’s graphics are a hell of a lot better because of the endless possibility of the PC, the multiplayer will also have basically endless possibilities. Just like PC will always rule at graphics, pc games will always be mod capable. But when Half life 2 came out, they gave you a CS + new engine, come on. There is no way anyone can seriously say that is better than halo 2’s multiplayer, unless they are a die hard CS fan, aka biased.

  165. MadGamer says:

    I have played hl2 a lot and halo 2 a lot. I like them both but to say the technology of one is better than the other IS IGNORANT!!

    You probably havent a clue about computer programming either.

    HL2 was written with the help of a novelist and even the help of psychologist with respect to characters. You dont even have your facts straight.

    And I agree Halo 2 is a good story. What I like about HL2 though is you have to figure the story out which by looking at forums, most people havent because they missed a few parts in the game. And it leaves you with several unknowns which is left of for the geeks that speculate, Me being one of them haha.

    I think everyone pretty muchly knows how Halo 3 will end. Rings will be stopped, MasterChief will live, everything goes back to normal. Like a predictable James Bond movie. Sure theyre are gonna be a few exciting points but in HL2, the ending leaves it wide open for any possibility. Maybe even 2 or 3 more games its so wide open, I hope not though.

    You should play both before before you form an opinion.

  166. Coffinfeeder says:

    Hah, halo = way more original story. You can’t argue the point.

  167. TOR says:

    Im not saying that counter strike source is better multiplayer im just saying that when the time comes which will probably be not to far away, half-life 2’s multiplayer will over come Halo2 with its amazing engine. Im agreeing with you halo’2 multiplayer is better but only for the time being. I give Halo 2 all the credit in the world for coming up with such a great multiplayer game, half life 2 dident, but it will. Got to go

  168. MadGamer says:

    Define Original. You havent even played HL2 and dont even know the story so how can you say that. You must be like 12 years old.

    I know this, HL2 ending really cought me off guard and H2 ending was predictable and pist me off. Ill still buy H3 though. The H2 ending felt like a marketing ploy to me.

    Yes for the time being Halo 2 multi is better bc there is no hl2 multi but once the mods come out, you get a whole lot more for your money. Plus in time they will make upgrades for the graphics in Hl2 just like they did in the first one, probably.

    Halo 2 feels a lot like star wars in my opinion. Except master chief is a fukin badass. Not some panzy ass Jedi knight.

  169. vince says:

    I saw the gamespot review for halflife 2 and they said that the storyline for HL2 is a disappointment and they said that the enimes in halflife 2 are pretty easy, try playing halo 2 on heroic or legendary.

    PS. Halflife 2 is a pushover. (played it, beat it) And JUST BUT HALFLIFE 2 FOR THE COUNTERSTRIKE SOURCE, NOT FOR HALFLIFE 2 CUZ ITS A DISSAPPOINTMENT. (Halo 2 was a dissapointment but only the ending)

    Ha! NErds!

  170. Agamemnar says:

    In 15/20 years we will look back at this debate and laugh.

    Televisions will have PC/Console components slimly installed, thus ending consoles and PC desktops altogether.

  171. MadGamer says:

    Haha PC Gamer gave it best game ever. Much bigger than gamespot also.

    Im sick of arguing it is pointless. HL2 and Halo 2 are great games. HL2 has the upper hand though.

  172. Urban Townie says:

    You can’t fairly compare Half-Life with Halo, and you certainly can’t fairly compare Half-Life 2 with Halo 2.

    The original Half-Life was the first shooter game to revolutionalize the genre by integrating a meaningful story into gameplay. Before Half-Life, first-person shooter games (like Doom and Quake) were brainless without a story or throughline. HALF-LIFE INSPIRED HALO. Bungie started developing Halo AFTER Half-Life had become a success. Halo built on what Half-Life had started, and Microsoft released Halo THREE YEARS after the original Half-Life. By that time, Half-Life was already an old game with outdated technology and aged gameplay. Of course new Halo would outshine the old Half-Life. However, without Half-Life, there would be no Halo, or Halo would most likely be another uninspired first-person shooter without a story.

    After the success of Halo, Halo 2 took only three years to develop. It mostly built on and recycled the previous game engine from the first Halo game (it even recyled the original storyline by putting another Halo into the second game.) Half-Life 2 took SIX YEARS, TWICE as much development time, to develop a revolutionary game engine. Halo 2 runs on an affordable Xbox console that cost less than $150. Halo 2 has to work around the limitation of Xbox’s processing power. Half-Life 2 takes the "no expense spared" approach and requires thousands-of-dollars, top-of-the-line, cutting-edge machines to play the game. You can’t compare the processing power of a cheap Xbox to that of a thousands-of-dollars high-end PC. Half-Life 2 will not even be released on Xbox because Xbox simply cannot handle Half-Life 2. (It will come out on Xbox 2 or as a stripped-down version on Xbox.)

    Of course, if you can afford a high-end PC, then Half-Life 2 will be better than Halo 2 in terms of its story, gameplay, game engine and most everything else. However, there are not too many obsessed people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy or upgrade their computers just to play a game. Halo 2 (and Xbox) is affordable entertainment that is accessible to more people. Halo 2 is the best game on a CONSOLE. However, you just can’t compare a console game (with the limitation of a console’s processsing power) with a PC game that has many times the processing power and memory of a console.

  173. Shaolinst says:

    I have both games. Beat Halo 2 a few days ago and am in the middle of HL2. I like them both. But I’m leaning towards HL2 just because it’s my type of game.

    They’re both really good. HL2 has much more eye candy. Halo looked like a kids cartoon to me. HL2 "feels" real.

    In terms of gameplay you can’t compare the two. They’re a different type of game. It’s like comparing a Yamaha R6 (a motorcycle for those of you that don’t know) to a Ferrari 355. Yeah, they both go fast on the road…but that’s it. They are both great, maybe one is faster than another, but you still can’t compare. They’re designed for different tastes.

  174. Sepharo says:

    I have played both games and both are amazing. However I would have to agree with all points being made by the Half-Life 2 fans here… HL2 beats Halo 2 on all points of argument. This is not to say Halo 2 is a bad game at all. I think most of the Halo 2 fans are confused and think the HL2 fans hate Halo 2, this is not true. This isn’t a "that game sucks" discussion it is "which is better" and in my opinion and many others who have played both HL2 takes the prize. Many of the arguments presented by halo 2 fans against Half-Life 2 are simply un-true. Especially these digusting arguments over AI. AI that smashes open doors and finds other way of getting to you is not simple to code. On the other hand enemies that use cover effectively has been done in console games and PC games for years now. Half-Life 1 had enemies with the AI of Halo 2. During a ravenholm encounter in HL2 I tapped my buddy next to me and snickered, "Look I am going to block this door so those fast zombies can’t get in, god I love how I can do it with these physics." So he watched as I pushed a cabinet in front of the door. The zombies scratched and hit it a bit then it went silent, "Stupid zombies…. OH SHIT!" The jumper/fast zombies jumped on the roof and smashed through a sky glass window I hadn’t noticed and proceded to kill me. NOW THAT’S GOOD AI.

    … And no, I reloaded to see if they would do the same if I didn’t block the door and they didn’t.

  175. AmZiingAzN says:

    I have played both Halo 2 and Half Life 2. Let state by saying this, Both games are masterpieces and are the pinncle of gaming. Ladies the bar has been raised.

    Halo 2 is revolutionary for bringing muiltplayer modes that are fun fun for the XBOX. But being a PC gamer also it brings nothing really new in the genre of FPS. Halo 2 graphics are good, but as Coffinfeeder (11/18/2004 6:43 PM) said in the forum don’t compare graphics of a XBOX to PC. The PC wins in this department hands down and don’t dulude ur self otherwise.( I could list reasons why, But u’ve heard them before, why bore u?) . Again I state Halo 2 is a excellent game , best of the best in console gaming. Halo has a great story, although predicatble? …I leave that in your opinion. I thought is was pretty good.

    Half Life 2

    What can i say i luv this game. STunning Graphics… ,Great gameplay, intrictate story and so on. It is the godsend of FSP i have been waiting for six years. I am a big fan of Half life 1 for that is the game that ushered in a new age of FPS that would follow- like Halo!!! It the greatest Landmark in gaming.

    (so many u will mark me biais but I did say " Halo 2 is a excellent game , best of the best in console gaming")

    HL2 follows in the same footsteps as it’s predessor. As for HL2 Muiltplayer i can understand why they put CS sorce instead of muilipalyer of its own. BECAUSE THATS ALL I WOULD PLAY IS CS. But why rant about it. Am going to play right it now. =p

  176. Urban Townie says:

    I love Halo and Halo 2 as games as they have awesome gameplay. However, I have to say they have the STUPIDEST story ever. Consider this:

    Halo is a super weapon. So why did the Forerunners built a huge world with environments and structures, many times the eize of Earth, on a weapon?? Building an entire world on Halo (a weapon) is like putting an amusement park on a supercarrier or a home entertainment center inside a tank. It is the most ridiculous idea. (Unless the Forerunners planned to escape to the Halos when they unleashed the destruction. But from the second game, we knew that the Forerunners escaped to the "Ark", not to any of the Halos.)

    The purpose of Halo is to eliminate the Flood. In fact, the Forerunners took the extreme measure of killing ALL sentient beings to wipe out the Flood. So why did the Forerunners STORE SOME FLOOD SAMPLES on Halo (which was later released by the Covenent)?!? That defeats the purpose of the whole freaking idea.

    How many years did it take to build a Halo? Just look at the size and complexity of the ring world, I would assume AGES. The Flood must have spreaded like wildfire. Before the Forerunners could have enough time to finish building a Halo, the Flood would have already wiped out the Forerunner.

    There are many other stupidities in the story of Halo. But that’s the three I want to point out for now.

  177. Radetsu says:

    Dear me:

    "Scripted AI sequences that are pretty much the same every time you play (albeit with a very good physics engine) vs. more or less a different experience everytime you turn your X-Box on."

    uhh no, Half life 2’s AI are not scripted. You allies will decide wether it is safe to advance, and will stayput and cover fire if it is not, only untill the AI believes it is safe will they prociede, the AI is differnt every time you reload the game, if you play it twice, it wont be the same. The physis are mazing, and whn the Mods kick in, half life 2 will own, there will be a multiplyer, with teh gravity gun, and all the HL2 weapons, and it will own Halo 2, dont get me wrong, Halo 2 is good, I jst prefer Half life 2 becaue it is so much deeper.

  178. Spoon says:

    Its impossible to win the argument that Halo 2 is better based on everything but availability.

    Not everyone has a good enough pc to fully enjoy it. Only problem with HL2

    Anyone who thinks Halo 2 is better is or has the mind of a 12 year old.

  179. Radetsu says:

    Urban Townie:

    "Of course, if you can afford a high-end PC, then Half-Life 2 will be better than Halo 2 in terms of its story, gameplay, game engine and most everything else. However, there are not too many obsessed people who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to buy or upgrade their computers just to play a game. Halo 2 (and Xbox) is affordable entertainment that is accessible to more people. Halo 2 is the best game on a CONSOLE. However, you just can’t compare a console game (with the limitation of a console’s processsing power) with a PC game that has many times the processing power and memory of a console."

    I play Half life 2 on a 1.8 ghz athlon, 521 mb ram, and a geforce 5200fx card,

    vey low end of the spectrum, and i still get 45-65 frames per second in half life 2, and thats with everything cracked up!!! hl2 has better technology, they can make a whole friggin 25 ft tall wall out of 5 polygons, and it looks so real, you dont even knotice its flat. Compaired to the Xbox’s constant 30 frames per second, pc’s are better. Half life 2 is better.

  180. Urban Townie says:

    Now, I’ve read Joseph Campbell’s Hero of A Thousand Faces and Robert Mckee’s Story, which explain what is a good story and what is not.

    Story is about characters, and characters need to "arc" (or grow.) A good character is an unexpected hero or a hero who was chosen but resist the calling at first, like Luke Skywalker the farm boy who becomes a great Jedi, Frodo Baggins the simple hobbit who is chosen for a great task, Aragorn the ranger who resisted his calling to unite men and become the king, Harry Potter the pitiful orphan boy who discovered his destiny as a wizard. Each of those characters start from a simple lowly background (the low point) and move toward greatness (the high point). Alternatively, the characters must know of their great destiny but resist the calling at first (the low point) but ultimately take up the noble cause and become a hero (the high point). The characters ARC in those stories, and that makes those stories good.

    (There are many other points why Halo is not a good story, but I’m not going to write a whole paper on it. Read up on Joseph Campbell, Robert McKee, etc if you want to learn about the art of storytelling.)

    In Halo, Master Chief is bred to be a hero (a high point). And he ended up as a hero (a high point). There is no calling, no resistance to calling, no (inner) conflict, no character arc. The Master Chief character is plain as vanilla. As story is about character arc, therefore the story of halo is plain as vanilla.

    An established hero like Master Chief can start from a high point, but he must FALL to a low point to complete an arc for a good story. So, a story about a character who starts out as a hero is usually a story about "falling down", about the hero being disgraced, being betrayed, or learning everything he believed in or fought for turns out to be a lie. This is called the "falling down" story. This is the way to arc a story with a protagonist who starts out as a hero.

    (Gordon Freeman of Half-Life does have an arc. He is an UNEXPECTED hero… a lab scientist who became a warrior. There is an arc to that character. Also, the Arbiter in Halo 2 actually has a much better arc than the Master Chief and is a much more interesting storyline.)

    So, Halo has a story (albeit a poor one,) and that by itself put it ahead of many other games that have zero story in it.

  181. Agamemnar says:

    "Anyone who thinks Halo 2 is better is or has the mind of a 12 year old."

    Anyone to make that assumption you could say the same thing…

    I am not saying Halo 2 is a better game… I look at games in two ways. Single player and Multiplayer.

    Halo 2 shines as a MULTIPLAYER game. Xbox live really is a 0-lag, solid and stable endeavor into the MP scene. The modes are even better thn unreal tournament 2004, and the added features (like communicating with those who are near you) are just cherry topping.

    Half-Life 2 shines as a SINGLE PLAYER game. Counterstrike gets very boring very quickly unless you are an afficionado for it, have a clan etc.

    Like I said I can’t round up my friends and daisy-connect Xboxes and play Half-Life 2 with them (unless you are rich and have a network LANing room). With Halo 2 I can pack it up, bring it to my country place and boom we can get drunk and whacked and all have something to do afterwards.

  182. Agamemnar says:

    "Now, I’ve read Joseph Campbell’s Hero of A Thousand Faces and Robert Mckee’s Story, which explain what is a good story and what is not."

    Dunno who’s dumber the people who write contrite B.S on what makes a good story or the people who believe it after they read it lol.

  183. Bla says:

    Let it be known u do not have to have a superior computer when using valves new SOURCE engine. It molds to even the crappyest comp while still putting out great graphics.

    I ran it on a p3 800 mhz geforce 440mx 32 bit 250 sumtin ram. Let it be known that this system here is about 7 yrs old, so cmon ppls u have to at least have sumtin better.

    It ran a bit slow on high visuals, but i still managed 20 fps somtimes with a low of 10 fps.

  184. Bla says:

    Halflife 2 im talking about if u dident know

  185. Radetsu says:

    Sorry for 3 posts in a row, but.. i keep on thinking…. Halo 2’s enemies do the exact same thing, all they do is run at you. throw a gernade they rn away sure, thow a grenade in half life 2, the enemes a afraid, they try ot throw it back, or shoot at it to get it away from them, halo 2’s enemies mainly un at you, they have gottem better at hiding tho, but half life 2, man dont get me started, the enimies eact to what you do, they will hide when being shot at, and will shoot when you reload, and are vulnderable, halo 2 enemies dont know when to attack, they just wait untill they see you to shoot. Half life 2’s enemire are more tactical, and react to the situation with extermem relism, plus its kiil to shoot them and se the dark ed blood splays, and real word physics, halo 2 implimanted it, but never as good as half life 2. EVRYTING moves in half life 2. woo, go HL2

  186. Bla says:

    BTW your eyes pick up lag when it hits 13 fps. anything higher its not noticable

  187. no name says:

    Actually thats a verry common writing technique for novels and movies. If you knew anything about either you would know its a very valid argument when discussing storylines. It can be the difference between a successful movie or book vs. a horrible one.

    Although not as important, I think its going to start being more important with games as most are now being based on graphics and gameplay only. The new technology also opens up new capabilities for making a good believable story.

    I wouldnt be supprised if famous actors start showing up in them. James Earl Jones and a few other actors were in C&C TS. If HL2 hits it 15 million copy mark (which I got from some article I cant think of right now), coupled with HL, they will gross over a billion dollars.

  188. BLA says:

    If they gross that much, maybe HL 3 will come faster, then 4 and 5 :D!!!! Well since they have made the bases of the engine now (which prob took the most of the time) the rest of the HLs will come faster.

  189. no name says:

    I sure hope so. Haha if you net the 40 million dollar cost and distribution cost in stores, I bet it would still be about a billion. Mainly due to steam. Steam is a direct distributor of games now= a lot more money for valve. And rightly so.

  190. wEpEel says:

    "QUOTE"Actually thats a verry common writing technique for novels and movies. If you knew anything about either you would know its a very valid argument when discussing storylines. It can be the difference between a successful movie or book vs. a horrible one."QUOTE"

    Don’t know how you can sit there and make a statement like that.

    There are many good movies where a hero has no "Arc". Watch the second Aliens movie. Watch Predator. Watch the first Robocop. Hell most action movies develop interesting characters around the hero. That is their formula.

    The Masterchief was born and raised on the intent of being the perfect soldier. Perfectly understandable. He does not have any love interests, he does not care. He didn’t fail math when he was 5 and had his first girlfriend at 13.

    I don’t know how you are getting good vibes from Gordan Freeman… he doesn’t even SAY anything in HL2. "Man of a few words".

    I suppose this makes a good story for you? A hero who is mute? Did your book mention that?

    Take yer book and holier-than-thou theories and burn em kthx.

  191. Bla says:

    There is difference between a good movie and an entertaining one. I can be entertained by the stupidest non-plot movie ever, and can say i enjoyed it. Then id forget it. In a good movie i can be entertained,bewilldered, hit by many emotions, and give me a lasting feeling after.

    Some can claim action movies are quite plotless. Hell dont get me wrong, aliens was great, but its nothing compared to Matrix for an example.

  192. Sepharo says:

    Wow you missed the entire vibe that Valve goes for and has publicly stated many times. You don’t see Gordon, or hear Gordon… BECAUSE YOU ARE GORDON. They want the immersion of the player as the character. They want you to turn to a buddy and say "Look what I just did…" Not "Look what I made Gordon do…" In an interview I read somewhere Valve was quoted as saying that they actually regret even giving him a name at all. You figure out the story as other characters and events tell you the story. In HL2 all the characters assume you know what’s going on but in reality you are figuring it out yourself. Many people and developers look at this as the best way to right a video game’s story. Video games differ between movies and books because of the interactivity. Instead of watching or reading you are doing…. You are the character.

  193. Bla says:

    Put that in ur pipe and smoke it πŸ˜€

  194. no name says:

    Matrix was more successful than all those movies. Major arc there. Movies and books also cant have you make decisions like games/simulators can. Therefor you dont talk. Its not exactly rocket science.

    LOL Fucking robocop, haha i liked it but not that great. Same with predator and bond movies.

    Bourne identity is another example of an arc. It too is extremely more successful than those movies. Its book version is successful to. Star Wars was extremely successful.

    Im sure there are action books and movies with main character heros/enemies without an arc that are good, i just cant think of any right now.

  195. no name says:

    And stupid plots dont exactly entertain the crowds. They may entertain you but not the majority.

  196. Wepeel says:

    I am Gordon? lol good job Valve. How revolutionary.

    By that logic Gordon knows nothing.

    Until you can talk to the A.I personally leave the roleplaying to roleplaying games.

    By the way the Matrix is just Alice in Wonderland with kung-fu and Zoroastrian influence.

  197. momo says:

    Aliens wasn’t a stupid plot and Ripley was as transparent as glass. lol.

  198. Urban Townie says:

    >There are many good movies where a hero has

    >no "Arc". Watch the second Aliens movie.

    >Watch Predator. Watch the first Robocop. Hell

    >most action movies develop interesting

    >characters around the hero. That is their


    Only people who know nothing of the art of storytelling would think Aliens and Robocop do not have an arc.

    James Cameron wrote Aliens, and his writings strictly adhere to the tenets of Sid Field, a proponent of character arc. In Aliens, Ridley started out as a disgraced ex-captain (who lost her ship in Alien) and a simple dock worker (who used the mecha to load and unload goods.) She started out at the lowest point. In the end, Ridley the commoner ended up as the only survivor among a squadron of space marines, the hero who destroyed the alien colony. She ended up at a high point. There is a movement from a low point to a high point. There is the character arc.

    Robocop has a complex MULTI-POINT arc. It even has a "falling down" subplot. The character started out as a simple cop and a simple family man (a low point), who was gunned down and reconstructed into a super mechanical cop that brought hope to the city (a high point), later discovered OmniCorp that created him and other crime-fighting units was corrupted (a low point, a falling down), and in the end he killed the corrupted executive (a high point.) If you look at the overall story structure, it starts out at a low point and ends up at a high point.

    Predator, by the way, is NOT a good story. It is just a slasher movie with a alien twist. The first movie is just a showcase of Arnold’s muscles and prowess. You go to see The Predator to enjoy the action and the explosion, but the story really sucks. The concept of Predators coming to Earth to hunt is an interesting one, but it is established in the second movie (which has more of a story and a character arc.)

  199. Urban Townie says:

    "There is difference between a good movie and an entertaining one. I can be entertained by the stupidest non-plot movie ever, and can say i enjoyed it. Then id forget it. In a good movie i can be entertained,bewilldered, hit by many emotions, and give me a lasting feeling after."

    I have to agree on that. Independence Day (the movie) has a lousy story, but it is GREAT entertainment.

    Much like Halo has a lousy story, but it has great gameplay.

    Story does not necessarily equal entertainment.

  200. Bla says:

    And isnt alice in wonderland one of the greatest storys told?

    I dont remember any good storys told round the world bout aliens… i mean ones u hear as kids πŸ˜›

    Also i find stupid movies entertaining cuz they make me laugh. Still dont cut the fact they suck though.

    Anyways, id say that if gorden talked, then it just make me feel like im watching a movie, not actually in the movie..

  201. Urban Townie says:

    By the way, I have also brought up that Halo, as a story, has too many HUGE plotholes:

    Halo is a super weapon. So why did the Forerunners built a huge world with environments and structures, many times the eize of Earth, on a weapon?? Building an entire world on Halo (a weapon) is like putting an amusement park on a supercarrier or a home entertainment center inside a tank. It is the most ridiculous idea. (Unless the Forerunners planned to escape to the Halos when they unleashed the destruction. But from the second game, we knew that the Forerunners escaped to the "Ark", not to any of the Halos.)

    The purpose of Halo is to eliminate the Flood. In fact, the Forerunners took the extreme measure of killing ALL sentient beings to wipe out the Flood. So why did the Forerunners STORE SOME FLOOD SAMPLES on Halo (which was later released by the Covenent)?!? That defeats the purpose of the whole freaking idea.

    How many years did it take to build a Halo? Just look at the size and complexity of the ring world, I would assume AGES. The Flood must have spreaded like wildfire. Before the Forerunners could have enough time to finish building a Halo, the Flood would have already wiped out the Forerunner.

    There are many other stupidities in the story of Halo. But that’s the three I want to point out for now.

  202. Bla says:

    On another note of randomness, does anyone ever feel like we are meaninglessly ranting to nothing. I mean couldent we do something better with ourselves. I personally dont know why i want to try and change others opinions. Is it some kind of instict that makes us want to squabble back and forth, knowing each party has their own beliefs and will doubtly change them just cuz an idiot like myself claims otherwise? Heh any enlightend care to explain this to me :D?

  203. no name says:

    Actually the Matrix is more based on the Hindu faith. Its almost identical.

    As for robocop and Alien, they werent exactly the most successful movies. I guess alien was for a scifi. They are a little past my memory but their success was limited and I dont remember either of the characters being seen as a representation of the character arc. More so with robocop.

  204. Urban Townie says:

    "Also i find stupid movies entertaining cuz they make me laugh. Still dont cut the fact they suck though."

    Yeah, but it’s good storytelling that makes a movie great.

    Good storytelling is an art form. Art has many prerequisites. One of them is CONTRAST, you contrast a high point with a low point (often over and over again in the same work.) Music, movie, literature, painting… they all have that characteristic. The way storytelling is an art is how it contrasts characterization, how it moves a character from a low point to a high point, or vice versa, and back again.

    Another prerequisite is having a THEME. That is why 99% of games out there are NOT art. Where is the theme? There is none. Neither Half-Life 2 and Halo 2 has a theme. (By the way, the theme of the Matrix is reality. The theme of the Lord of the Rings is hope.)

    That is why computer and video games are NOT art. Most of them, anyway.

  205. sammus says:

    Read the Halo books you dumbasses before you start saying halo has no story.

    Wtf is this "Arc" shit. Masterchief is likable because he is so damn straightforward. He’s a badass and that’s the way it should be.

    BTW the Halos were built for the ancients who were driven off their planet by the flood and/or their star burned out. That is what the books say.

  206. Urban Townie says:

    >Wtf is this "Arc" shit.

    This "Arc" shit is the cornerstone of good storytelling.

  207. sammus says:

    Read the Halo books you dumbasses before you start saying halo has no story.

    Wtf is this "Arc" shit. Masterchief is likable because he is so damn straightforward. He’s a badass and that’s the way it should be.

    BTW the Halos were built for the ancients who were driven off their planet by the flood and/or their star burned out. That is what the books say. The forerunners are containing the flood on the halos because of the civilization who created or brought them over with them. Whoever made the weapons on halo or why nobody knows.

    Halo has alot of potholes because it is the year 2552. There is tons of mystery and you can come up with your own damn assumptions. That’s how sci fi works. HL2 has the same so what’s the big hooplah about.

    Just shut the fuck up and play yer damn games. yer all nerds.

  208. BLA says:

    I think halflife is art cuz its Theme is actually trying to find out the Theme, much like movies that make the main character ask "Who am i, what am i, who am i fighting for and what"

    In Halflife you really dont know whats happening, other then the vague idea that your fighting for the human race. But for some reason it also seems your the main cause of the problem and actually be fighting to destroy humanity.

    Halflife is art mainly cuz it bewilders and bends your mind in different possibilitys and conspiracys.

    IMHO halflife has a theme, but its an enigma wrapped in a riddle.

  209. Tin-Man06 says:

    says who?You?

    I can see agamemnar’s point. U think the arc has to be put into every story. There is no rule to storytelling. You can like it or hate it er not


  210. Bla says:

    Lol "potholes" (he meant PLOTHOLES) "Yer all nerds". Coming from a person who had just ranted on a forum.

  211. Urban Townie says:

    >I think halflife is art cuz its Theme is

    >actually trying to find out the Theme

    That is not a theme. You cannot say a theme is "trying to find out the theme." That means it has no theme.

    A theme is a universal quality that USUALLY can be summed up in one word: love, hope, compassion, virtue, sacrifice, reality, redemption, forgiveness, etc.

    For example, Star Wars is about redemption (it has many other sub-theme, tho)

    The Lord of the Rings is about hope.

    Titanic is about love and sacrifice.

    Etc., etc.

  212. Bla says:

    Lemme tell you sumtin, in here we are all dweebs, nerds, computer jockys, internet bitches. If ur in here ur on the same boat as all of us. Its like a gay guy taking an ovious trip on a gay boat trip then screaming. YOUR ALL FAGS!.

  213. Bla says:

    Im sure Halflife has a theme, it has enough plot to be able to figure one out. Its just not a known theme. If it has a story then it has to have a theme is how it should go. Maybe it can be this "Puppetry" Since all in all your being moved in a direction by some unknown strings (no not the actual player) but maybe something greater then even the G-Man.

  214. sammus says:

    Buddy speak for yerself. I came in here cuz I put "halo vs half-life 2" in google cuz alot of my friends are talking about how cool they are.

    Thanks fer coming out of the closet tho. I dont swing that way.

    And sorry for leaving out the "l" in plotholes. Omg +1 for u. grats.

  215. Bla says:

    "alot of my friends are talking about how cool they are"

    im a basterd, so does that mean they sit in a circle talking about how cool they are?

    Anyways, i though if u use a comp ur a nerd, so whats that make you?

  216. sammus says:

    Sit ina circle? No it’s called talking about the games… wtf?

    Do you not socialize? Do you have friends?

    And no using a comp dont make u a nerd lol. Maybe where u live.

  217. Bla says:

    Ok anyone who likes argueing meaninglessly wasting your sleep raise your hand o/

  218. Bls says:

    Heh maybe try " Alot of my friends are talking about how cool halo and halflife 2 are"

  219. Bla says:

    And its pretty hard not to socialize when you work in a high traffic resterant. Id like to know your classification for who is lower then you really though.

  220. Agamemnar says:

    Someone is talking to themself.

  221. Bla says:

    Do it all the time, but now someone is πŸ˜€

  222. BungieFan says:

    Books Half-Life has published: 0

    Books Halo has published: 3

    Which one has a story now?

  223. Bla says:

    Publishing a book for halflife will just be spoilage, the story is barely starting

  224. BungieFan says:

    Sounds to me like an excuse…

    Halo has enough plot and story. Whoever said otherwise needs to drink bleach irl.

  225. TrueLink says:

    For first person, I would rather play Half-Life 2.

    For multiplayer, I would rather play UT2004.

    Either way Halo 2 doesn’t hold that much value to me. Although it is a great game, and it’s reviews tend to be a bit higher, that is because of two things, it’s reviews are in respect to the X-Box and it’s capabilities, and it’s multiplayer as well as singleplayer. If Half-Life 2 had a multiplayer of it’s own, it would probaly have gotten higher reviews. but then again, that is what Counter-Strike is for.

  226. Tor says:

    and all i have to say to that is dont do drugs

  227. dacrack says:

    i carnt believe you all get so excited about this stuff i own a pc and xbox ive played both halo games and loved them both and also have a pc on which ive played half life which i also thought was great not played half life 2 but wil land im sure it will be great to and heres then newsflash dickheads just cos one games great doesnt mean the others shit, if u liked star wars does that mean you dont like any other film ever??? its a a load of bollox isnt it, if you get annoyed by another system having a good game and feel in someway threatened by this you a a dickhead who spends to much time playing with you willy in front of you screen. nobs i get annoyed by your silly little aurguments you all must be like comic book guy from the simpsons

  228. Coffinfeeder says:

    Read my earlier posts Madgamer, I already defined how unoriginal the story of half life is. And if you dont know that its unoriginal, thats pretty sad. Just for you, I will say it again: Science experiment gone wrong, OH NO! Now we must fight the mutants and save mankind.

  229. Coffinfeeder says:

    I’ve noticed how all of you like calling people 12 year olds, its amusing πŸ˜› Anyways, I am probably more of halo bias myself, obviously, mostly because I never really got into the first half life. Sure, half life did bring a lot of stuff to the FPS table- I wouldn’t exactly agree to say that bungie was inspired by half-life directly. Thats like saying, if Jimmy Hendrix was never into music there would be no rock and roll. It’s just not imaginable that no one else in the world would come up with the same idea. So kudos to HL for what it has brought, kudos to HL2 because it has groundbreaking graphics, and kudos to H2 because it can beat lots of odds even on an "outdated" console system.

    And for you guys talking about scripted shi0t, the enemies in halo 2 dont exactly act the same every time- at least not to my knowledge, and I used to play the crap out of that game. The enemies will usually start in the same locations and what not, but they react differently to what you do each time.

  230. Coffinfeeder says:

    Urban Townie "Now, I’ve read Joseph Campbell’s Hero of A Thousand Faces and Robert Mckee’s Story, which explain what is a good story and what is not."

    So youre saying that Master Chief is a bad character, but Gordon isn’t? All I have to say is: wow. One of the biggest gripes I’ve noticed by Half-Life fans is the fact that they didn’t give Gordon’s character enough depth. And that basically he never says even 1 word in the game. So hes like link from the zelda games. And youre going to argue that Halo’s characters dont have enough depth?

  231. Coffinfeeder says:

    I have one comment I have to make to you guys saying its cheaper to buy xbox and halo 2 than it is to buy a beefed up PC. Sure, it is cheaper to buy xbox and halo alone- but online is very expensive, aside from the 2 month free trials. 5.99 monthly fees after that. Depending on how long you want to play halo online, it could rise pretty high :} Althought not in the $1500 range πŸ˜€ I’d be glad to pay the monthly fees because I think that microsoft and bungie do a great job managing their online software. Whereas valve basically gave nothing to the people. I think its awesome that bungie holds your clan stats on database. Also, you have your own individual stats for every game type, you can actually compare how good you are to everyone else on xbox live. I want to see someone contest to say that that is not one of the coolest features for online play.

  232. Agamemnar says:

    """So youre saying that Master Chief is a bad character, but Gordon isn’t? All I have to say is: wow. One of the biggest gripes I’ve noticed by Half-Life fans is the fact that they didn’t give Gordon’s character enough depth. And that basically he never says even 1 word in the game. So hes like link from the zelda games. And youre going to argue that Halo’s characters dont have enough depth? """


    lol worst excuse ever. Gordon says nothing, period. Masterchief > Gordon.

  233. robrat41 says:

    Bought Halo2 day it came out 5 hours (yes 5 hours) Later it was completed, okay set on easy but isn’t that where we are supposed to start.

    Bought HL2 day it came out several OH MY GOD Moments including looking at the menu screen.

    I feel robbed by Bungie as I was truly looking forward to an intriguing story line leading to a fascinating conclusion, but what happened it abruptly finished just as it seemed to get started. If bungie say that the game is really meant for online play then should be some kind of online storyline based co-op play but it is ultiomately just the same old Halo wrapped up in a shiny new coat.

    As for Half Life 2 I am once again stuck on a level, can’t find my way out, but enjoying every minute of it.

    Halo2 just doesn’t quite have that WOW fsctor that HL2 has.

  234. robrat41 says:

    As for buying an XBox just to play halo 2.

    Bit like buying an aeroplane to fly to your holidays. What you gonna do with it after the flight finishes?

    There are other games for it and it is the best console on the market, after all it is based on PC hardware. But it will never be able to compete with the PC as when it (the XBOX) was released it was already based on old PC architecture (PIII)

  235. robrat41 says:

    Also the guy who had the 2ghz processor in 2000

    where did he get it from? the fastest chip available was the Intel PIII 1.1ghz

    No 2 ghz chip til 2002

  236. robrat41 says:

    Okay november 28th 2001 (almost 2002)

  237. Coffinfeeder says:

    Agamemnar: "lol worst excuse ever. Gordon says nothing, period. Masterchief > Gordon"

    My points exactly.

    robrat41: "Halo2 just doesn’t quite have that WOW fsctor that HL2 has."

    I bet you’re basing that off of HL2’s awesome graphics alone. I got a great "wow" factor when I first turned on halo 2.

    robrat41: "As for buying an XBox just to play halo 2.

    Bit like buying an aeroplane to fly to your holidays. What you gonna do with it after the flight finishes?"

    The point is, the xbox is so inexpensive that if you wanted to buy it just for halo alone, you could do it. I mean, you’d only be down 200 dollars. What if someone, god forbid- what if someone bought HL2, spent all that money beefing up their computer, and didn’t like the game? That would be a horrendous loss of cash.

  238. aud says:

    at the end of the day prime 2 will kill both its class polish and more class inovation perfect framerate the entier game runs 100%bug free with near zero load times screw attact morf ball cannon eco visor graple beam and shoot in graple beam over 20 hours of single player and follow up to a previeus game of the year lets remember prime killed halo prime 2 kills halo2 on gameplay graphics inovation load times and bugs there was a reson prime got game of year and now prime 2 has betterd it in every way vehicl jacking and twin weapons pale against screw attack morf ball eco visor theres vehicle jacking and twin weapons in loads of games is aint new at all timespltters 3 has all the play of halo 2 so does classic goldeneye on n64 run and shoot with long load times and bugs glitches does not inpress me prime is a polished diamond halo2 is a ploished turd and h l 2 is a great pc game that suffers the pc thing of needing patches u dam well no it nintendo rule

  239. Coffinfeeder says:

    Metriod Prime? That game blows. At least the first one for gamecube did. I tried playing that for like an hour, and just turned it off. Slowest, most boring game. The graphics were pretty good, I wouldn’t say top notch. You must be joking to say that Prime for GC was better than Halo 1.

  240. e4wtwe4grgrg says:

    i like porn

    let’s all have uncircumsized secks

  241. Tron says:

    Halo2 is rubbish.

    I waited so long for it – Bought it at 9.02 from Game… Played it to the end in 12 hours on hard level .. its pants the same as Halo1. I have been waiting for this day for years, only to be so so disappointed…I have just purchased Halflife 2 and a brand new ATI Geforce XT8000 Ultra Pro, cost me just shy of a £400 and I will post comment after i have finihsed it. I’ll be posting in 12 hours again and give you my comments.

  242. Tron says:

    whos the comic book guy from simpsons. Why are you calling people him.

    I have a goatsee beard like his but I am slighty less weighty

    Comics Rule ! anyhow..

  243. dacrack says:

    halos 2 is rubbish i bought it and half a second past 12 and ran home to play it and i live in lapland and i bought it from hmv in warrington and a got ran over 3 times on the way home and got 2 broken legs and when i got home i had a cup of tea and a wank and then played it none stop for 36 hours and finished it on hard in half an hour and i was unconcious half the time rom the pain of my broken legs and then i played xbox live until my legs were healed and that was shit to, and now im going to sell my liver for a new graphics card so i can play halflife 2 i carnt wait i bet its brilliant im of to warrington!!!

  244. Tron says:

    Im brilliant.

  245. brits are fags says:

    "ATI Geforce XT8000 Ultra Pro"

    Cool did u bring it home in your Chevrolet Modena 911GT Vanquish?+

  246. Will says:

    Well what it boils down to Halo 2 or HL2 I got them both and one thing is for sure halo has a better story and does not dissapoint with the ending… where as hl2 (what ending?…its total crap leaving us like this…like and unfinished game… rushed out the door because they just couldnt delay it ant further so prepare to be dissapointed folks… at least its over with no redemption in site…

    P.S. the crack is out and works perfectly… had to goto japan to get it though hehe… got tired of wating for steam to start working again and im about to upgrade my video card so if your going to play hl2 get your new video card first before you install it or youll be hosed and labeled a pirater by steam for changing your hardware…

  247. Hood says:

    If you read all the posts. Its lie 70% on this site are for Half Life.

  248. GOD says:

    some of you guys are saying stuff thats simply not true, or you just haven’t played that game much…

    someone said that in halo 2, if you throw a grenade, the ememies just run away from it…NO!!! in HALO 1 you had enemies picking up grenades that you threw and throwing them back at you… also in HALO 1, if you throw a plasma grenade on an elite that in near you, he realizes he can’t get it off and it will kill him, so he runs straight towards you so the blast will hopefully kill you to… and this was in normal difficulty…

    the AI during legendary campaign is a whole other story…

  249. GOD says:

    Oh yea, who ever said they beat halo 2 in 5 hours is just plain bullshitting us… It takes about 10 hours to complete. Granted, thats an estimate, but playing fast isn’t gonna knock off 5 hours!! You can’t even do that if you skipped the cut scenes…

  250. Jim Bag says:

    I just just just finished HL2. Great game. Awsome story, awsome graphics, awsome game-play and its awsome in just about every way. Lesseee… Today is Friday, and I started playing the game at about 6:00 Tuesday morning… So… That isn’t a very long time. I have played halo 1 but I have yet to play halo 2. It took me about 20 hours to beat half life 2 and it took me about 10 hours to beat halo 1… I heard halo 2 is a lot shorter than half life 2. Personally I would rather have half life 2 because of the mods and other mulitplayer aspects. Halo multiplayer is no Counter-Strike ;).

  251. messiah says:

    Just beat HL2, and im playing it again it was so good. Tried Halo2, and fell asleep. Sorry fellas.

  252. Stormy says:

    I have played through both Halo 2 and HL2. All you did in halo was shoot stuff, over and over again. It was like I was playing the same fight every time. Hl2 did a good job of changing the pace of teh game every few hours. It’s like they said, "Ok enough shooting for now, how about we have some fun, here have this swamp buggy." Gordon Freeman with the final "gravity gun" would own Master Chief. The ending battles of HL2 left my mouth hanging open. Can’t even recall the ending battle in Halo 2, it was so much like teh rest of the game.

  253. messiah says:

    Yea, while you were off playing halo 2, i was in bed. I tried halo once, i think someone owes me 3 hours of my life back. pay up microsoft.

  254. Will Nagle says:

    Listen to all u lovers of halo2. Just because you’ve never play the great story and game of half life does not make you able to say HL1 suck its so crappy. THE GAME WAS MADE IN 1998 AND STILL HAS MORE POEPLE PLAYING IT THAN H2 WILL EVER HAVE.DOn’t get me wrong if i had to play xbox i’d play halo2 but compared to HL2 its no comparison. halo 2 does not even have a physics engine, LOL, It has a shitty script that makes the body jiggle when it hits the ground. I was just really disapointed in H2 because they were such a big hype and then i beat the game in 7 hrs before it even came out. Right now ive been play hl2 for about 10 hrs and im not even close to done. So with no comparison HL2>>>>>>>>>>>,and will always be greater than,H2

  255. jimmy says:

    of course hl2 better then halo 2,played em both,beat em both, enjoyed hl2 much more

  256. me says:


  257. APM says:

    Wow, talk about uncivilized… settle down, settle down.

    @beal : Yes, I’ve read about Cedega [Transgaming WineX to the uninitiated]. Based off of the WINE source, tries to provide a DirectX compatibility layer. Generally focused at gamers, unfortunately what they try to do is very difficuly. The Windows API is very difficult to try to wrap, hence while some things are supported, others supported in moderation, most is supported. I doubt [haven’t tried] HalfLife 2 would be supported. Maybe in 4 years, but who cares by then?

    Also, in case the tongue-in-cheek humor passed you, there was a little line "What other holy wars can we start?" that was poking fun at how this had degraded so severely – even past the Vim vs. Emacs wars, to the lowness of a Linux vs. Windows or even AMD vs. Intel fanboy arguments.

    Now, about getting more speed… who cares these days? Unless your goal is to be leetist, most people really don’t notice any difference. I don’t notice any difference between 1.8 and 2.5GHz. Oh well, to each their own.

    As I’ve stated, I personally will prefer Half Life 2 to Halo 2. I have yet to play either, my judgement is based off of my Physics/Computer Science degree. Physics interests me, and it has been a long-time goal to see [and work on] Physics in games.

    I don’t own a console, I’m not interested in getting a console because consoles are to play games. I am not a hardcore gamer, I prefer to create over play. But I am interested in learning what is going on, so I can further my skills.

    Wow, I really am amazed at all the fanboys here. I agree it sucks when you believe truly something is better than another, and people won’t listen.

    But your taking this into a religious argument… not even a debate, just people shouting at each other over who’s "God" is the real "God" and why everyone should worship him/her. Let’s get some true comments. Preferrably in a Pro/Con bullet list.

    Half life 2




    PC Game




    PC Game



    Entertaining, not Fun

    Halo 2







    Fun, not Entertaining

    See, they balance? Well made, from good companies. Now, order, or you’ll be found in contempt of court. :~)

  258. coexist says:

    [QUOTE]"Edge Magazine (UK) gave Half Life 2 10/10. "

    "Edge magazine don’t give games 10/10"[/QUOTE]

    Dude check out the Edge magazine review for Halo 1. Guess what? TEN out of TEN.

  259. Will Nagle says:

    HL2 does not need that great of a computer. it will only not work for someone who has a 3/4 year old computer.

  260. Ryanbbbitch says:

    H2’s story line has no point lol.

  261. Mr. Gordon says:

    HL2 is in a much greater league than H2 not because they are pc/xbox, but because H2 still uses scripts for their physics, which is pretty sad if they thought they were gonna compete with HL2 or DOOM 3.

  262. Coffinfeeder says:

    Ryanbbbitch: H2’s story line has no point lol.

    Um.. you don’t know what you’re talking about. We already went over which story line has more depth, and let me tell you- its not half life’s.

  263. Al_hurtcha says:

    I think that some of the above posts, like the one from "Titter head" and "get over HL2 fags" are prime examples of how impossible moronic, and retarded console users can be. Lets review the possible brain processes involved in these two knuckle dragging idiots:

    "Me no understand computer thingy, me not smart enough to find power button. Me use caps to make point, that show smart guy!"

    Am I close enough? Because last time I checked, using caps, and telling people to "Go F*ck themselves" and "do drugs and women", was exactly how all of the great debates of our time were conducted.

    Here is the bottom line:

    The Xbox would have slipped off the radar if not for Halo, and Microsoft is just trying to keep it afloat with the release of Halo 2. I agree that it should not be compared to Half Life 2, because Half Life 2 was developed to break through benchmarks in graphics, and physics, while Halo 2 was developed to keep an unsuccessful game system from sliding out of existance.

    Was Halo 2 fun? I beat it in on a weekend, The game was fairly easy, even on the hardest setting, unless they just overwhelmed you with moronic opponents that showed no ability to adapt, or change strategy.

    Half Life 2 so far (after a week of playing on the Hard Difficulty) has proven to be quite the challenge. Some enemies are stupid, while others have proven to be intelligent enough to coordinate movements and surround me, while keeping behind cover. And, no matter what anyone says, chopping someone in half with a saw blade, shot from the gravity gun beats any game, ever made.

  264. Coffinfeeder says:

    So you’re telling me you beat halo 2, on legendary, in 1 weekend. You must have been playing for quite some time. There is nothing easy about halo’s legendary difficulty. I used to play halo 1 all the time, usually on legendary- but if I ever played a level on a medium or less range, and then went back to legendary I would get rocked. I havne’t even tried playing Halo 2 on legendary, I find that its pretty challenging even on normal mode- given you don’t drive a tank through level. TO tell the truth, I’m not finished with the campaign in H2 yet, I’ve just been so addicted to it’s fun multiplayer. Aside from that, Halo’s enemies attack in groups because it’s a game about a war between species, what war game have you played where you weren’t fighting around a large group of people (tides of war, etc.) Master Chief is supposed to be the person the story revolves around, they’re not gonna put him in the position of a janiter cleaning toilets. He is where the action is.

    On an interesting note, bungie already released an update less than a week from H2’s release with a new multiplayer map- and they’re also taking requests on new gametypes. So what has valve done for CS: source? bahah..

  265. messiah says:

    CoffinFeeder, this is primarily for you.

    Let me start off my saying to each his own, you are in fact intitled to your own opinion. That being said, each game has its own storyline, weather you like it or not. Halo 2 was given a story, whatever it may be, save the world from aliens. This is in face practically the same thing as Half-Life, which is why they are being compared.

    Now, for Halo’s story line is set on a guided path, telling you what happens next, so people dont get lost or confused on what to expect next. Half-life, on the other hand, has a story line that makes you think. Do you actaully know what its about? Nobody knows what it exacily is about, besides some scientist that "patricipates", not causes, a major accident. The rest is left up for you to decide. Who is Gordon Freeman? Who is G-Man? We dont know. And thats the thing, Half-Life is left for interpritation, you can think WHATEVER you want. You cant compare Master Chief and Gordon Freeman. Thats just fuckin stupid.

    Now, CoffinFeeder, we all understnad at this point that your a Die Hard Halo2 fan, but seriously, use your sences. Like many otehrs said, Half-Life 2 was mainly for the new Physics system and Graphics, and somewhere along the lines people said that Halo 2’s Multiplayer had more options like Capture the flag and stuff, and was better. That is ENTIRLEY not the case. Half-life made sure to create an ENTIRE new game, DEVOTED to capture the flag. Its called TFC. There are shitloads of mods like that out there. I think that sole reason is alone prooves that Not only is Half-life’s multiplayer surpasses Halo 2’s. But, again, to each his own.

  266. Weirdboy says:

    Halo2 is good, but all it is is just the same bustin aliens and a bunch of crappy mission packs, Half life2 has more fun that one can imagine, alot better gameplay, but i have to give Halo the story, but overall, im all in for half life 2

  267. messiah says:

    Go ahead, give Halo the story…for now. You’ll regret it when Half-Life picks up. Its just beginning…

  268. Coffinfeeder says:

    Man you’re goofy. I don’t give a damn about ‘later’ you half life dork. I was comparing the two games on this forum that were in debate. The multiplayer on HL2 is a joke, get over it. Valve didn’t give anything new to the people on the multiplayer, the PEOPLE have to do it themselves. And you count them in with the game, but guess what, they have nothing to do with the multiplayer that valve put out WITH HL2. We already discussed how mods are superior, because you can do anything with them- stop acting so high and mighty. I was talking about what valve delivered with their game, which was a game that was already online for 5+ years with a new added engine. And you REALLY think that that is better than what bungie gave with halo 2? You are in total dream land. I already told you guys what xbox live gives its users, and it far surpasses CS + new engine. The only one who won’t admit to that is a some idiot who is a CS nut. And also, what about all the damn HACKS and BUGS that came with that CS: source. Valve didn’t even put forth the effort to remove the old hacks people used in the old CS, and now theres also new hacks. Guess what, there are NO hacks or bugs of any kind on xbox live. Get over yourself, and get over thinking that CS: source can ever be better than halo’s online- excluding the mods that it will receive.

  269. messiah says:

    Enough name calling, grow up. Like i said, great games are left in the open. And CS Sorce was, indeed, packaged with Half-Life 2, was it not? What valve "delivered" was the ability to make a mod. And, with the release of Half-Life 2, they buffed it up quite a bit. Have you even played Half Life 2? Your comming off a bit strong, i never said you were wrong. X box live is great, but its just not up to what valve has done with its online gaming play(aka Steam). You are the one in total dream land, do you really think the 50,000+ players every given second that play Half-Life games are really going to agree with your total bullshit? your making up stuff hoping people jump on the bandwagon, and its not working. Give it a rest.

  270. Coffinfeeder says:

    The last time I checked, valve didn’t create mods, so why are you acting like it? Its not something that they did for hte game. Its something that comes with almost every FPS for PC. So why act like its something great that THEY did?

  271. Coffinfeeder says:

    No, I knew from the get go that no one here would agree with me. Like earlier people have posted, this is a half-life infestation. I’m just trying to give halo its rightful defense. Xbox live > CS source

  272. messiah says:

    You keep thinking that, when the results from Scientific Proof Magazine show just the opposite. Go ahead, give Halo its rightful defense, but dont go giving it more credit than it deserves, more credit that Half-Life. Thats just fuckin stupid.

  273. Coffinfeeder says:

    You don’t get it. I’m giving Half-Life the credit where it deserves it, and that is in the GRAPHICS and ENGINE department. That is not in the story mode, gameplay or AI.

  274. TOR says:

    Im talking about single player as in campaign,in halo 2, not multyplayer. Its a obvious fact that your just trying to prove that halo 2 for multyplayer is better than counter strike source. and dont give this bull crap, about this post is "halflife infested".

  275. GOD says:

    Halo has better multiplayer, you can’t argue against that. All games on PC that you play online always get ruined by hacks. Xbox live= no hacks or bugs.

    I happen to really like the halo story. You can’t argue that it sucks cause it ended bad, because THEY AREN’T DONE TELLING THE STORY YET!

    and the enemies are crazy in halo 2 when you play legendary…

  276. TOR says:

    i never said that halo 2 does not have good multlplayer, personally i think its awesome, what im trying to say is that half life 2has better single player. for those of you who like to play multiplayer i suggest halo 2, for those of you who like single player I suggest half life 2.I agree counter strike sucks, I was very dissopointed after all my friends were saying how good the multiplayer was going to be, but half life 2 on the other hand is amazing.

  277. Coffinfeeder says:

    These guys saying I’m giving Halo too much credit just havn’et read all of my posts. I give HL2 tons of credit.

  278. Coffinfeeder says:

    I dont think you guys give Halo’s campaign enough credit. I think its amazing what they can put together with such "small resources". The game is amazing. Now, for HL2’s campaign, I’m sure it is pretty awesome- its on a medium of endless boundaries.

  279. APM says:

    @ Coffinfeeder: Nice arguments. Strongly grounded. For me at least, as I’ve mentioned before, I never played H2 or HL2, but I did play the originals of both.

    WRT the two, I consider Halo to be one of the most "Fun" games I’ve played… Fantasic backstory, beautiful world, good gameplay. But it wasn’t entertaining – it didn’t HOLD the interest. Whereas to me Half-Life was rarely "Fun" [once you played the game once over, it was more "Fun"], but I found quite Entertaining. I always wondered what might happen next.

    Both games were equally agrivating [Library anyone? Tunnel crawling anyone?]. IMO, based off of what H1 and HL1 were, and hear-say, I assume HL2 is better than Halo 2.

    I have to say, Halo 1’s backstory amazed me with it’s depth. I really didn’t expect that in what was [more-or-less] a rail shooter [IMO, flame away fanboys!]. I loved Half-Life due to it’s characters… they made the story what it is.

    WRT resources, I’m quite amazed as well at what Halo 2 did. But I’m also amazed at what Half-Life 2 did – yes, PC’s have better hardware: but they have alot more incompatibilities [programmers here realize that]. Poor driver support. Updates often break compatibility. Ad infinium.

    Now, can we all shut up with arguing and just say it in a SIMPLE method. I still think PRO/CON list would be best. Hell, make that a PRO/CON Skip-List [Data Structures humour]. :~)

  280. Coffinfeeder says:

    I guess it all just depends on your money preferences. If you have the money, and you want to buy a expensive computer to play a fun game, then buy HL2. I’m sure no one will be disappointed, maybe 1/10 people. The graphics are beautiful and the scenery is awesome.

    If you don’t have 1500 or whatever.. maybe less, to throw into a good vid card/DDR, then buying an xbox will be your best bet. I guess Halo 2 is the poor man’s HL2. But I still believe halo 2 is a very exceptional game, that isn’t give enough credit on these forums.

    Which game you’l like better also depends on the type of multiplayer you like. If you’ve always been a CS fan, then maybe you should stick with the HL2’s CS: soure, because you probably wont be disappointed- you didn’t play CS for hte graphics anyways. And the new CS is sped it to today’s gaming standards. So no one who likes CS will be disappointed there. There will also most likely be tons of mods that come out for it, which will make it an even funner online experience. I’m hoping that a good mod does come out so people stray away from that CS thing. My brother plays CS like crazy, and I just don’t know why :}

    But if you like something new and fresh, that hasn’t really been done before, Halo 2’s multiplayer is probably a funner experience, at the moment. Just for team play alone there is about 7 gametypes. All of the scores, clans, and ranks are kept and stored, and you can check back on your rank any time. I think that is an awesome feature.

    So in the end it all just depends on whether or not you have the money and want to fork it out to experience one of the newest, greatest games of its time. Or do you want to pay a lot less and are satisfied with graphics that are not "top notch", but to me they are still pretty damn good. I think the gameplay in Halo is very fun and entertaining. Anyone who says its boring probably just expected too much out of it- its not some ultimate game of endless fun, all games lose their first impression touch. And I bet the gameplay in HL2 is also darn fun because with the graphics and engine that it possesses, valve would have to be a pretty crappy company to not have a shining game here.

  281. GOD says:

    ^^^ I’d respect that post all the way, except you said "funner" like 4 times in it…

  282. messiah says:

    CoffinFeeder – Now, that is a post worth reading. It was balnced and fair and it did have good valad points. But of course, i can’t help but disagree, sorry im just human. The only thing i dissagree with is that we PC users spend more money on PC. I bought a new computer late 02 and didnt have to touch it to play Half-Life 2. Oh, and the thing about how Halo 2 is new…er or something. Its the same thing as lan parties with X-Box (which i am a victem of) but now your playing with 16 people you dont know, so its kinda the same thing. But again, your right in many aspects, and i wish to god i could get un-addicted to CS. They need to come out with a Half-Life patch so i can get a girlfriend or something (not that i dont have girls chasing me *brushes shoulders off*). Heh, anyways well said CoffinFeeder, i dont really know what else to add. Touche!(sp?)

  283. Vince says:

    Halo 2 all the way.

    I’ve heard all this news about halo 2 yet no one ever talks about halflife 2.

  284. Jeremy says:

    ive never played either of the games but by the looks of it halo 2 looks much better

  285. messiah says:

    by the looks? guys, use your eyes. Half-Life 2 was going to, more than anything else, revolutionize the gaming industry with graphics and gameplay, not to mention its new physics system. Halo 2 looks good, but try them both then decide. Again, to each his own.

  286. Al_hurtcha fucks men says:

    Al_hurtcha ur a fucking nerd who spends ur life in front of a fuking machine. Get a life dickhead and stop shoving games up ur ass. Fucking fool.

  287. messiah says:

    This is a thread about Half-Life vs. Halo2. Take your insults elsewhere. Seems like Me, CoffinFeeder, and some other people in here, including all admins of course, are the only ones in here having a civilized conversation. Come on, grow up people. (dont get mad if i left you out, i just dont want to name all the others like god, tor, APM, ect…)

  288. Sepharo says:

    In my opinion it all comes down to this. The people who think Halo 2 is the better game simply don’t play computer games… Actually let me rephrase that, they don’t play computer first person shooters. That’s all it comes down to I believe. As you can see if you have read through all the postings the people who claim HL2 is a better game are more likely to have actually played Halo2 and they still think HL2 is a better game. On the other hand those who claim Halo 2 is thebetter game have not played HL2 or they say they have but judging by the way they describe it, it seems to me that they could be lying *gasp*. Perhaps they read about it, or seen a preview for it, or maybe there Halo 2 buddies told them it sucked over the Live voice com. I don’t know. But IN MY OPINION those who claim Halo 2 to be the better game simply have not played Half-Life 2.

    Now don’t get me wrong here. I think many on the postings are getting confused and taking HL2 fans as HATERS of Halo2. This is usually untrue. I own both games and enjoyed playing through both of them but Half-Life 2 was still the more enjoyable of the two experiences.

  289. Sepharo says:

    Also I would like to comment on the fact that some of the Halo 2 fans keep bringing the argument down to price. Gaming is an expensive hobby, whether you play console games or PC games. That is the nature of the hobby, we aren’t playing cards or throwing around a football int he backyard. Most of us are nerds sitting away arguing in forums about our favorite past time. You can’t judge a game on it’s price alone.

    Furthermore HL2 was designed to be able to run on a large array of systems. We are not talking about the hyper-elite Doom 3 here. Half-Life 2 can be ran on a directx 7 card… COME ON THAT’S A VOODOO 3 FOR CHRISTS SAKE. Most computers purchased within the past 3 or 4 years will be able to run HL2 and if they can’t all you need to do is upgrade your video card which can be done at a price to performance ratio equaling less than the price of an xbox…


    Well looky there a Radeon 9600XT 256MB for $125

    THAT IS FAR OVER THE REQUIREMENTS FOR RUNNING HL2… In fact is is very much on the high end. So quit basing on price. HL2 is STILL the better bargain as long as you already have a PC. Which anyone posting here must.

  290. Ghost says:

    All you fools, have you not wisdom? Halo 2 is on the xbox and HL2 on the P.C. Big difference. Halo 2 is the best game on xbox. Half Life 2 is the best game on P.C. Reason being is because you can upgrade your P.C. to have some super-high-tech graphics. With the xbox you can’t. See where I’m getting at?

    When Half Life 2 is relesed for the xbox (Spring ’05) then we can decide which game is better on the xbox because they will be on the same platform. Understand? And when Halo 2 comes out for the P.C. (unconfirmed) then we can say which P.C. game is better.

    For now the stats are like this:

    Best xbox:Halo 2

    Best P.C:Half Life 2

    Best FPS:Unconfirmed(Need vote stats)

    My opinion is based on the facts and moral opinion, not bulls**t which is what 99.9% of you are giving eachother and me.

    Remember, it’s not about winning, it’s about playing the game. Unless your playing online πŸ™‚

  291. [ezah elprup] says:

    when i heard about doom 3 and half life 2, i was rootin for doom 3 cause that was one of my favorite games. but when i saw the half life 2 clips, half life 2 had to be my pick. and what about halo 2? it probably got those little care bears in them like part 1 did.

  292. all u pc nerds stop whining about what game is better, get off ur dusty chears and go skating or some cause u don’t want to be a complete idiot, or an addicted retard when ur 30 ???!!!

  293. Coffinfeeder says:

    Well, I do play PC games- I just haven’t played any recent ones. The most recent PC FPS I’ve played was painkiller, and that was on an average PC. It was still pretty damn fun, but the multiplayer was a big disappointment.

    I do plan on playing HL2 and Doom 3 (probably doom3 on xbox first), and farcry and any other good FPS. I am a FPS addict and they’re really the only games I like to play. I can’t stand people who talk about madden and play it for like weeks. I just won’t be playing any of those cool PC games any time soon, because I have other obligations in life- like college, finding good job, apartment, etc. When I am finally settled down you can bet your ass I will get a top notch PC and play tons of FPS games. Until then I’m satisfied pwning it up on Halo 2’s multiplayer :} Anyhow, today is my b-day so you guys wont see me posting anymroe today πŸ˜›

  294. FUN fun fun says:

    Listen if you think counter strike sucks and is a bad game tht just mean you dont like a challange. I mean if you don’t like the story ok go play tfc , dod, and/or any of the hundreds of mods there are. no madder what if you think H2 has more choices for multi player your wrond CS:S can hold 60 players to a map now, thats rediculous. If u want world wars, futuristic,the matrix, some bs game that has no point, HL2 is going to revelutionize the gaming community. Also HL2 is coming out with various online modes, so H2 fans face the facts H2 gets boring in like an hour, especially single player.H2 you do the same thing in every mission, HL2 is pretty much always different, sure ur still fighting aliens but when it comes to driving through a swamp, while getting shot at by a gunship, or trying to take down a gunship while ur on a brigde, HL2 keeps me almost off my seat for hours. But it just comes down to this:

    HL2 kicks ass for pc, DNK about xbox

    H2 is very good for xbox, DNK about computer

    DOOM 3 great game for pc, DNK about xbox(just bc it scares me)

    Ps: I dont think H2 was made to compare to HL2 or DOOM 3

  295. Irish bastard says:

    i have an xbox and i have halo 2 and i think that it was the best game ever for xbox, and alot of ppl agree. u guys just knock it because u all thought it would be 10 times better then it was, after i beat the story i thought it was kindof dissapointing at first but then i realised that i cant name any games that i got got so involved in, or had as much fun. i think that they had alot more they could have put in the game, but microsoft will have a much easier time saving it and putting it in halo3 in time to be released with xbox2, am i right? i admit the only reason alot off ppl have xbox is halo, and microsoft knows this and just want to save some ideas so they can ride the halo train and make as much money as they can, untill something new comes along. i havent play HL2 but i played the first one and it was a pretty awsome game, not the most original, and un-predictable story but still, a solid game. im sure that HL2 is a GREAT game, maybe even the best, but ill never know cuz im 15 and have a very shitty computer. and even ppl wth good computers are having trouble running it, so valve may have fucked up a little but hey, shit happens. i just dont understand y u guys are fighting over wat the better game is. its not that big of a deal… ur not really proving anything, and trying to change each others minds will never work. just play ur game and enjoy it, if other ppl think it sucks doesnt really matter, does it?

    PS. i was titter head, i was just fucking with all u guys. i dont really agree with anything i said.

  296. messiah says:

    I agree with that last statement.

    As Al_hurtcha said… "The Xbox would have slipped off the radar if not for Halo, and Microsoft is just trying to keep it afloat with the release of Halo 2. I agree that it should not be compared to Half Life 2, because Half Life 2 was developed to break through benchmarks in graphics, and physics, while Halo 2 was developed to keep an unsuccessful game system from sliding out of existance. "

  297. messiah says:

    Wait, i dont agree with Irish, i agree with the one above him! Damnit!

    Irish, your wrong where you said valve fucked up, they did a great job making sure that it could run on computers that have been out for a while, we stated this back up in the forums somewhere, scroll up and find it. If they managed to scrap every last bit out of a computer, im sure valve could of created something off the charts, but then you would be right in saying that nobody could play it. So they had to compromise, get it?

  298. irish bastard says:

    i see where ur coming from, but u cant see where im coming from, u got to experience HL2, i havent and i want to, REALLY BAD! but i doubt ill be able to play it, untill it comes out for xbox. wich will be a port and wont be near as good as it was for PC. i understand wat ur saying though and i agree, i just say that valve fucked up, accually i wont go as far as saying they fucked up, but im a little disapointed that if i tried to install the game my computer would laugh at me.

  299. smoke weed says:

    TOR is a shithead

  300. irish bastard says:

    i dont understand y the xbox and PC are compared, wen i hear the xbox owners say anything, its more like Xbox games Vs. PC price. if PC cost as much as xbox then the PC would win because u can do so much on a PC, much more then a 4 year old system. the price is kindof harsh for a PC, but if ur into the game as much as freaks like TOR (jk) it might be well worth it. i dont think anybody should hate either games though, halo 2 is GREAT, and HL2 is GREAT, y does it have to be any deeper then that?

  301. Jim says:

    Why do some of you such get angry tones about this stuff?…Who cares if someone likes console games more than PC games…I have a PC,and a PS2…I enjoy the PS2 games more than the PC games….thats just my preference though.

    Why should I spend thousands of dollars on a Gaming PC when I can spend 150 dollars on a console and still have fun playing games that DO look really cool?…No matter what anyone here says ..the Xbox does have great looking games and Halo,1 and 2, look great.

    don’t take it so personally

  302. Jim says:

    I meant to write "get such"…not "such get"

    I must be stupid from all the console gaming

  303. TOR says:

    Irish bastard-aka-titter head-and smoke weed "Tom" its Keklak whats up. HALF LIFE 2 ALL THE WAY:)

  304. EnforceR says:

    shut up we all know halo 2 kicks ass

  305. TOR says:

    Irish bastard- I just beat Half life 2 took me about 15 hours, amazing game. I dont want to spoil the ending but it kind of left you hanging there, not as bad as Halo 2 did though. Both games had really good stories in my opinion anyway. As some one said way before "its all a matter of opinion who thinks which story is better". But in my opinion I think Halflife 2’s story was better, but dont get me wrong Halo 2’s story was good as well.

  306. EnforceR says:

    shur ya do

  307. TOR says:

    I do, im not a die hard fan, but I think-I know Halo 2 is the best fps on the X- box.

  308. Drunk Irish Bastard says:

    yo wats up T-DOG!? i just made the greatest omlet in the history of the united states, so im gunna eat that shit! i was just playing halo2, its still awsome, i got REALY far on legendary. did u get live yet u little son of a bitch?

  309. killzone fan says:

    killzone kicks halo2s and half life2s asses!

  310. TOR says:

    Irish basterd- no i dident get live yet, im an asshole, but im still planing on to I heard alot from you and from alot of people on this post that multiplayer on live is kick ass.

  311. i dont feel like typing irish bastard every time says:

    ya its the greatest thing ever, ill be playing it till halo3 comes out.

  312. irish bastard says:

    u all wish u had this omlet!

  313. TOR says:

    No you wont comon now, halo 3 wont probably come out until late 2005 or early 2006, if that. I’ll let u borrow my computer before u start humping Halo 2 and your X-box.lol

  314. irish bastard says:

    so how was half-life2? i know ill get a bias and semi racsist anmswer from a "PC fanboi" but im asking anyways.

  315. Very Drunk Irish bastard says:

    … too late.

  316. TOR says:

    i only like bacon and cheese omlets and by the way people are going to start bitching if we dont start arguing about Halo 2 and Half life 2.

  317. Irish bastard says:

    that too late was a response to TORs last remark.

  318. Tor says:

    It was awesome I couldent stop playing it all day today

  319. full, drunk, irish bastard says:

    THATS WAT IT WAS! BACON AND CHEESE, and plus i am the greatest omlet maker in the world, so u can imagine how good it was.

    ok… lets bitch about H2 and HL2.

    HL2 is too expensive and it doesnt work and… blah blah blah.

  320. TOr says:

    Oh yeah well Halo 2 is a cheap piece of crap, it doesent even deserve to be called a fps.

  321. TOR says:

    Oh and by the way i am a better omlet maker than u.

  322. irish bastard, that can cook says:

    no im a better omlet maker, wen i sleep over a girls house and i make her an omlet in the morning… she totally wants to do me.

    halo 2 is the greatest game ever and i never play HL2 and thats y it sucks, and halo 2/ xbox cost much less money so my poor ass can aford it!

  323. Tor says:

    No but really the physics in Hl2 are unbelievable, you can use objects to block bullets and fire almost any thing you can imagine in the game.

  324. irish bastard says:

    HL2 copied everything off of halo2

  325. Tor says:

    a girl wants to do u because u made her a good omlet, well when I make an omlet every hot girl in my bed wants to do me, which is about 1,009,124 hot girls.

  326. Tor says:

    No they dident:(

  327. irish bastard says:

    ummm… ya u can us objects to block bullets in halo 2 also… its called duck and cover, but i guess gordans to afraid to dirty up his nice new shiny radioactive suit to get on his damn knees.

  328. irish bastard says:

    "a girl wants to do u because u made her a good omlet, well when I make an omlet every hot girl in my bed wants to do me, which is about 1,009,124 hot girls. "

    T-Dog… r u stoned, or just retarded?

  329. Tor says:

    you dumb ass what im saying is that you can pick the objects up block peoples bullets and then shoot the object in their faces. What kind of name is Master chief anyway. Hello my name is Master chief blah blah blah im a fag.

  330. Tor says:

    just retarted

  331. irish bastard says:

    master chief is an acual rank in the acual military… wat the fucks a combine soldier?

  332. Tor says:

    yeah but whats HIS NAME like John Doe, shit like this. A combine soldier is……. well ya see he’s a combine soldier.

  333. Tor says:

    in other words hes a soldier that is a combine

  334. irsh bastard says:

    i think im going to play some halo 2 right now, and i might just roll a fat blizzie while im at it. (JK about the blizzie part, or am i?)

  335. Tor says:

    laugh out fuckin loud teah im out to

    P.s. about that bliss thats not a bad idea, i just had one 2 hours ago.

  336. irsh bastard says:

    dude.. u didnt explain shit about a combine soldier, MC doesnt have a name, that we know of, hes too cool to have one. plus he was raised to be a cyborg freak and fuck up covenant, his names probly 2 letters followed by a dash and a whole bunch of numbers.

  337. Tor says:

    I dont know, the combine are some kind of police force that are big ass punks that beat the shit out of the citizens just for know reason, Im not sure but i think that they are some kind of other race, such as aliens, but punk ass aliens.

  338. Sepharo says:

    Great, everyone seems to have ignored my last two posts and are back on the price issue. PRICE IS NOT AN ISSUE. The continued ignorance about PC upgrade price and minimum req’s for HL2 justs further my points that most of the Halo 2 guys on the board probably don’t know a damn thing about what it takes to have a "top notch PC." Coffinfeeder if you can play PainKiller you can easily play HL2 no problemo.

  339. Tor says:

    yeah hes right coffin feeded, even though i spent $1,800 dollars on my computer, i just dident get it because i wanted to get half life 2, a computer is a better investment for other stuff as well, you can probably buy a 800 dollar computer that will run hl2, maybe

  340. Tor says:

    well back to the main issue anyway, yes if you have the money u should defintly buy the graphics card it will be worth it.

  341. Sepharo says:

    Some food for thought:

    Half-Life 2

    CPU: 1.2 GHz Processor

    RAM: 256MB RAM

    Video: DirectX 7 level graphics card


    CPU: 1.5 GHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor

    RAM: 384 MB

    Video: 64 MB DirectX 8.1 card with hardware Transform & Lighting support (NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS or better)

    As you can see Painkiller actually has higher minimum requirements than HL2. HL2 is far from the graphically taxing game you Halo fanboys believe it to be. HL2 is beautiful because of it’s details and it’s physics engine. It has good graphics but it is nowhere near that of Doom 3 and even maybe Far Cry. Half-life 2 is great because fo it’s artists not it’s graphics.

  342. Tor says:

    Thats interisting, but just imagine if it came out when it was suppose to be sept. 2003. with those requirments i wouldent be able to play the game.

  343. messiah says:

    It still has good graphics, none the less. Have you seen the water effects? Simply briliant. And about the story, guys come on, i said this earlier. One of the reasons a lot of people dont like endings like the one in Half-life 2 is because there is not really a "set meaning". Its open for interpretation. You could think that there is some organization the the blue man works for… he could be an alien himself. Theres many things. Ok, im done for now.

  344. Slientbob says:

    forget the combine I think we can all agree that headcrabs, Headcrabs zombies and etc rule all. They can face rape MC after craking that helmet with # and sheer stregth. Granted the MC is kickass character but no one can surive the onslaught of headcrabs. Same idea with Covnent. just as they did to every one on Earth in HL2 universe.

    Now someone said this

    "HL2 copied everything off of halo2 "

    You a r a complte F@#ktard

    The first Half Life was "the game" that all next gen FPS inpired to be.

    it revived the entire genre and it’s engine that is still being used by the countless of mods for it.

    without HL there would be no Halo or Halo 2

    If was the FPS first to inclued a story as seen by >>>

    And u say halo was the first to only have 2 weps system?

    wrong CS a HL mod was the first to have system like that and am sure there are other games even before that adopted that system. Although i could be wrong.

    Not that i don’t think that Halo 2 great game, it is but it owes it existance of the success of HL

    Half Life 2 graphics update to the orginal gameplay +/w phyisics = MASTERPIeCE "best game in existance"

  345. irsh bastard says:

    ok silent bob… u know wat sarcasm is?? u fucking idiot, i was just saying that shit and its obvious, i know HL2 didnt copy shit i was just saying that because i know that would piss a fucking obsessed retard like u, the last couple posts i made were nonsense. i was talking about fucking cheese omlets more then ur precious fucking HL2. i was making fun of the retards like u that care so much about wat 1 15 yr old kid has to say about ur fucking game! just grow the fuck up man.

    PS. MC would fucking destroy headcrabs, theres a similar enemy that MC has no problem destroying millions of… the flood u fucking idiot, if little gordon was faced with wat MC had to face he would probly queef and then puke all over his fucking self, LOL imagine wat his puke would look like with ur special grafix engine! hiding in a corner, crying and filling his radioactive bitch suit with shit and piss.

    (that last part will really set all the geeks in the crowd off.)

  346. Marrow says:

    I have to agree with all the Half-Life fans out there. Halo 2 is nothing compared to HL2. Sure it took 6 years for the sequal to finally come out, but it was worth the wait. I may be wrong but many of these Halo fans never experienced the best ever, and the best of the year, by over 40 publication, the original Half-Life. I think if they took the time to play the original and a few of the mods associated with Half-Life they would have a whole different outlook about HL2.

  347. Hi there,

    Well this is my review.

    1. Halo 2 is really rocks… i love everything about it…

    2. Half Life 2, a game that i have been waiting for a while. The game is indeed nice but it crashed my PC a few times due to lack of memory. The game is just normal, not that scary as doom 3. So i get bored easily. The graphics are amazing… but again, the storyline is okay… but some of the game elements are quite creative.. like the teleport thing

    3. But xbox does not have that many games as PC or PS2.. (no rpg games like Final Fantasy)so you have to consider.. after all Xbox2 is releasing probably next year 2005.


  348. XM177e2 says:


    O and another thing all those how defend half life 2 in particular Fritzler, Persian Mafia and TOR I take my hat of to you.

    Now all I need is a hat!

  349. XM177e2 says:

    And another thing halo 2 (SHUDDER) Is just one big add on from the original if you look at the both side by side you will see that they almost look the same. The only thing that stood out as a deference between them was double weapons

    Hey i just found my hat

    by the way is anyone here a operation flashpoint fan!

  350. RangerStew says:

    I am…a Flashpoint fan that is. Not so much into it anymore though, waiting for OF2.

  351. Dom says:

    Het half life 2 !!! really wont need a new grafix card!

    im running a AMD Duron 1.3 gh,640mb 133hz of ram, geforce 4 mx440 and some shitty sound card and i got the game to run AMAZINGLY well, only a slowdown at the start of the level !!! and a resalution of 800×600 ! Great

    im also runnig it on a AMD Atlonxp 3000, 256mb 400hz of ram and a nvidia fx5700 ultra grafix card ! lovely !!! get half life 2 today mate !

  352. e. thermal says:

    I’d personally say go with Halo2 you will simply have more fun. If you would like to read a biased review of Half Life 2 you can read it here http://endothermal.blogspot.com It is biased because I paid $70 for it and I was at least expecting something that would be fun, all I got in return was one hell of a boring game. Halo 2 is at least fun and interesting, hell even the original Halo is more fun then half life 2

  353. Chris says:

    Halo was based on what half life 1 created how can it be better? pleae tell me how slow loading textures are so great, hehe if you you look at it before second levels of texture load on halo 2 it just halo 1 with a new coat of paint, i now own both halo 2 and half-life 2 i played through halo 2 and i wont bother again there is no value in the ending (wow a "witty" one liner thats great?) i cannot overemphasise how depressing it was, the multiplayer is alright but gets quickly repetetive even with the alternate game modes, Dual wield and a sword and 3 yes wow a whole 2 new convenant vehicles great… Half-life 2 actually warrants replaying with a subtle storyline detailed facial animations there is no comparison i gave both a fair look over and halo 2 loses by miles, there just nothing new, an evolution, Half-life 2 a revolution enough said…..

  354. jules says:

    AGGGHHHHHHH ok ok whats with the damn flashlights…its supposed to be the damn future!

    in 1940 we had battery lights that lasted hours.

    so why cant we(in the future remember)make a light last more than 15 seconds damn it wtf WTFits so anoying FFS!..it was one of the things that anoyed me in farcry the most.

    bloody hell i had to get that of my chest πŸ™‚

  355. e.thermal says:

    what makes me laugh is most people who are claiming half life 2 is the best game ever haven’t even played it yet. So if you have played it, do you really think riding around on the POS air bike thingy they give you is a great time? or a means to end? To those of you that think it is ground breaking, I can list off at least 10 games that beat half life 2 in story and playabilty and are just plain more fun. to Chris, why would facial animations make you want to replay the game?

  356. Spudthefish says:

    and besides, whoever said the thing about half life getting 40 awards, A-that doesnt mean the sequel will be good, and B-Halo 2, in every area in which multiple platforms are reviewed, got a higher score than HL2. Chew on that, and dont tell me the pc gamer shit, im talking about places that do all consoles, and pc’s. Half life 2 has the same kind of cliffhanger, not really answered as Halo 2. THe story is much greater in Halo 2. ANd animations, and graphics dont make a game. what makes a game, is if its fun or not. Graphics just add to the fun, they dont make it. i mean really, its just another FPS. the multiplayer may be COunterstrike, but its still 6 years old. It would have been nice if they did something new. Further more, half life 2 was not groundbreaking in any way. Halo 2 on the other hand, made console online gaming, HUGE….

  357. Spudthefish says:

    And besides, who really cares, everyone is entitled to their opinion. so lets all just chill

  358. Apsylum says:

    HL2 > Halo 2.

    Own them both, so it’s not biased. And I’ve played them both. HL2 has far superior graphics, the story is much better, hell everything is! Everyone that thinks Halo 2 is the best thing since sliced bread is truly retarded.

  359. Apsylum says:

    Spidthefish, you say that CS is 6 years old, and that they should of made something new. What about Halo 2? It’s the exact same ****ing thing!

  360. Domenico says:

    Ok, so i read the first 40posts and gave up on reading the rest, but…

    Time will tell. I think people have to relax, take a deep breath and have a go at both Halo 2 and HL2. They are both Exelent titles for their platform and fans of both sides have done nothing but atempt to pumel each other into submission. Only creating more sentiment against each other.

    Hears a thought, if you actualy think you know your stuff, then you would know you cannt make a judgement without trying the options first. So, find a mate that has the copy of the game you feel is inferior and have a play. I think you will realise the pros and cons of each game .

    I will finish of by saying the following, now that i have goten my politicaly correct ramble out of the way, there are to important notes to make.

    1. People backing xBox never give clear facts about why they feel Halo2 is superior, bogans.

    2. What game will be edged into the memory of gamers around the world in 10 years, 20 years time? Definately not Halo2…. point made..

    Happy owning, what ever you preference is

    A Banana

  361. Domenico says:


    SpudtheFish, drown mate, just got drown yourself. HL2 not groundbreaking?!?!?!?! Your the bogan (ie. redneck, nitwit, retaded, ignorant, dropout….) gamer i am talking about! Play HL2 and then give your opinion, posting stupid things like the ones you did only deplets you of any credebility you may have had before you opened your big mouth, and proves a point amongst all people reading these posts, that HL2 is a superior title overall.

    The people have spoken..

    A Banana

  362. EnforceR says:

    yer yer yer yer we all know hl2 smells and HALO2 rulz HALO2 rulz HALO2 rulz HALO2 rulz

  363. messiah says:


    Coffinfeeder, i miss your valid points. Come Back!

  364. Alan says:

    No wonder Games and the Games industry are treated off hand by large sections of the media when they look at threads and forums like this one. All tearing into eachother, this game is better then that, this game had better graphics, its very silly to have hundreds of posts all berating one and other. I am in the middle of playing half life 2 and loving it, I am looking forward to playing Halo 2. I dont understand why Xbox Gamers and PC gamers dont get along. When the Xbox 2 comes out it will be so easy to make Xbox 2 games for PC so If a great Xbox 2 title comes out we wil have it on PC, same as the PC. We are almost like Brothers and can all gain. Who cares what games scores higher I dont, reviews are mainly critical of games and the people who write them often dont have a creative bone in thier body, all they can do is moan, enjoy a game for what it is if you get something from a game thats great, enough of this bickering, its silly threads like this that make gamers look stupid. Work together and we can be in gaming heaven.

  365. tOR says:

    dID SOME ONE SAY THAT HALO 2 GOT A HIGHER OVER ALL SCORE THAN HALF LIFE 2, no I dont think so go to gamerankings.com you will see the over all average of both games,and Halo 2 is not the winner

  366. GOD says:

    "PS. MC would fucking destroy headcrabs, theres a similar enemy that MC has no problem destroying millions of… the flood u fucking idiot, if little gordon was faced with wat MC had to face he would probly queef and then puke all over his fucking self, LOL imagine wat his puke would look like with ur special grafix engine! hiding in a corner, crying and filling his radioactive bitch suit with shit and piss.

    (that last part will really set all the geeks in the crowd off.)"

    LMAO, that post actually made me laugh out loud…

    You gotta admit, MC would own the crap out of every character in HL2, espcially the head crabs, they’d juts expolde on his energy shield.

    And since when was Xbox "slipping off the radar?" You guys don’t give Xbox enough credit, 78,273 people were playing Halo2 last night…and thats juts on Xbox live, obviously none of us were playing, thats not counting the people not on Xbox live, and it wasn’t even "Prime video game hour"…and it was a sunday…. Xbox is definatly not slipping off the radar… I’m sorry, but that was a stupid comment to say..

  367. irsh bastard says:

    Alan u just made the most sence ever, i was getting there but i realized that these guys dont give a shit about wat either of us have to say unless we offend their games.

    "to Chris, why would facial animations make you want to replay the game?"


    thats fucking hilarious.

    and GOD, im glad i made u laugh. i wish i made the HL2 fanbois laugh though, because i dont really mean it, im sure gordan is a big hard-ass too.

    and TOR, how did u like my little post about gordon?

  368. Slientbob says:

    "ok silent bob… u know wat sarcasm is?? u fucking idiot, i was just saying that. "its obvious, i know HL2 didnt copy shit i was just saying that because i know that would piss a fucking obsessed retard like u"

    Oh, okay sry, then irishbastard. I uh….Overreacted. meh, happens to all of us. Diehard HL fan. What can i says?

    Now to …..

    PS. "MC would fucking destroy headcrabs, theres a similar enemy that MC has no problem destroying millions of… the flood u fucking idiot, if little gordon was faced with wat MC had to face he would probly queef and then puke all over his fucking self, LOL imagine wat his puke would look like with ur special grafix engine! hiding in a corner, crying and filling his radioactive bitch suit with shit and piss"

    Well, thats true due to fact MC can respawn when he is befallen( and he has to the flood), fully load with assult rifle and pistol. Of Course He would have no problem in fighting anything and everything. Hell there no fear of anything because he can’t die. he comes back from the dead fully loaded to kill. (sound exicting, wow,i want be like the MC)

    Gorden Freeman would say "f#$k off" if told him he had to fight the covnent. And go into a corner and piss in his suit. LEt me tell ya that puke would look so real it be unbeliveable. Anyone would do same if you were in his shoes. Teloported from one hell to jsut find another. After all he just a scitist w/ a crowbar. He just human. REally, do you think he is a super solider that can reswapn with weapons fully loaded to readly to kill all. BE serious!!!

    Anyway it be a great idea to FPS so that Computer gamers and Xboxers can duke it out in muiltplay (never will happen for various of reasons). Building brigdes by killing each other.

  369. messiah says:

    … πŸ™ i like gordon and master chief the same πŸ™ i agree with alan, lets just get alone! both games are good!

  370. The Iron Weasel says:

    ok people lets just calm down, ur getting pretty heated over this, in my opinion, halo 2 is on par, i really loved the story getting the whole covenent perspective, and i’m sorry if you play halo 2 and see the quality of the graphics for and XBOX game and then turn around and say that hl2 has way better graphics, bungie could easily make the graphics as good as hl2’s if they spent 6 years on it, and if i hear one more the ending sucked in halo 2 i’m gonna kill someone, the endind in half-life 2


    absolutly nothing was resolved in half-life 2 at any point, nothing happend, NOTHING, time stopped boys, and you know it, pull your head out of you ass and realise that hl2 isnt the be all end all game, niether is halo 2, they both are exceptional games, now i know that no matter what i say ur gonna outlash at me for what i’ve said, but you have to understand, you guys could play either game and just hate it for what it was because you have this pre-conseived notion that the game is gonna absolutly blow because its not half-life, and you know they are different games, why can’t you just agree to disagree instead of completly tearing into eachother, and if you go look at what your saying, PC people you just hate consoles, and Xbox people get a life and realise that Halo 2 is amazing, but give HL2 a chance it is amazing aswell, both have shitty endings, and both are gonna get another sequel, and nothing is gonna be resolved by calling names, just sit there and enjoy your game for god sakes.


  371. The Iron Weasel says:

    oh and yeah if you say that halo 2 took 3 years to make and thats what happened at the end, well it took me 14 hours to beat hl2 on normal and the ending was even more rediculous because it took 6 years to make so dont even play that card

  372. XM177e2 says:

    so am i RangerStew so am i here its coming out in 06

  373. Sepharo says:

    Wow the idiocy still prevails on BOTH sides of the argument. The game’s story is not judged on it’s ending… Both games are only two-thirds through their stories at the most. It’s like reading a book 2/3 of the way through exclaiming "Man the ending of this book sucks."

    I am comparing the stories of Half-Life and Halo in their current entirety and in my OPINION the award for better story goes to HL2.

  374. Sepharo says:

    Also Weasel’s mentioning of the years to story ratio is ridiculous. It only proves he knows little of the development cycle of console and video games. Valve wrote and entirely new engine [source] for HL2. This engine development alone took 2 of those 6 years. Halo 2 used the same engine as Halo 1. Also you need to take into consideration the fact that developing for a PC is much more difficult than for a console. Whena console developer makes a game they know that the system specs are always going to be the same and everyone will be in conformity. For a PC developer they have to create the game to be able to run on thosands of different combinations of hardware and software. The combinations are only limited by the minimum req’s a PC game has. Considering HL2 can be played on huge range of systems because of it relatively low min reqs it takes all that much longer to develop it.

  375. Ph03niX_sk][e says:

    half life 2 KILL halo 2

    there is no other way

  376. XM177e2 says:

    Ph03niX_sk][e i agree with you!!!!

  377. ty verymuch says:

    "You guys don’t give Xbox enough credit"


    you people r the one who dont give valve enough credit, they’ve worked it for many years to create the game from scratch!

  378. ty verymuch says:

    y r u people so blinded by ur pride? so pethetic, know both of the game be4 u judge which is better. dont talk bs when u dont know a thing.

  379. XM177e2 says:

    I give valve a lot of credit building there own in house engine then getting sued then having the code stolen I admire them for sticking to it. I also give X-box credit its much cheaper to own a X-box at were I use to work they were about $300 (Australian) and a new computer with all the fancy toys was about 1, 500 to 2,000. The X-box has no waiting time to play a game so it’s plug-in and play. So you can’t say I don’t give valve or X-box credit.

    (If there is spelling or gramma errors I mean no offence)

  380. XM177e2 says:

    You have a point. But I have played both games (not passed) I played halo 2 at a friends house and I own half life 2 and I liked half life 2 better (but I am one sided).

  381. XM177e2 says:

    hey RangerStew if you like operation flashpoint you should get the Y2K3 its good get it from ofp.gamezone.cz/_hosted/bratty/PB/site/addons.html but it need OFP resistance and the newest version 1.6 or 6.1 I forget

  382. XM177e2 says:

    does any of you guys live in australia i know Ph03niX_sk][e does

  383. ty verymuch says:

    oh and one more thing… (from my experiences)

    Half-Life 2 > Halo 2

  384. XM177e2 says:

    ok i got nothen against that its you opinion

    (If there is spelling or gramma errors I mean no offence)

  385. XM177e2 says:

    oooo! i just found a error

    ok i got nothen against that its your opinion

    again sorry for that

  386. XM177e2 says:

    ty verymuch you a X-box guy or a Com guy

  387. ty verymuch says:

    more of computer over console guy

  388. XM177e2 says:

    cool if ya after games free of charge you sould get a progrmane called ares very good prog better that kazza

  389. compton says:

    Wow, I mean seriously I own both Halo 2 and Half Life 2. I just beat Half Life 2 and it’s amazing, took me 19 hours! As far as Halo 2 goes I haven’t even picked up the controler since I got Half Life 2, I’m on some alien level with the cloaking device and crap but to be honest Halo 2 isn’t much to look at. Good game but it seems more like an add-on to Halo. Half Life 2 wins…and to all these Halo 2 fanboys above just try Half Life 2, trust me you’ll like it more than halo.

  390. Joe says:

    Why do u compair hl2 graphics and physics to halo 2 since the xbox can only go so far….seems kind of stupid….Now half-life 2 will smoke halo 2 in all aspects …Now u dont need a ‘uber’ computer to run half-life.

  391. e.thermal says:

    The gameplay in half life 2 is its major problem, forget graphics, it just simply is a boring game. I’m at least 10 hours into it and 6 of those hours is driving around on crappy vehicles. At least in Halo, which may not have the graphic capability as half life 2, they tried to make the game fun, or at least interesting. BTW – None of the half life 2 story has even been introduced to me at this point, so far, i arrived at a train station, then met a dude, from the first game that didn’t give me any information, then met a girl who is a daughter of a doctor from the first game who didn’t give any information, then you have to ride for 2 hours on a air bike to get somewhere, once you get there, no information on the story is given, then you have to fight all the original aliens from the first game through a city which is highly repetitive and rather boring. When you arrive back to where you are meeting people, again no more information on the story, just one the doctors has been capatured and you need to drive there to free him, which is nearly 3 hours of straight driving to get there. So I have to say the story so far in Half Life 2 is really not all that interesting.

  392. Coffinfeeder says:

    Ok… lets say an 800 dollar pc.. thats still.. what, 5 or 6 xboxes? Yes, everyone knows that PCs rock. And I wouldn’t just buy a PC to play games on. I don’t really play games on the comp, thats why I don’t have a good one now. I basically use it to check stuff out online, email, other misc stuff. I have better things to do in life than just sit on HL2 all day. I have work, a fiance, and other stuff to do besides 24 hours of free time.

  393. Coffinfeeder says:

    Sepharo: "Also Weasel’s mentioning of the years to story ratio is ridiculous. It only proves he knows little of the development cycle of console and video games. Valve wrote and entirely new engine [source] for HL2. This engine development alone took 2 of those 6 years. Halo 2 used the same engine as Halo 1."

    Um, I believe that valve made a new engine for HL2 because the old engined was OUTDATED!!!!!!! Think about it, god- its not hard to understand why. Now as for halo2 having the same engine as halo 1, bungie didn’t believe that the engined needed fixed- why do you think the gameplay in Halo1 was so fun? What did you expect them to do with the engine. I cna’t believe you would even bring that up. Halo 2 came out fairly quick, and there was no need to update the engine because Halo 1 was so successful. End of story.

  394. Coffinfeeder says:

    Tor: "yeah hes right coffin feeded, even though i spent $1,800 dollars on my computer, i just dident get it because i wanted to get half life 2, a computer is a better investment for other stuff as well, you can probably buy a 800 dollar computer that will run hl2, maybe"

    Ok… lets say an 800 dollar pc [will run HL2].. thats still.. what, 5 or 6 xboxes? Yes, everyone knows that PCs rock. And I wouldn’t just buy a PC to play games on. I don’t really play games on the comp, thats why I don’t have a good one now. I basically use it to check stuff out online, email, other misc stuff. I have better things to do in life than just sit on HL2 all day. I have work, a fiance, and other stuff to do besides 24 hours of free time.

    And to the kid who said I could run HL2 with the comp I used to play painkiller. Maybe.. I’m not sure. But when I played painkiller every time I fired a shot I would get sound lag and video lag, making it very irritating. Not enough memory I believe. Anyhow, I would never try and run HL2 on that system- I wuldn’t want to play an anticipated game in video/sound lag. Oh, BTW- that comp has a 120MB ATI graphics card in it. Still didn’t even run painkiller smoothly enough.

  395. Halo was a great game for me, a lot shorter than I expected but still cool, I haven’t played no.2 and won’t need to since HL2 is just way better, down to earth with an enticing plot carried on from the first version which was a benchmark for FPS games.

    I admit the multiplayer for halo 1 and most probably halo 2 are great but half-life 2 has much more to offer, crisp and crystal clear graphics an superb lighting and water reflections plus the fact that half-life 2 is a pc game adds to the fact that modifications and map makers can be used for multiplayer or singleplayer.

    Another thing, HL1 won over 50 game awards, HL2 has just come out and already magazines have said "Half-Life 2 IS THE BEST FIRST PERSON SHOOTER EVER" PCzone

    "If Half-Life 2 achieves one single thing, it’s to put into sharp focus how far gaming has come, and more specifically how far behind some of its competitors in the FPS genre really are. Some doubted that the Source engine could match the technical brilliance elsewhere, but it has not only surpassed anyone else’s achievements, it has done so without forcing people to invest in ludicrously expensive hardware. Reports persist from amazed gamers with mid-range set ups that have been blown away by how well the game runs on their systems. That Half Life 2 looks more convincing, more understated, more realistic, more interactive and definitely more stylish than its peers yet manages it with far lower overheads is not only an impressive feat, but commercially a masterstroke."

    "The nominees for The 2004 SpikeTV Video Game Awards have been announced and Half-Life 2 has been nominated in these 5 categories:

    Game of the Year

    Best First Person Action Game

    Best PC Game

    Best Graphics

    Best New Technology

    The 2nd Annual Awards Take Place LIVE Tuesday, December 14th in Los Angeles hosted by Snoop Dogg and featured musical Performances Include SUM 41, Ludacris and first ever live performances By Snoop Dogg and The Doors."

    No-more needs to be said

  396. Adventhink says:

    HL2 ,Halo2 are excellent games

    (u can only really compare them when Halo 2 gose on pc and HL2 gose on to Xbox)

    The AI HL2 is ….scary…really scary. In the lv where ur in the gocart at gas station. I ran into a house and readied my shotgun at the front door. All of sudden i get attack from behined by those combine assmonkeis. Seems there was a backdoor that i missed. Of couse i took care of them quickly but one of them retreated out. I followed him being pissed and all being shot in the back and bam. I get bushwacked. The 3 combine Soilders camped my ass back into next week with that damed pulse rifle and shotguns. thankgod for quickload.

    However i wish those Combine soliders where abit stronger. It to easy to take them out if fight them intellgently. I haven’t really played the Halo 2 single player so i can’t say how good the AI is in there. REally i just played muitlplayer at my friends houuse.

    What are spec to ur computer Coffinfeeder?

  397. Kirby says:

    I beat Half-Life 2, and have play Halo 2, Half-Life 2 blows Halo 2 out of the water in every aspect. My system isn’t that grand, but still the Valve members were genius when they created this game for the average computer, and not for supercomputers only. The storyline, graphics, interactivity, gameplay, all of it is pure genius. Characters seem almost human, and enemies will scare you silly. Great game, much better than Halo 2, eventhough Halo 2’s multiplayer is very entertaining.

  398. TOR says:

    i just beat HL2 and i change my mind, halo 2 is the best game and all ppl who think differently are complete shitheads. after u play HL2 through u feel kindof cheated, ive been waiting for this game for 6 years and wasted so much money on a new computer… this sucks, the game is only half as fun as halo2, and has much more replay value, im VERY disapointed in valve for the over-hyped peice of crap.

  399. TOR says:


    i meant that halo 2 has much more replay value

  400. TOR says:

    also irish bastard is a way more better omlet maker then me… πŸ™

  401. irsh bastard says:

    glad u finally see it my way.

    PS. after this post i will NEVER use the SN irish bastard ever again… EVER. i will tell u the new one wen i think of it.

  402. GameofDeath says:

    I say let each one rule their own worlds. Halo 2 can be king of the consoles, and Half-Life 2 will reign in the PC world. Happy? But you know who rules all of the fps gamer world? ASIAN PLAYERS WOOOOOOOT!!! especially cute korean girls.

  403. GameofDeath says:

    I say let each respective game rule where they are. Let Halo 2 be king of the consoles and let Half Life 2 reign over the pc world. Each one has their shortcomings so why bother bitching when overall they are both great games? We should be grateful that we have the time and money to play these advanced video games, whereas some ppl pass their time chasing chickens and tipping cows. btw, ASIANS RULE IN THE FPS GAMING WORLD WHOOOOOPAH!!!!!

  404. MArCiiS says:

    Here’s the main difference between console gamers and pc gamers. Console gamers are, by nature, a much dumber gamer than a pc gamer. They put they’r disc in and start shooting. Most of them wouldn’t understand how to play pc games…much less install them. Just look at the posts of all these hl-2 bashers…absolutely immature and very ignorant. the difference can be seen in pc/console games as well. Halo 2 is halo 1, regurgitated, with dual weapons and a sword, the maps are the same repetitive mazes. The in game cg’s dont even finish loading b4 you view them. the models come up without textures and then the textures magically load halfway through, sometimes they don’t even load b4 you finish seeing them. Half life 2 is much more origianl and far more complex…and its greatest legacy is yet to be seen in all the mod games that will follow in its wake. Xboxers will eventually get a far worse version of half life 2, and then they can wait to get their mod games to..separately for 60 bucks more.

  405. Jim says:

    HL2 blows dog nuts!!! halo 2 ROCKS!!! better graphics and gameplay!!

  406. MArCiiS says:

    thank you , jim, for driving my point home…

  407. irsh bastard says:

    HL2 is dumb for stupid HeADS! DERR! halo 2 is way more original and has better gfx! and gameplay and its cheeper, and it way more funnerer! HL2 is a copy cat! gordon is a pussy and MC would totally win in A fight! PLUS halo 2 has better multiplayer and a single player campaign, and halo 2 has better AI. and xbox is way more better and its good and PC is worse GfX and its dumb! i never played it but i can just tell these things! and u have xbox live and thats the best and u could play co-op and its fun and good and HL2 sucks and its dumb!

    (i love giving these fucking geeks, like marciis, something to post about.)

  408. irsh bastard says:

    i cant wait till TOR gets on and sees wat "he" posted! πŸ˜‰

  409. Mirus says:

    Half Life 2 has considerably improved on the original yet remained very faithful to the feel of Valve’s first HL title.

    One of the key way HL2 succeeds is by way of it’s glorious "set-pieces". It cuts the action with periods of calm where you can appreciate the architecture, scenery, ambience and beauty of the world you are in.

    It deserves the accolades it has received in the press.

    What it does not deserve is being compared to a console game.

    Compare Half Life 2 to Halo 2 when (or if) it is released on the PC.

    Halo was brilliant on the X-Box. Enjoying a beer and playing co-operative on Halo at my mates was a great laugh. And something you don’t see with PC games, really. If Halo 2 adds as much to the original Halo as HL2 has done to Half Life, then it truly deserves great accolades. If, on the other hand, it is a remake with some bells. Well, is that so good?

    Fact remains; X-Box Halo was good. PC Halo was average. Format Ports (PC to Console or vice versa) always seem to suffer.

    Half Life 2 has been a tremendously positive experience. It gets two thumbs up from me and a strong recommendation for purchase.

  410. The Iron Weasel says:

    k wtf half-life 2 didn’t exactly add a whole lote to what half-life did either, wow a gravity gun, and a assault rifle, oh and some bug pheramones, jesus christ, you guys are hippocritical, halo 2 didn’t do a whole lot to halo, but stop kidding yourselves niether did half-life 2 (same damn formula swap jumping puzzles with physics puzzles, throw in the outdoors and vehicles and Viola you have hl2) both are amazing but god if ur gonna trash one get ur stories straight

  411. the iron weasel says:

    and halo 2’s AI was better then hl2’s, they took cover better, they reacted way differently everytime you play, and hl2’s AI was far more scripted. and how can you say Halo 2’s story sucked, don’t like learning about other cultures and the workings of them????hmmm jesus you people just wont leave eachother alone will you?

  412. The Iron Weasel says:

    In hl2 i’m sorry to tell you guys but nothing happened, nothing was accomplished, and nothing is resolved, no questions answered, only more created, where as in halo 2 there was more resolution, and MUCH more happened. you know what i bet more then half of you haven’t even played halo 2, your just to caught up in the greatness that is half-life 2, but when ur done, go check out halo 2. and if ur just gonna hate it nothing i or anyone else says is even gonna change your mind,and to the guy who said that console players are dumber, thats bullshit pure bullshit, and even if you average it out offcourse they will be dumber, theres MORE OF THEM, god you people just sit in ur little world of PC, and completely dismiss the notion of trying something new, and halo was a very original game, it plays like nothing else and other games just try to copy it, and halo pc was average because gearbox had like 4 people working on it, because all the others were working on the superb looking brothers in arms, theres where the effort is. i know you guys would be just fine with halo, maybe even love it, if it had come out on the pc first, you wouldn’t even be having this conversation, you’d be all dear god halo 2 and half-life 2 are amazing. but as it stands halo fans hate half-life, and half-life fans hate halo, gonna change….no so yeah ur gonna lash out at me, calling me an xbox/halo loving stupid son of a fucking whore and that i deserve to die, but know this i own more then 60 games for pc and a mere 23 for my xbox. i prefer my pc all the way, i just love halo as much as i love half-life, and then you’ll say ur a halo fanboy you dont even say anything good about half-life, you don’t even know who gordan freeman is, and who alyx is. well sry to tell you but if half-life 2 was being trashed i’d defend it all the same, so dont even play that shit on me.

  413. The Iron Weasel says:

    now if i’ve got that out of me i’m gonna go play "follow freeman" happy hating guys

  414. Irish Bastard says:

    I love Half life 2 so much, to even compare it halo 2 is like shiting out of your mouth

  415. Irish bastard says:

    Oh and by the way i was jk about me being the best omlet maker TOR is way better than me.

  416. IRish bastard says:

    why am i so gay

  417. GOD says:

    Halo was brilliant on the X-Box. Enjoying a beer and playing co-operative on Halo at my mates was a great laugh. And something you don’t see with PC games, really. If Halo 2 adds as much to the original Halo as HL2 has done to Half Life, then it truly deserves great accolades. If, on the other hand, it is a remake with some bells. Well, is that so good?

    So true…

    Halo 2 has better replay value, that is for sure… I beat Halo 1 years ago, yet we still have LAN parties all the time, now that it’s on Xbox Live, the replay is limitless

  418. irsh bastard says:

    LOL halo 2 is like shitting out of ur mouth!!! LOL thats fucking hilarious T-DOG! good one.

    anyway, i agree with the iron weasel, he made alot of good points.

    wat do u guys think of killzone, or is that a-whole-nother forum.

  419. Scrivs says:

    Caption for the pic in the above post.. "What? You mean you can steer that thing with just one thumbstick?! I have to steer with keys and the whole thing handles like a pig – just like in Far Cry.. wow.. buggies in my world are pretty shitty…".

  420. Scrivs says:

    "Oh, and I get really f**ked off when I’m driving and everything stops for 30 seconds while a new section loads… actually come to think of it, it’s not just when I’m driving.. its ALL THE F**KING TIME..". Well, that’s what I get from the look on Gordon’s face anyway πŸ™‚

    For what it’s worth, I’ve just finished HL2, and enjoyed it (except when loading) a lot, but it just doesn’t feel 6 years better that HL.. and still won’t keep me coming back like Halo 1/2.. sorry..

    Oh, sorry for 2 posts on the trot..

  421. Snaggletooth says:

    I just gotta say that I have beat both H2 and HL2.I have a "special" xbox and a beast ass pc.I accually beat HL2 today.I never played HL1 though.BOTH games kicked ass (H2 & HL2).BOTH games had fantastic game play,GREAT stories,and for fucks sake BOTH GAMES WERE IN-conclusive!!!!!!"cliffhangers!".For those of you knocking HL2 your dumbasses!!For those of you knocking H2 your also dumbasses.I am a die hard FPS fan and a xbox and pc fan.Thats ALL I PLAY.So suck it up world.They both kick ass!!!

  422. Snaggletooth says:

    BTW there was a discussion about the Master Chiefs name earlier.He is a Spartan uh…117 I think was his model number.So there’s the answer to your "Combine" rebutle.

  423. Bart, who always has it right. says:

    Oh, come on. Halo2 is just for those poor people who can only afford to buy a cheap Xbox.

    I have to say Halo 2 is pretty impressive, considering the inferior performance of the Xbox. But you really can not compare the two. Half Life 2 is a revolution in gaming whilst Halo 2 is just yet another arcade game.

    There is so much new stuff going on in Half Life 2 that an Xbox isn’t even capable of running it. And that probably also explains the frustrated reactions all you Xbox users are showing here. πŸ˜›

  424. brandon says:

    You are out of your minds if you think Halo 2 is better than Half Life 2!! HL2 is a life changing experience as far as video gaming goes whereas Halo 2 is just plain boring!

  425. Ghost says:

    Didn’t you listen to what I said you morons. Don’t start on me you bloody P.C. geeks. I am a gamer who plays on all platforms. Listen to me, Half Life 2 is aiming to breakthrough, I repeat, BREAKTHROUGH gaming boundaries on the P.C. It is the only platform that id easily customizable hence the great physics of Hal Life 2.

    Halo 2 will get everything from Halo and revolutionize THAT! Half life 2 =REVOLUTIONIZE P.C. Halo 2=REVOLUTIONIZE ITSELF. There is no argumement you noobs. The developers said it themselves. Be an insider like me, not a noob.

  426. messiah says:

    Heh, revolutionizing ones’self isnt that great, you know. I could excersice a minute more than i usually do and revolutionize myself, rofl. But if i revolutionized the way i excercized, and everyone grew to the way i excercised, then i would revolutionize excercizing. Think before you talk Ghost.

  427. lol says:

    i laugn at anyonw how tries to read all the posts πŸ˜‰

    anyway–i go with pc games, not cause xbox sucks, cause it doesnt, but because i already got a good gfx card, and i have a lot of pc games, so i dont think i could help.

    Ive played halo 2, its a sweet game too, but i havent played hl2 yet, so i cant tell ya if its got a good storyline or not…

  428. The Iron Weasel says:

    How in the hell is Half-Life 2 revolutionary…..that is complete bullshit, halo 2 isnt revoltionary so all you die hard halo people dont say it is, half-life was revolutionary halo wasn’t although it was the same quality game in my opinion, but no way are either of the halo 2 and half-life 2 revolutionary, evolutionary yes, revolutionary no……

  429. The Iron Weasel says:

    and if half-life 2 "changed your life" wow thats pretty sad

  430. Bart, who always has it right says:

    Well, it is revolutionary because I said so. And if I say something that means that it is so. Arguing something I say is just as futile as Halo 2 is compared to Half Life 2. πŸ˜‰

    So hear my words carefully and let them suck into your brain when I say: "Half Life 2 currently simply is the best computer game ever made. It has raised the bar to new levels so therefore it is in fact revolutionary for the gaming industry."

  431. messiah says:

    Hahaha, you gotta give it to the man, hes right.

  432. Tor says:

    thats a cool picture "Irish bastard" but we all know gordon would turn the fuck around and pick the warthog up with the fucking Gravity Gun, and chuck his fucking ass over a fucking cliff.

  433. JB says:

    This turned out to be what it was like when the GameCube and Xbox wars where going on in 2001. That was crazy! Anyway I just had to comment because it pisses me off that people say one game is better then another. I have come to relize that well you can’t change peoples mind. I have a taste in a wide range of games, such as RTSs, RPGs, FPSs, and so on. I own a PC and a GameCube so I have best of both worlds that I like. It is just the fact that some Xbox Gamers (and this is true for other sole console owners) are just those gamers that buy a console because of sports games and a DVD player (and in the case of the PS2 FF games). Then we get this Xboxers that come off saying that Halo is the greatest game ever. For most of them (and i am not saying everyone is like this) that was their first FPS ever. Other console owners just get sucked into their console’s world. I have seen this with some PS2 owners. Where, oh well if it has playstation on it, it must be good. This is starting to happen with the Xboxers, and i have run into some where they are so sucked into their console world that they believe their TV has the better resolution then a 15" LCD Monitor(though HDTV is coming very very close if it not has already). I just feel that these consoles are creating dumb gamers, and I don’t mean that they are stupid, I just mean that they have no clue about the gaming world. They come in and rant on our territory saying this game is the greatest and my xbox, ps2, or gc is way better then a PC any day. When it don’t matter, I love games and I will play it on a PC, PS2 or GC (noticed I didn’t say Xbox because I hate Microsoft with a passion but I use their crappy OS because it is the only thing that playes the games I love). I just feel that these easy plug and play consoles are bringing in dumb gamers, but oh well guess we will have to deal with it like those people who believe AOL is the only way to get internet. I just had to comment, not really saying one is better then another. Because I learned that well you like what you like but if you want to be a true gamer, then try something new once in a while.

  434. GOD says:

    I don’t think Either game is really revolutionary, if I had to say either one was revolutionary though, I’d have to say Halo 2 is, because it brought so much to an outdated system.

    Oh yea, and for the record, sports games on PC aren’t as cool as on console

  435. irsh bastard says:

    tor i made captions for that pic. i just couldnt put it on this site, they said.

    gordon: "ohh shit"

    MC:"where the fuck is ur gravity gun now motherfucker!?"

  436. tnf says:

    You can’t compare the two…its apples and oranges in many respects. Obviously a console won’t hold up to a PC (with a decent graphics card – I just bought a BFGTech 6800GT OC’d for mine..).

    To compare Halo 2 to Half Life 2 is to do Halo 2 an injustice. It’s a fun, not too groundbreaking, follow-up – more like an add-on than a new game. It didn’t do ANYTHING revoluntionary compared to the first game. In fact, I can’t see why it took them so long to get it out (I think it was debugging the netcode for multiplayer). The single player campaign looks just like the first, and, for God’s sake – HOW MANY TIMES TO I HAVE TO RUN THROUGH THE SAME DAMN SYMMETRICAL, BORING, BLANDLY TEXTURED BUILDINGS ON HALO? I’m losing my patients with the game right now because the latter levels get sooooooooooo repetitive.

    Half-Life 2 is a masterpiece.

    Halo 2 is a fairly enjoyable experience for a weekend on the couch in front of the hi-def tv.

    That’s my opinion, anyhow.

  437. mouphi says:

    The original Halo redefined the FPS genre. Halo 2 is basically the same game with a few tweeks – except it’s AMAZING online or LAN with a router.

    Haven’t played HL2 yet, but by the accounts of people I respect it’s the equivelent of HALO 2 years ago .i.e. absolutely fukkin revolutionary! Can’t wait to get a decent graphics to actually play πŸ˜‰

  438. Coffinfeeder says:

    MArCiiS "Here’s the main difference between console gamers and pc gamers. Console gamers are, by nature, a much dumber gamer than a pc gamer. They put they’r disc in and start shooting. Most of them wouldn’t understand how to play pc games…much less install them. Just look at the posts of all these hl-2 bashers…absolutely immature and very ignorant. the difference can be seen in pc/console games as well. Halo 2 is halo 1, regurgitated, with dual weapons and a sword, the maps are the same repetitive mazes. The in game cg’s dont even finish loading b4 you view them. the models come up without textures and then the textures magically load halfway through, sometimes they don’t even load b4 you finish seeing them. Half life 2 is much more origianl and far more complex…and its greatest legacy is yet to be seen in all the mod games that will follow in its wake. Xboxers will eventually get a far worse version of half life 2, and then they can wait to get their mod games to..separately for 60 bucks more."

    That comment on "consolers are stupid" has no relevance whatsoever. I play console games, and PC games. But I know a damn good amount of stuff about PCs. Probably not as much as someone who sits on HL2 and CS all day and masturbates to Gordon’s "awesomeness". The point being, that I know some shit about computers, and I love PCs, but I play games on both mediums.

    Where do you get off saying HL2 is much more original. That comment is just funny. There is nothing original about the "basic" storyline of HL. Original, would be the story of Halo that is driven from a collection of novels.

    The whole MOD arguement is just stupid. I don’t think it even deserves to be talked about when comparing HL and H2, because 1: the mods dont even exist yet, 2: the mods will not be created from valve- therefore will not really even be part of the game (for these such arguments), 3: mods have endless capability, and are not original to HL2 alone, mods have been around forever- how are you going to bring them up in an arguement abotu which game is better- not which mod someone (not valve, so not even really part of HL2) made for HL2 that is better than Halo 2.

    By the way, you said that xbox users will get a "far worse" version of half life 2, my "average" PC can barely compete with the graphics of some xbox games. So, if youre sayign that the xbox version of HL2 will be "far worse", then you’r saying that HL2 gamers need a PC that is above average to run it well. I’m talking about running it without vid/sound lag, and without turning all of the eye candy off.

  439. Bart says:

    Coffinfeeder said: "my "average" PC can barely compete with the graphics of some xbox games"

    If your system is unable to compete with the Xbox it is obviously outdated.

    An average gaming PC has a 2.0 Ghz PIV CPU, 512MB memory, And something comparable to a Radeon or Geforce videocard.

    The Xbox has a 733Mhz PIII CPU, 64Mb memory and a videocard comparable to a GeForce4 Ti 4400.

    Also, something I keep wondering. How do you play Halo 2? With a gamepad or something???? I tried that once and found that it is almost impossible to aim quickly with those thumbsticks. That alone makes the Xbox useless to me as a FPS gaming platform.

  440. Coffinfeeder says:

    Bart: "Coffinfeeder said: "my "average" PC can barely compete with the graphics of some xbox games"

    If your system is unable to compete with the Xbox it is obviously outdated.

    An average gaming PC has a 2.0 Ghz PIV CPU, 512MB memory, And something comparable to a Radeon or Geforce videocard."

    Yes, my PC is outdated. But 2.0 GHZ, 512MB mem, and Geforce Vid card would be the average specs of a PC gamer’s comp. That is no where near the average for the common PC user.

    I also thought aiming with the gamepad was very difficult, because I played q3 for a good 4-5 years on the PC. The thing with the xbox controller is you can set the sensitivity, just like a mouse sensitivity. So it’s quite easy to get used to. I still don’t prefer it over a mouse and keyboard… but its not hard to master enough to be competitive on xbox live.

  441. messiah says:

    Bart was right. The average computer DOES have those specs, weather you agree with him or not Feeder. I dont know what the fuck your trying to proove, all your doing is being up the same damn points over and over again.

    "Mods dont count! Wait! Im not done arguing about the same thing yet! come back!." Just shut the fuck up, im tired of it. And this shit with you keep bringing up this masturbation point where we masturbate to HalfLife2? I used to think you were bring up valid points(i was blinded by your manners and polite bullshit) but now i see all your trying to do is change our minds and convince us to "think" something else. Do us all a favor and shut the fuck up, its not going to work. Sit the fuck down.

  442. Bart says:

    Coffinfeeder, I got my averages from 1.2 million people that took the Steam survey. You can see the results for yourself here:


  443. Coffinfeeder says:

    Bart: "I got my averages from 1.2 million people that took the Steam survey. You can see the results for yourself here"

    Steam? haha. Am I the only one who read taht post and laughged? Is steam not affiliated with COUNTER STRIKE AKA HALF LIFE? Do you really think that anyone who doesn’t play PC games is going to take that survey. Man you’re dumb. Everyone who took that poll, in some way, shape or form likes to play PC games or CS. Like someone’s mother is going to stumble across the steam survey and happen to give them her shitty PC specs in it.

    messiah: "Bart was right… bla bla bla, I’m an angry loser"

    Messiah, I know 1 or 2 people with a computer with those specs or better. I don’t know where you get saying that, I hope youre not taking your points from the same survey. And how the hell DO mods count, they did NOT come with the the game package. Valve never CREATED mods, there have been mods since Duke 3d. Everything that I compare with Halo 2’s specs is created BY bungie or MICROSOFT, the ACTUAL creators of the product. Not some random kid who spends his entire day playing a PC game, who has nothing better to do in life than try to make a cool MOD. I’m not saying mods are bad, I’m sayin- how the hell can you compare a MOD created by someone who is NOT affiliated with valve AT ALL? You can’t. Now stfu. Man I hope you’re removed from the posts for such posts of targeted hatred.

  444. TOR says:

    My mother and grandmother took that survey fool, got a problem;) oh and by the way, even though valve doesnt make mods its still their engine, and if you get someone experienced enough to make a mod it will most likely be pretty close even if valve dide’nt made it.

  445. TOR says:

    I mean "did’nt".

  446. Bart says:

    Coffinfeeder, I was talking about gaming PC’s, not your mothers kitchen PC.

  447. sensible person says:

    you’re all fucking gay shit eating cock suckers. Don’t you realise that both these games are absolute cow shit, both suck as, both have shit stories, though hl2’s is worse. Get some decent games like Tetris or Super Mario. Fucking gay cunts shaft your games H2 and HL2 sounds like some new toilet cleaner. Fucking sound like a bunch or baby girls arguing with each other over who is the biggest fairy. The only thing you lot a fit to argue about is whose got the smallest brain and why none of you have any dicks to speak of!!!! A couple of people on this childish site have mentioned others behave like 12 year olds, they dont, they behave the same as everyone else, like fucking 5 year olds. I think you need to get some pussy and lighten up. Seriously get Tetris and you’ll realise that Gordon ‘gayboy’ Freeman is about as good as what last came out your arse

    hope this talks some sense into you.

    Best wishes sensible person.

    P.S. TOR sounds gay, really fucking gay!!!

  448. GOD says:

    I don’t see why you guys are complaining (about both games) that "They weren’t really a new game from the first one" …Well, duh! it is supposed to be the sequel to the first game, not a whole new game…

  449. Ghost says:

    I think we create a forum where its CoffinFeeder vs. World, because all he seems to be doing is arguing with everyone, despite their argument. CoffinFeeder, lighten up man. Fuck.

  450. Bart says:

    Sensible person: Why don’t you get a real life and start playing some Half Life 2?

  451. OMI says:

    Open Your Eyez and See!

  452. sensible person says:

    hey bart why don’t you….EAT MY SHORTS


  453. Bart says:

    Well… Because you only wear pantyhoses…

  454. GOD says:

    get real life and play a different video game…that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard…

    I’ve agreed with most of the things CoffinFeeder has said

  455. sensible person says:

    oh my GOD, GOD is such a dick head, why dont you get your head out your arse so you dont speak so much shit.

    fucking cunt

  456. Tor says:

    hey, faget (cough, cough) I mean sensible person: you cant make fucking omlets and you suck the man juice.

  457. Tor says:

    Tetris? u cant be serious.

  458. Tor says:

    so, its better than your mom.

  459. Tor says:

    You sad bastard, have you got nothing to do, get a life

  460. Tor says:

    Why do we have so many dicks posting on this site like Coffinfeeder and sensible person?

  461. Tor says:

    Will you stop impersonating me fucking cunt

  462. irsh bastard says:


    OMG that was the funniest thing i ever saw, sensible person, ur posts are pure fucking genious! im laughing so hard right now!

  463. Coffinfeeder says:

    Most of those kids who come in and say "All of you guys are gay" are just a bunch of idiots. I bet hes a dope head. I’m suprised his name isn’t "I_smoke_w33d420".

    Anyways, I’m not trying to argue, I’m just trying to defend David against Goliath. Both games are probably great in their respected fields. It’s just like someone posted earlier, most people who are on this forum are using a PC, and probably a PC gamer. Someone has to be here to give H2 its rightful defense. Probably a good bit of hte people who like H2, sadly are a bunch of college frat kids who drink beer, get wasted then play H2. So they’re definately not gonna sit on a computer and argue which is better, they’ll just say "f*ck you all,I don’t care bla bla bla-" and go smoke some more weed.

    So, to each his own. All of the Halo fans will go on xbox live and play their games. And all of the HL2 people will get on CS and have a ball. As long as everyone is happy- who gives a damn.

  464. Clown says:

    I was really disappointed by Halo 2. The only thing it’s good for is sucking balls. The Halo 2 E3 video was bloody awesome, but was it in the final game? NO. All the levels blow. And, they also had to ruin the slightly entertaining mulitplayer of Halo 1. Half Life 2 is the best game i’ve ever played, and even with everything on low, it still beats Halo 2’s ass into the ground. Plus, what kind of idiot wants to play FPS on a console with a big ass controller. Give me a mouse and keyboard anyday.

  465. Clown says:

    I was really disappointed by Halo 2. The only thing it’s good for is sucking balls. The Halo 2 E3 video was bloody awesome, but was it in the final game? NO. All the levels blow. And, they also had to ruin the slightly entertaining mulitplayer of Halo 1. Half Life 2 is the best game i’ve ever played, and even with everything on low, it still beats Halo 2’s ass into the ground. Plus, what kind of idiot wants to play FPS on a console with a big ass controller. Give me a mouse and keyboard anyday.

  466. Clown says:

    Grr can you please remove the second one

  467. Nighthawk says:

    —–"Bart: "Coffinfeeder said: "my "average" PC can barely compete with the graphics of some xbox games"

    If your system is unable to compete with the Xbox it is obviously outdated.

    An average gaming PC has a 2.0 Ghz PIV CPU, 512MB memory, And something comparable to a Radeon or Geforce videocard."

    Yes, my PC is outdated. But 2.0 GHZ, 512MB mem, and Geforce Vid card would be the average specs of a PC gamer’s comp. That is no where near the average for the common PC user."

    =====Actually, that is he average pc for any normal person, not usually a good gfx card, but most average pc’s now daysfor even a home or office is about that if not higher.

    —–"The Xbox has a 733Mhz PIII CPU, 64Mb memory and a videocard comparable to a GeForce4 Ti 4400."

    =====Xbox has a specially made geforce 3 Ti, which isnt even comparable to a geforce4 Ti 4400

  468. lINKYBOY says:

    who the hell said the avg PC is 2GHz! My amd xp1700 and GF4-420mx such on CS-source, going between 5-30fps in multiplayer.

    Halo 2 0wns j00 all

  469. Arboter says:

    I agree with Cofinfeeder. All the Half Life 2 fans are going to have a PC but the Halo 2 fans are going to be playing on there XBOX

  470. Arboter says:

    I forgot to mention how does any video game character stack up to Master Chief? Halo 2 kills Half Life 2!

  471. Kor says:

    Christ, a new video card for Half Life 2!? I could run it on a GeForce 2 64MB at 60-100 FPS most of the time on 1024*768 with only a serious drop of FPS in large-scaled battles, which I think were especially to blame on my processor and memory (Athlon 1800+, 384 MB SDRam). So you won’t need a brand new card to play it. Of course, if you want to play it in all it’s splendour an up-to-date video card won’t be out of place.

    And Halo 2 is just Halo with some very minor improvements. Gun ‘n run, little more. It’s fun for a while but gets boring too quickly. Halo got boring after about halfway, Halo 2 at 1/4 of the way because it’s all the same. Half Life 2 also has a bit more gunnin’ in it than the original but it still rocks Halo in every aspect, except perhaps AI.

  472. Nighthawk says:

    —–who the hell said the avg PC is 2GHz! My amd xp1700 and GF4-420mx such on CS-source, going between 5-30fps in multiplayer.

    ====The average PC for a NEW pc…meaning, ust bought, meaning, not the cheapest thing u can buy…maybe…$1500 or so.

    =====You should be able to play Source just fine unless ur a retard trying to play at max or on high res or something. The game is made able to be played on a 700MHz i believ, it takes very low stats to run hl2 so anyone who complains about not having good enough pc to run it, i doubt that because it runs well on crappy systems, u just have to not be gay and be able to sacrifice some gfx…

  473. Nighthawk says:


    =====You read my mind exactly, Halo and Halo 2 are so symetric. ALL the levels deal with mainly symetric areas with blocks…i cant stand how the levels are so same except a few. Not saying halo/halo2 are bad games, just so symetric and BORING…only MP is good on Halo, HL2 actually has a good SP, and i only like select few SP games. Ive played SP on about 3 of the 100 games i have on PC. Splinter Cell 1&2 (Basically same game style, so its counted as one game), XIII, and NFSU. So Any game that i play SP mode, is a good game.

  474. Coffinfeeder says:

    I believe "gunnin" is a good thing, in a FIRST PERSON SHOOTER. Isn’t that the point of the game, to GUN in the first person mode? I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t buy FPS games so I can pick up a toast oven and throw it at the enemy. I buy it so I can shoot them in the face with an awesome weapon.

    Kor: "Halo got boring after about halfway, Halo 2 at 1/4 of the way because it’s all the same."

    Halo 1 never got boring for me, I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. There is a lot of "runnin and gunnin" in Halo 1, but they put you in certain situations which always makes each battle fun and unique. I don’t know where you get saying it was "boring", you must not like shooting unless you can hold up a toaster along with it.

    ps. XIII was awesome fun, but the AI was horrid πŸ˜›

  475. Nighthawk says:

    —–ps. XIII was awesome fun, but the AI was horrid πŸ˜›

    =====I found the AI pretty good in that game. Not to be realitic acting to the environment, but they dont actually attack or anything till they actually SEE you. Ive seen games where as soon as u come within the are, they just KNOW ur there…Either way, Lots of fun

  476. Coffinfeeder says:


    —–ps. XIII was awesome fun, but the AI was horrid πŸ˜›

    Yea, I loved the style of that game. I played it for PS2 actually, I bet the PC and xbox versions were much better. I wanted to check it out online- I don’t think many people play it though. It was different, I had many a fun hours on that game.

  477. Solid Snake says:

    Are there any PS2 or Nintendo fans on this site

  478. Solid Snake says:

    I think Sensible person and Coffinfeeder are the same person! Any body aggre?

  479. Nighthawk says:

    —–I wanted to check it out online- I don’t think many people play it though.

    Yeh, the game IS fun multi, played some lan with bro and friends b4, but almost NOBODY at all plays online (At least PC version) Although kinda limited, but still fun. Dont know why there arent many who play online…Doesnt even need cd-key does it? if not it doesnt check for it. Neway point being…XIII = f*cking good game

  480. OkinawaMarineSSgt says:

    Here’s my basic Gaming Rig: AMD64 3200 (754 pin), 1G DDR mem, XP Pro SP2, ATI 9800XT (soon to be GeForce 6800 GT 256mb), 76G HDD Raptor 10kRPM, ASUS K8V SE Deluxe mobo and a 30" LCD Sharp Aquos monitor. Everything set on high and 4xAA on HL2. Gents, the game is freakin beautiful in all aspects. Go purchase the game and play crazy. I know it’s unfair comparing HL2 and HALO2 being 2 different platforms. I own an XBOX for 3+ yrs now. It’s showing age fellas. Will wait for HALO2 PC version though. If there’s one coming. Bottom Line is, both games are outstanding. But as soon as I got a copy of HALO2, I sold it the next day to my 13 yr old Japanese neighbor. Dude, upgrade your PC’s GPU. Am telling ya, with HL2 setting the bar on detail, graphics and gameplay…the new generation of PC games to come will be out of this world…HINT: UNREAL Engine 3!!! Coming soon to blow everyone away.

  481. GOD says:

    How are my posts retarded at all??

    Oh yea, and I accidently forgot to put quotes around: "Why don’t you guys get a real life a play a real game like Half Life 2" I was quoting someone, not saying it for myself… I was comenting on how retarded that comment is…

  482. sensible person says:

    I think Solid Snake and Nighthawk are the same person! Anybody agree?

    P.S. solid snake can’t spell for shit.

    what a dum shit


  483. Half Life2 fan says:

    I like Half Life 2 ugh. dugh I I I donnnn’t kkknow wwwhhat an RPG is. Dugh

  484. Solid Snake says:

    Hold your temper Sensible Person and go play your favorite game Barbie Horse Adventure.

  485. Solid Snake says:

    Sensible Person you called me a bad speller you spelt dumb wrong

  486. Nighthawk says:

    "Sensible Person you called me a bad speller you spelt dumb wrong"

    You have very bad grammer. You forgot to put in a period, and "Sensible Person" should be seperated by a comma.

    vvvvv CORRECT vvvvv

    Sensible Person, you called me a bad speller you spelt dumb wrong.

    I just had to make something of your sentence.

  487. Solid Snake says:

    What are you Nighthawk my English teacher?

  488. Solid Snake says:

    I think this webpage isn’t about Half Life 2 and Halo 2 anymore. It seems more like my 8th period class.

  489. Nighthawk says:

    You have revealed my secret, now you must die!

  490. Solid Snake says:

    Hah, you are so funny.

  491. Coffinfeeder says:

    OkinawaMarineSSgt: "Bottom Line is, both games are outstanding. But as soon as I got a copy of HALO2, I sold it the next day to my 13 yr old Japanese neighbor. Dude, upgrade your PC’s GPU. Am telling ya, with HL2 setting the bar on detail, graphics and gameplay…the new generation of PC games to come will be out of this world…HINT: UNREAL Engine 3!!! Coming soon to blow everyone away."

    You’re saying both games are "outstanding", and then you say you sold your Halo 2 to some kid the next day you got it. Come on. If you really believed it was a good game why did you get rid of it the second you got HL2. That don’t really sound right to me. Maybe because youre trying to overhype it (HL2). You say that you’ve owned an xbox for 3+ years, then you’ve probably anticipated the Halo 2 release. I know you wouldn’t be giving it away less than 24 hours from purchase.

    As for the HL2 graphics and engine being "revolutionary", I’m sure they are- but those aren’t the only things that make a game good. I’ll play HL2 when I get around to it, but it seems like most people are making it look larger than life. I’ve read some reviews that seem pretty down to earth though, and they call it an awesome game that doesn’t break any boundaries in the FPS genre, but does what it sets out to accomplish.

    I’ve seen some pics of the unreal 3 engine capabilities, and it looks quite nice. But I’m not a big unreal fan, I’m lookin forward to pariah (hope they beef that up before release) and quake 4. Quake 4 better deliver something AWESOME, or I’ll be highly upset. I want some very extensive SP and scares. I think I’ll be a bit more prone to buying PC upgrades for the new unreal though (and hopefully q4 in the future), I like the scary ones πŸ˜›

  492. Solid Snake says:

    Also know one has answered the question is Coffinfeeder and Sensible Person the same guy/lady.

  493. Solid Snake says:

    Sorry I put a period instead of a question mark I’m gonna hear from Nighthawk.

  494. OkinawaMarineSSgt says:

    I think Bungee should’ve made a PC Version of HALO2 the same time the XBOX version came out. Then and only then will it be able to show it’s true outstanding graphics and gameplay. I know a lot of people will agree with me on this. It’ll get a little expensive and tedious in keeping up with the latest and greatest with PC Gaming Technology. Compared to Console Gaming where all you have to do is slide in the Disc and you’re gaming. But guys, get or build a decent PC Gaming rig, play some of the latest DX9 designed games out there(HalfLife2, DOOM3, FARCRY, HaloPC, CallOFduty, etc.). And wallah, you’ll know why HL2 shines better than XBOX’s top playah (HALO2). My thoughts!!!

  495. Coffinfeeder says:

    Solid Snake: "Also know* one has answered the question is Coffinfeeder and Sensible Person the same guy/lady."

    Solid, youre an idiot if you think that.

    * = no πŸ˜›

  496. Nighthawk says:

    Not only did you put the wrong punctuation, but you also used know, instead of no. Also, just so you know, i wouldn’t have said a thing if you hadn’t said anything about me correctiong you.

  497. Coffinfeeder says:

    OkinawaMarineSSgt: "I think Bungee should’ve made a PC Version of HALO2 the same time the XBOX version came out. Then and only then will it be able to show it’s true outstanding graphics and gameplay."

    Even if that were the case, and they did do that- it wouldn’t look as good graphically as HL2. The main reason would be because they don’t have all that extra time to put into the PC verison that would be needed. Valve has made a PC version specifically, and they tapped into all that they needed to make it as good of a game as it is. Bungie can’t juggle between two different platforms, and make the PC verison look much better. Besides, they would also have to work out a completely new multiplayer for the PC version. With all the hacks and what not that are vulnerable to PCs.

  498. Coffinfeeder says:

    Night, this kid is too young to know proper grammar. Lets just leave him alone and he can think whatever he wants of the matter πŸ˜›

    ps. Any of you guys playing H2 multiplayer want to join my friend list? Maybe we can get together and have some fun, while enjoying one of the coolest features of H2’s multiplayer- fun and easy communication with cool teamtalk. No laggy, unorganized games here >:D

  499. OkinawaMarineSSgt says:

    coffinFEEDER: "You’re saying both games are "outstanding", and then you say you sold your Halo 2 to some kid the next day you got it. Come on. If you really believed it was a good game why did you get rid of it the second you got HL2. That don’t really sound right to me. Maybe because youre trying to overhype it (HL2). You say that you’ve owned an xbox for 3+ years, then you’ve probably anticipated the Halo 2 release. I know you wouldn’t be giving it away less than 24 hours from purchase".

    Dude, am not trying to elevate or hype-up HL2. I don’t dislike HALO2 either. Reason I gave up HALO2 is: waiting and hoping for HALO2 PC version. Now, that would really rock!!! I just want to convey my PC experience to everyone that wants to fully experience pure graphics power. Once again HL2 and HALO2 should be awarded "FPS Game of the year" respectively in PC and Console. You just can’t compare both of ’em right now. Coz u know HALO2 will get beat graphics wise due to XBOX hardware constraints.

  500. Solid Snake says:

    Most of the people on this website are using bad grammer and I’m the only one being corrected on it.

  501. Nighthawk says:

    Sorry, but you started it…

    "Sensible Person you called me a bad speller you spelt dumb wrong"

  502. Nighthawk says:

    Plus you forgot a comma in your last comment.

    Most of the people on this website are using

    v – HERE

    bad grammer and I’m the only one being corrected on it.

  503. Solid Snake says:

    Sensible Person started it.

    P.S. You forgot a period.

  504. Nighthawk says:

    Sorry, that came out bad. It didn’t include the spaces I put in.

    vv CORRECTED vv

    Most of the people on this website are using bad grammer,(HERE) and I’m the only one being corrected on it.

  505. Solid Snake says:

    I’m not talking about the one you wrote at 6:50 I’m talking about the one you wrote at 6:48.

  506. Coffinfeeder says:

    OkinawaMarineSSgt: "You just can’t compare both of ’em right now. Coz u know HALO2 will get beat graphics wise due to XBOX hardware constraints."

    Yes, HL2’s graphics are much better than Halo 2’s. But I think H2’s graphics are pretty damn good with the short leash that bungie had. So yea, if you play games for the graphics, HL2 is where it is. It is the top of the line game for graphics to date.

    For those people who said xbox is showing it’s age- you might be right. But have you recently seen pics for the new farcry (instincts) coming out for xbox? Those graphics look pretty awesome, not "top of the line PC" awesome, but pretty awesome.

  507. Nighthawk says:

    Could you please point out to me where i forgot a period?

  508. Solid Snake says:

    Get a life Nighthawk.

  509. Solid Snake says:

    After wrong.

  510. Nighthawk says:

    That would be a quote you dumbass. You didnt include a period there.

  511. Solid Snake says:

    I haven’t played Half Life 2 yet, but which of the two games has better gameplay HL2 or H2.

  512. Solid Snake says:

    Has anybody heared about the ending for Heroic or Legendary mode on Halo2 somewhere during the credits that it says something about Febuary 9. Don’t take my word for it I’m not sure but I saw it on a website.

  513. irish bastard says:

    everybody tell TOR tHAT he needs to play XIII, and how cool it is.

  514. half suck ass says:

    halo2 kicks half life ass all over the fuckin country bitches

  515. Solid Snake says:

    I agree with the guy above me.

  516. IAN says:

    Here is my 2 cents worth.

    Halo2 is a great game with great graphics and gameplay. The XBOX will only be good for another year or two before the graphics start getting dated like the PS1 is today.

    Halflife2 will always be there for when you are ready but I for one can wait a while for graphic cards to get better and better (and cheaper) before justyfing an expensive upgrade when there are still some great XBox titles about to be released.

  517. bob says:

    half life 2 is AMAZING compared to HALO 2

    I am sorry–graphics, performance and storyline is more immersive in every respect

    there really is no comparison

    however, it did cost me a biatch, but I figure, I am going to have myself some fun with half life 2, halo 2, doom 3 for some time before I buy another game….

    common guys these are not your ordinary shithole games, there won’t be anything like these for at least another year or two (I am still going back in half life and seeing things I did not see before—the details–I could play it a million times and still miss something entertaining)…so buy your chip and buy the shitty games afterward πŸ˜‰

  518. OkinawaMarineSSgt says:

    FYI-Just replaced my ATI 9800XT to a GeForce 6800 GT 256mb. Both cards can play half life 2 flawlessly. Well, if $370+ is within your budget that is. But am telling you guys, it’s worth it for me. As for HALO2, it’s still an awesome piece of art for console gaming. I can’t wait for them to produce the PC version of HALO2 though. That’s when we can start smack talkin’ on who’s the "Mack Daddy" between HL2 and HALO2. My thoughts!

  519. Solid Snake says:

    When is Half Life 2 coming out for XBOX.

  520. you guys don’t know what you guess are saying Halo 2 own half life. Half life go and get another half life so you can compare to Halo 2.

  521. Half life sucks you guys talk about the story too much. I give the story line 1 out of 10. Im not saying Halo is good but Half life sucks

    no doubt.

  522. all you half life people come and play Halo 2 we will own your ass. Half life sucks the graphics sucks there is no doubt

  523. we made more money

    Halo 2 Who made more fans

    Halo 2

    Who keep many college student up at night

    Halo 2

    Who made more friends

    Halo 2

    so take Half life back and get another life before appearing here

  524. Half life sucks when it comes out of Xbox i will never buy it

    Get another life

  525. david martin says:

    they should make more maps for Halo 2 even though it kick Half life’s ass

    the map should be big like cogualtion

  526. what they feature in Half life sucks

  527. Half life sucks the story in half life is only good

    Halo 2 excelled in multiplayer not like Half life

    Whats your reason for liking Half life

    Lets start a battle between Half life and Halo2

  528. Half life sucks

    Halo should be more better if japanese make it because white people don’t have a taste for nature and the outdoors the only down fall for Halo is they make too many stage indoors and you know it if bungie have a lot of asian producer they would make the map more fun to play with. they would make the weather corporate with the levels and the levels will be big like cogualation. If japan is the maker of that game Half life will never compare to it. The japanese will make the stages be in a lake, in a jungle, near a stream, in desert, be in a huge mountain, be in island, be in hillyrocks and more and that will kick Half life 2 so bad Half life 2 will beg for a piece of Halo 2 to be its half life. But Halo 2 will kick its ass it will never show up in this thing. If the makers are japanese halo 2 will own half life so bad.

    So all you white people go and suck those japanese’s cock because you don’t know how to make games. Halo 2 is better than Half life no if and but

  529. shadow says:

    I recently bought my chip for comp..not because I have a particular preference for either game, but because eventually I am going to have to do it; games will evolve along the lines of half life 2:

    you will need more chip power…wait for a cheaper chip? don’t count on it. I have investigated tirelessly (don’t get me started)–on AMD and pentium, they both agree they have reached the speed limit with chips–The production costs will likely stay the same for processors and that expensive ATI and nvidia graphics chip–the new radeon are best for half life 2–in the next 5 years production costs might take a few hundred off…but nothing substantial..

    this is because they are reaching the boundaries of silicon..aparently they are investigating into nanotech–carbon nanotube and nanowire technology to replace silicon in the long run…expect a revolution in 10-15 years…for now…buy the latest chip and enjoy.

  530. shadow says:

    my take on the games:

    half life 2 beats halo 2 in every respect as a game–see it for yourself–the physics source engine–which I have taken liberty to tweak (for myself that is) is very malleable and life-like–things will play out as if in real life–this in turn, makes situations more unpredictable and more entertaining than a regular vido game–I just meddled with this physics in itself and sometimes distracted me from actually passing the game–there is no doubt:

    half life 2 is one of intelligence. You need to use your head and less of the skill to solve problems . The reverse is true in halo 2: although graphics are outstanding, it does not compare to the source engine integrated in hl2 game (it feels more like a movie than the free will in hl2–or apparent that is). The storyline is at times, thin, however very original–it gives the creepy, dark feeling the original transmitted (both storylines are similar–aliens and the whole shebaz)..however hl2 with the combination of it’s sinister air; that it transmits through audio and video, gives the storyline credit–almost to the point that you might beleive such an occurance might occur in the future (and at the end, it ends up looking strong–although it might seem a little bit silly at the beginning). More aliens and originality–valve also tied in a lot of concepts from movies (starship trooper anyone–remmemnber those aliens that came out of the sand upon hearing your footsteps? or the "overwatch" of 1984?)–it almost seems that valve took all sci-fi concepts from different sources and made one box of it, adding it’s own undertone and ideas and intertwined it succesfully; which is quite surprising.

    the bad thing of half life 2 is that it does not have a good multiplayer like halo 2, however don’t worry–with vavle’s "steam" I am sure they will "patch" us half life 2 owners in no time once they hear the plea. Counter strike beta has better graphics and the immersive physics engine–which makes it much better experience–and allows players to use more of their witts than just blind skill with the keyboard. Nevertheless–it’s the same worlds, slightly tweaked–they need to make it more immersive like halo2–halo 2 is incredibly immersive in multiplayer–(also I find the use of vehicles a lot more fun as well)–halo 2 kicks half life 2’s ass in multiplayer–no doubt.

    As I had stated, I have no preference. However, I beleive half life 2 is a superior design as a game than halo2.

  531. iot says:

    half life 2 is better. period.

  532. my real name is andrew--but who the hell cares says:

    I know many of you have probably wondered if alienware computers were actually worth the exorbitant and insane cost they put on that little label…

    well, I actually bought one of these computers. No, I am talking about the "ALX". The real deal…It’s the most retarded shithole excuse for a computer that I have ever come across. The computer I built buying chips individually is 20 times better than the "ALX"–which is what the retarded employes call it with a fucking idiotic accent as if it were their genitals or something. In fact, I could have built a better computer by shitting in a toilet

    The case itself is clumsy as hell–when I tried to pick it up it almost fell apart–so much for the "alienware" case. The little briefcase and useless pen (it did not work) looked "all so kool" when I realized the briefcase would not lock in place and the pen was fucked up beyond beleif. Then the first thing that happened when I turned the machine on–was an incredible and startling engine sound—wtf?–it was the incredible "silent coolant system" that was breathing air out from the upperside of the case-WOW. When I started to play a game at first– it froze and shut down–so I restarted it. and it froze again…I checked the graphics, system and software–everything seemed normal.

    It had a fan on top of the machine (that supplied the "incredibly silent coolant system" with air)and a led display ontop of the disc drives–it was blasting–I changed it to level 1 from 3…the fan went slower…the games ran smoother…and I could at least hear the speakers.

    but every hour or so, it would fart like a mofo. The graphics? any better? not really, they look almost the same as my own built computer (actually slightly worce). I looked inside the computer and realized the only difference was the "all so kool coolant system" (did not do a dam thing), the retarded looking case, and the fan system that was different.

    shit, and then when I investigated where the hell alienware was (to make sure it was not like a fucking scam or something)–it turned out that it was actually a computer company…I was very surprised..aparantly it’s based in florida…? and the guy who started it is from south america…hmmmm..interesting. In fact, I am still not sure if it’s a fucking scam; or maybe something dealing with drugs?…

    well, let’s just leave it at…if you want a good computer(GAMES comp) buy from some other company—or build it yourself…get the different chips in place..and the "incredibly silent coolant system" (actually don’t get that, if your going to buy a coolant system, don’t buy the alienware coolant system, buy …any, any other one, just not the one alienware puts into it’s ALX–I warned you) and configure it at a hardware store….not very hard to do and will come out A LOT LESS EXPENSIVE–and you will most certainly end up with a better computer than a peice of shit.

    hey don’t worry, I have warranty…when asked–what did I say? I told them to send me a computer.

    In fact, I am getting my money back, and I am going to buy nothing for now…I am a little traumatized, I will probably gain composure and simply upgrade the chips in my old computer…

    well. YOU WERE WARNED.

  533. Spazzzzzzz says:

    HL2 All the way!!!!

    ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  534. alienjon says:

    I had a similar predicament and ended up buying both games even though my computer is a little ‘under par’. ‘Under par’ being defined as having to run the game at pretty much the bare minimum. What I can say is this, If you can get half-life 2 to run smoothly under any graphical setting, it is worth it. The gameplay is outstanding as well as the development of the AI, weapons scheme etc… Halo 2 is also a fantastic title. I did notice, to my dismay, that there were some graphical issues with that game as well… Microsoft is REALLY pushing the limits on that game. (by the way, the storyline for Halo 2 is phenomenal! Great play!)

  535. irsh bastard says:

    OMG! alienware sucks… that was the funniest post i ever read… "I could have built a better computer by shitting in a toilet" LOL! i laughed out loud the whole time i read that. plus i will nevr buy an alienware comp, so thx.

  536. irsh bastard says:

    tarrell davis… im guessing are new in america so for now ill go easy but if u ever tell white people to suck on a fucking gooks dick ever again u will probly be stapped in ur throat, and just a suggestion, go here to learn ur fucking english…


  537. Tor says:

    whats up raging shit(just joking).yo irish bastered i was playing thirteen, its fricken awesome.

  538. Tor says:

    oh shit u posted that a long time ago.

  539. tell me you didn’t say that irish bastard you suck go suck some irish ass because im white and i make fun of white people they suck. Go back to church you irish bastard and by the way Halo 2 made more money then half life so go get my a pot of gold.

    Halo 2 rocks Half life 2 sucks

  540. go suck some white trash ass

    then you irish ass

  541. half life isn’t good on multiplayer so shut the fuck up or your green irish ass will be wiped you heard me im black and if you ever talk to me in a negative way i will tell my homeboy to kick your ass heard me your last warning you white trash.

    Halo 2 better multiplayer

    Half life 2 only the story is good

    who won Halo 2

  542. Halo 2 you all bastard don’t know what you are talking about so shut up.

    half life took 6 years in a making Halo only took 3 and whos better Halo 2 if they take 3 years to make it man Half life 2 will be begging for a pot of gold

  543. spell my name right you irish bastard

  544. 3 more years then Halo stomp Half life

  545. darkreaper by the way im not japanese im black and second of all go back to where you come from

    do you like Halo2 orHalf life 2

  546. make more outdoors level for Halo 3 and then Halo will be phenomenal like bloodglutch

  547. to all you people Halo 2 rocks Half life sucks cock

  548. google says:

    I played half life 2 and I did not buy a 900 dollar chip…any of the "ok" radeon chips will do it. If it doesn’t just tap into it a little (overclock). The new chips are overpriced and not that much better anyway

    half life 2 rocks–and that’s not true–half life 2 is still earning and might very well surpass halo 2 after you pussies switch to high gear.

    and yes..I heard a similar thing on alienware sucking really bad. They put an "A" for "customer satisfaction" and grade dell a "B"—hmmm, sounds interesting, If I graded myself I would be top notch too. πŸ˜‰

  549. google says:

    and by the way…halo 2 sucks compared to half life 2

  550. halo 2 big let down! says:

    LOL halo 2 sucks, it is an entire pile of shit compared to HL2. Halo 2’s graphics are pretty much the same, big whoopty doo my gun shines in the sun, who gives a fuck. OMG I can use 2 guns now, nobody cares because for a game that’s based on the far future you still have machine guns and grenades, wow seems like nowadays. The graphics in HL 2 are so much better, there is nothing better. You can’t be the gravitiy gun it is more futuristic than anything in Halo 2. I would agree getting a new video card fore HL2 because once you play HL2 you’d want to sell your xbox to Good Will

  551. google says:

    o and to this terrell davis..I know that you must already know that you are quite stupid. I nfact, I may be very well wasting my complete time writting this for you–but, I guess I am very generous Or are you just acting this way today ?

    or maybe your just acting like this all the time: because you have no life and want some attention? I don’t know I am not a psychologist so I cannot guess on the nature of your problems, and neither do I care..

    but you very well know, that if you were to ever utter the words you have uttered on a street in america, you would probably already be dead. Therefore, I propose you do just that:

    half life 2 was made in about the same time as halo 2-however was delayed many times due to piracy. Halo 2 has an edge due to microsoft’s dominanace, so they surely got a lot of funding, nevertheless, just because you have money, or you have twenty times more employees, does not mean that it’s a better game or they have more talent. Vavle is smarter than bungie because it took them about the same time to make a better game with 20 times less the amount of employes or funding at bungie.

    anyway..I know realized that I have wasted my time and that you are not worth it. but o well, maybe one day you’ll understand. I seek to reach out to people.

  552. darkreaper says:

    what the hell do u mean go backto where u come from?

  553. darkreaper says:

    and i stand at halo 2 i didnt care for the ending but it leads to the release of halo 3

  554. irsh bastard says:

    tarrell davis ur not back, i can tell cuz ur post would have went something a little more like this…

    yoyoyo dogg, yo nigga straight up halo 2 is DAA SHIIIZZLEE!! yall half life motha fuckas betta recanize! for i roll up on yo asses wit my glock 9, pop a cap in yo cracka asses. YEAHH, YEAHH!

    plus if u werent illiterate u would also know that i like halo 2, not halflife.

  555. get a life says:

    all you half life people get a life becuase you know people are playing Halo 2 online not Half life 2 so shut up and go make me a sandwich while i play Halo 2 online

  556. heard that good one get alife i don’t know who you are but nice one while i play Halo 2 online go make me refill my beer and go get me some hotchicks you half life people

  557. terrell davis says:

    yo yo you irish bastard do you think im not black well whos the gang in the street that all white trash fear . SO all you meta fucka betta regonise while i stick my guns into your ass and then pow pow i go and then yall be nothing but dead. So all ya half life people better regonixe whos the man in the street while you praise, Half life will be beat. Halo 2 will sore to the sky then all you white chicks will be on my side. YOu ALL BETTER REGONIXE THE FEELING INSIDE CAUSE hALF LIFE SUCKS

  558. Ghost says:

    You guys really pissed me off now.

    Neither game is better so f’ all of you who moan and groan aboutwhich game is better.

    I was meant to say "evolutionary" not "revolutionary."

    Sorry for the mistake but thats no reason to start cussing eachother ro the grave. Look at you all, your pathetic. Who gives a f*** at to which game is better. Games are for playing and for modding, not for argueing about.

    Someone should stand up and say some more stuff, but I’ve gotta go play some Half Life 2 and Halo 2 for my online review that I’m writing. BTW it’s going to be biased.

    Only a small minority of you lot are of high status while the rest of you are of low status.

  559. GameofDeath says:

    I think my IQ went down 10 point from reading these posts. But on the upside they were quite entertaining.

  560. GameofDeath says:

    Points..i meant..see what i mean?

  561. GameofDeath says:

    That Terrell character must be some little whiteboy who listened to one too many eminem records.

  562. irsh bastard says:

    tarrell i change my mind, im judging now that ur an illegal immagrant from mexico that cant afford a PC (or anything for that matter) and are probly playing halo 2 at a persons house u broke into while they r away, it wont last forever tarrell (and that name doesnt fool me either, i know its probly edwardo) so edwardo take my advice and run as fast as u can back over the border, the government is looking for u and mr. and mrs. smith wont be happy to find u sitting there with ur filthy hands all over there xbox controller wen they come back.

  563. irsh bastard says:

    either that or ur a 12 yr old naglected child that missed out on all the edjucation elementary school has to offer because ur parents hate u.

    either way u have the most horrible spelling/grammer i have ever seen in my entire life.

  564. darkreaper says:

    good one irish bastard lol he probably is a neglectic child.

  565. darkreaper says:

    Edwardo hahahahahahahhahahahahhaha

  566. dude 21 says:

    that dirty mexican

  567. Brian says:

    Hey Guys,

    This has been great and all, but I think I’m going to close out this thread. Thanks for all your comments. I did get a new video card and I got HL2. I’m enjoying both games very much.

    Thanks for all the feedback.


  568. irsh bastard says:

    yo TOR how is XIII, how far is you?

  569. english guy says:

    irsh bastard you are a cunt. Go do yourself cus no one else will you bent gimp.

  570. payton manning says:

    terrell davis you are a fucking tit shut your face or should i say arse cus all thats coming out of it at the moment is shit. Go fuck Irish bastard.

  571. payton manning go help eli and get another because you are hungry for touchdown you want terrell owens right but no you suck so bad all you do is trow the ball to people so suck the fuck up, or you will have no hand to trow the ball. Halo 2 rocks

  572. irish bastard you think im a immigrant im not so if while you are at it go get me some hot chicks. or i will write bad stuff to you again Im cool now so back off because my home boy will come and kick your ass for real. Im not kidding

  573. Halo 2 is the best so shut you a hole

  574. darkreaper says:

    so… what did i miss when i was gone??? looks like things got interesting.

  575. Bob Bubushka says:

    as u can tell from my name………HL2 HL2 HL2 HL2 HL2 HL2!!!!!! n e way half life 2 is so much better than halo 2 by a lot for 3 reasons

    1 graphics r the best i’ve ever seen in a game

    2 story for h2 isnt very good at all while hl2’s story is pretty good

    3 IT ROCKS!!!!

  576. Gordon Freeman-man says:

    ooops i thought i used my other name =) hl2 still rules all over h2

  577. darkreaper says:

    people have their own opinions on what game is the best personnaly i think halo 2 blows halflife out of the f****** water. Regardless of bad ending or not

  578. darkreaper says:

    so go suck on that

  579. TOR says:


  580. TOR says:

    i mean "what"

  581. TOR says:

    and i meant "MULTIPLAYER"……… oops

  582. darkreaper says:

    holy shit half life 2 multiplayer let me go shit a friggin brick. Halo2 has multiplayer,xbox live and kicks ass

  583. darkreaper says:

    Like takin a snipeing position with a lot of ammo and kicking some dude who thinks hes better than yours ass. it rocks

  584. Stormus says:

    Guys, I spent three hours reading these post. I relize I’m to late to state my opinion, considering how this thread has turned into a Jerry Fuckin Springer show. I would like to say thanks to all you 236 people who posted, yes I counted. As for you Terrel Davis, you are a strange one. I really do hope you die for the better of man kind. For the single reason you have terrible, terrible,terrible grammer not to mention your name is the name of the Denver Broncos old running back who I must say was extremely shitty. As for you Irish you’ve been posting for quite a bit you must have free time but i guess i do to read your guyses postes. And Tor and even Coffin and others made this thread the funniest/worst thread I have ever read. Thus this thread will be posted at http://www.planethalflife.com considering im the Co. Founder to the site. Thanks for wasting 3 hours of my life. I will always remeber this thread always….Tear rolls down cheeck..:(


  585. you half life people probably haven’t play Halo 2 yet thats why when you see it around the mall, the stores and ect. you get jealous and thats why you guys are all talking oh Half life is better. Well i tell you guys play Halo 2 online and see for yourself which is better because Half life2 isn’t even posted anywhere

  586. Coffinfeeder says:

    halo 2 big let down!:

    I can use 2 guns now, nobody cares because for a game that’s based on the far future you still have machine guns and grenades, wow seems like nowadays. The graphics in HL 2 are so much better, there is nothing better. You can’t be the gravitiy gun it is more futuristic than anything in Halo 2. I would agree getting a new video card fore HL2 because once you play HL2 you’d want to sell your xbox to Good Will.

    Not everyone cares that much to put money into a new video card. Plus, most people (in teh same boat as me) would have to upgrade FAR more than just the video card. Try, memory, chipset, everything. As far as the price would go for an "average" vid card, try 150-200 dollars. That (the card, no other upgrades) alone is worth as much as an Xbox + Halo 2. How is the gravity gun more futuristic than anything in H2? Yea, the gravity gun sounds cool- but what are the enemies wielding? If the guns in HL2 are so more ‘advanced’, then the enemies should be wielding something futuristic as well- not just a gravity gun war. Although, I don’t know what the enemies use in HL2- someone should clue me in. Anyways, I think H2 has a great weapon set- although lots of hte features are the same for the marine and covenent weapons (ex. snipers). But bungie does a lot to spice things up, like shooting differences, reloading differences, lots of stuff. Just because there is one cool gun in HL2 that utilizes the performances of the PC doesn’t mean the weaponry in HL2 surpasses that of H2.

    I don’t know anyone who is going to throw their xbox away, or give it to Good Will- just because they bought HL2. If I had HL2, and I did think it was better than Halo 2, say even a lot better- I stil wouldn’t throw my xbox away. There is tons of fun to be had with xbox games, they are a lot different than PC games. Plus, the only games I prefer to be on the PC are MMORPG and FPS. I would never play a fighting game on the computer. Using the keyboard to control everything sucks. So, the PC is best for FPS and MMORPG, but it sucks (I think) for most other games. Using a console controller for the other type of games (ex. action/adventure) is far easier and enjoyable.

  587. Coffinfeeder says:

    google: "half life 2 was made in about the same time as halo 2-however was delayed many times due to piracy. Halo 2 has an edge due to microsoft’s dominanace, so they surely got a lot of funding, nevertheless, just because you have money, or you have twenty times more employees, does not mean that it’s a better game or they have more talent. Vavle is smarter than bungie because it took them about the same time to make a better game with 20 times less the amount of employes or funding at bungie."

    Yes, bungie has a better staff and funding. You are correct. But valve has better resources, medium, etc. Bungie was limited to the specs of the XBOX. And most of the PC users/HL2 gamers have said countless times that the xbox is "showing its age", meaning the graphics and capabilities aren’t that great anymore. But did bungie still manage to make a game that pre-sold over 1.5-2 million copies? Yes they did. Give them credit for that. I will give valve credit for making a visually awesome game, although they had plenty of resources at their hands- it was still valve that put it together- so congrats to valve. But congrats to bungie for making a good (in my opinion awesome) game out of a pile of outdated technology.

    As for how long the games took to come out- who cares? I don’t. Both companies had piracy problems, although valve’s was much worse. As long as the games hit hte shelves within a reasonable amount of time, I don’t think it matters which one was completed first, in my opinion that doesn’t tell you which company is better. For example, what if a company works very slow on a game, because they want everything to be perfect to it- they pay attention to every detail. Does that mean they’re company sucks bcause it took them longer to make the game? I wouldn’t think so, if hte result was an awesome game.

  588. Coffinfeeder says:

    Sorry, this is for the previous post, so you can tell what part is his πŸ˜› :

    halo 2 big let down!: "I can use 2 guns now, nobody cares because for a game that’s based on the far future you still have machine guns and grenades, wow seems like nowadays. The graphics in HL 2 are so much better, there is nothing better. You can’t be the gravitiy gun it is more futuristic than anything in Halo 2. I would agree getting a new video card fore HL2 because once you play HL2 you’d want to sell your xbox to Good Will."

  589. Coffinfeeder says:

    get a life: "all you half life people get a life becuase you know people are playing Halo 2 online not Half life 2 so shut up and go make me a sandwich while i play Halo 2 online"

    Thats a pretty funny post bro πŸ˜›


    What multiplayer? CS with new graphics? Awesome, just awesome. I guess I’m the only person in the world who thought CS was boring and retarded.

  590. Coffinfeeder says:

    Wow, I jsut read the news- HL2 does have a ‘new’ multiplayer. Congrats HL2ers. I’m glad valve finally delivered something other than a beefed up CS. I’ll have to read more into it to see how it sounds. The only gripes I’ve read about are as follows:

    1: Two multiplayer maps (whatt?- only 2?)

    2: A lot of the host servers are severely lagged. (too bad they’re not playing on xbox live, the lag-free (almost) system πŸ˜€ )

  591. darkreaper says:

    hey stormus im glad all of us were able to be a part in wasting your time why the hell would u read the posts for 3 damn hours anyway what u dont have a life or something.

  592. darkreaper says:

    Get a damn girl or a blow doll or somthing else to do with your life

  593. retired from valve says:

    you see…the genius of steam is that you can upgrade technology as it comes. You "patch" up users at your own discretion, upgrading their drivers and games. Therefore, it takes relatively little time for developers to react to ongoing demand by the consumers. Chip costs will eventually go down and XBOX (or any other consoles) will become increasingly outdated in a short amount of time. Consoles cannot react fast enough to demand and therefore will naturally lag behind. What you have to realize is that HL2, is STILL not finished. Patches and new software will be installed every time you log onto steam. Hl2 does not require a super-powerful chip either; just go to http://www.planethalflife.com or http://www.steampowered.com. I am sure they will supply you with information on the requirements. And even if you know nothing about drivers or computers, but install steam, it will do it automatically for you (tell you the hardware requirements that you need and update your software). The central point is going back to the source in point: the future of the game industry will be computers, at least for the near future. This will be true until the day something like steam appears on a console with integraded software and more complex chipset. Nevertheless, this will naturally raise the value and cost of any console and be comparable to any computer at that time; so why not install it simply on your computer? The playability with either a keyboard or controller is a thing of preference, and they are also coming out with these for computers very soon (USB port configured). I will say computers will dominate the game industry for about 6 years when a new dominant console will probably take over; which will then be preceded by PC’s once again. However, things being the way they are, and the still unrealized potential of steam make it a very interesting time for the gaming industry in general: the day everything is done through programs like steam, will mean less costs for games due to the eradication of publishers and ultimately prices falling below those of game consoles..but let’s not count our chickens and rather see which one’s hatch, shall we?

    Personnally if I lacked the funds, I would buy an XBOX. I would simply wait for half life 2 and play it on the game councel: if you are poor you most likely have only one computer, which happens to be also your working computer. It is not a good idea to put steam or for that matter (valve has no liability to faulty programming that might otherwise come through steam), or any other program such as steam on your working computer. I have a preference of not putting anything such as this, due to addware and spyware, that could ulteimately screw up your system, privacy and working files. The wisest budget decision would be to buy the XBOX. HL2 is great, but it’s not GOD either, and there are interesting titles you can play while you wait. Nevertheless, if you have the funds, let’s say an extra 200$-450$, and already have the XBOX, I see no obstacle for you to upgrade your computer and have it "up to gear"

    Thus the best policy for your maximum game experience and enjoyement, given the chaotic nature of the game industry is to have a popular game console AND upgrade your computer. Nevertheless, it brings a cost or risk of insecurity.

    Therefore, I beleive this to be a fight between the low-middle class gamers and middle class gamers as well as people with different priorities. You should not upgrade your computer ONLY for half life 2, but for the future games that will need more computer power.

    Experience is better on computers, HALO 2 fans are people that have generally not played or liked keyboard controls and therefore naturally prefer the XBOX. It’s a matter of preference more than anything else and a paramount to the coming age: and more credit to HL2 fans, because they most likely like the game due to the experience and not an inhibition, making them more apt to rate the game. Hl2 is a superior game (prooved–basically polls and common sense) with future promise of superior convenience and H2 is one of economic convenience with current comfort and convenience in play. Your preference, your choice.

    And yes, Gordon Freeman is a real person. We took his name because he was well known in the sciences.

  594. Butthead says:

    No, Halo 2 is better.

  595. darkreaper says:

    Butthead is right halo 2 kicks asssssss

  596. irsh bastard says:

    that ost was way to long and inm very stoned to read it so im not going to!!!!!!!!

  597. andrew says:

    hey–I just like messing with you, it’s not halo 2 or half life 2—my identities on this thread are:

    butthead, retired from valve, google, iot, shadow, and my real name is andrew but who the hell cares.

    It really does not matter. We are connected by the common shacles that binds us into enternal existence. Nature controls you because individual reason would otherwise fail and die-. Religion supplies you with sanity and the ending of half life is the key to the source of the meaning of life: the preservation of existence.

    proof to the thing of nature? just look at your response–I knew you would feel rejection toward a small valve person telling you to buy half life 2 in a subtle manner…telling you it’s a better game–even if it were true. you would reject it just because. Humans are driven my emotion (I simulated it for you–butthead, and you fell right in), not reason, a sort of high end emotion, why do mothers care for their babies…why do brothers love each other? because of the hardwired instinct (yes, half life 2) that has been programmed by nature in order to preserve our existence: our survival…nature makes us do things, in such a way as if it were the hive mind..

    does this information help you at all? not really, the truth is not beneficial in the least, it will only lead to further unhappiness, destruction, and insanity. In reality religion (our evolutionary way of keeping our own under control–simulated through the feeling of "spirituality" in the brain–chemicals) is what keeps a lot of people in sanity and happiness . and such..so why do I tell you this? because I am sick of the hypocracy of the philosophers, of the learned, of the stupid and retarded a like: you cannot justify things according to linear reasoning:

    if we are to really undergo a "reasonable" dissection of reality and to advance as a culture we must input everything that forms a human being–and the hive mind –nature (the smartest–due to the combined individual hardwired intelligence–instinct–that has been brought forth through the trial and error of millions of years of evolution)–eventually in computers that could rate arguements…and eventually in thousands of years, of our control of the natural processes of reality…but for now we must rely on nature, because we are too stupid for anything else

    I know this will torment you (or maybe I am telling you so you will reprobate my crap as reverse psychology)–and maybe get you out of your repeditive games (which have been repeated Terrel Davis–so many times…so so many times—it’s like you were part of the programming of a computer to me by now) I already know the reactions and the other…even before anything is to take place..because we are so hive minded by nature…

    let’s spread a little reason by increasing insanity…sorry for bursting your bubble.

    I hate halo 2 and like it at the same time…


  598. bubu (yes you guessed it I am the person who poste says:

    you are so fucked up man, I mean what da hell crawled up your ass? I can’t even fathom the nature of your problems—WOW

    get a life

  599. butthead says:

    so obvious, freiken morons (I do not say this in contempt bur rather to seem interesting to the person that reads this–the truth–a simulated example of common jerkoff morornic internet writting); the way you answer, the way you talk, the way you play your games because your insecure and are piles of crap:everyone has the same personality: as if I were talking to the same person.

    your answer: feeling of rejection, but inner humor to releive the tension in my words (which will be concidered by you as half truths that do not accurately describe the whole truth–and eager to settle them down with humor–shows them to be ludicrous and funny)–to releive you in comical releif and justify your actions and life–putting in a joke here and there..and lecturing me on some goodness of life:

    my answer: there is goodness in life and happiness because there is no truth—is this bad? no–am I accusing you? no—I am saying that I am sick and tired of reactions around me…

    your answer: I do not understand you, you are fucked up, I suggest you go to a psychologist, spend some time outdoors and with living people. why are you writting and waisting your time, stop waisting my time.

    my answer: I have studied psychology, am a psychologist and psychiatrist at the most basic level, –I have spent time outdoors, and with living people..

    your answer: —

    my answer: I am the first person on this EARTH, who has stopped beleiving in Santa Clause..and I am not imposing anything on you, but rather telling you of hypocracy–if you are to ever entertain yourself that you are purely reasonable—do not lie to yourself..because to be purely reasonable you would have to acknoledge what I had said..which goes against your grain and instinct, which you will surely reject not only in basis, but on the fact that not even my assertions reflect reality.

    am I special? no, Am I a genius–am I trying to boast my intelligence, my knowledge, my physical attributes? no, in fact, I lack in all.

    so what is my purpose in writting this message:

    nothing….just reavealing to you, the real truth, partially out of boredom with myself, and partially out of annoyance. I have stopped beleiving in Santa Clause…and want to share my views with you..even if they may offer absolutely nothing to your happiness, sanity or survival of daily life–actually unhappiness, insanity and extinction…but at least you will know that there is no santa clause

    and so, that was the purpose of my message.

  600. Bened says:

    You are all arguing about different things; HL2 Vs Halo2, PC vs Console, etc.

    With regard preference – Each to his own!

    But when you compare HL2 and Halo2 with regard complexity of the game engines/improvement upon predescessor/benchmark left by each title. HL2 wins hands down. HL2 really is spectacular, from start to finish. Its an epic journey, and the way the game feels when you play it is undescribable. It really is something else and no other game plays like it to date.

    Now, Halo 2 is a great game, its very fun, lovely. But its not pushing the boundaries like HL2. Like the original Halflife, HL2 is gonna influence many games to come – I look forward to those titles.

    Halo 2 as well as not pushing the boundaries of games isnt pushing the boundaries for halo either. Id have to agree with the people saying that its basically Halo 1 with added weapon capabilities, etc. This doesnt mean that its a bad game.

    As far as the console vs pc war goes – Well I have an XBOX and a Gaming PC. To be honest in my eyes PCs are better because theyre always upgradable, and therefore always many steps ahead of consoles. BUT, computers are alot more complex than consoles and it is nice to whack on the ole console every now and then and just instantly be able to play a quality game such as halo, etc. The thing I like about the XBOX is that you can completely customise it. Ive fitted mine with a larger HDD and ive even got Linux running on it – hehe now you dont like that do you mr Gates πŸ˜‰

    Make your own choice. But console lovers you must accept that as far as technology goes (in the games and in the systems) PCs are always ahead.

    FPS games are best controlled with a mouse!

  601. Coffinfeeder says:

    Butthead, I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you- but what you’ve just said in those last few posts is not the "truth", its your dumb ass rambling about stuff that no one here cares about. No one cares what you think of life, how you react to their comments or vice versa- they are here to debate HL2 vs Halo 2, not: is butthead a genius or a raging lunatic.

  602. Coffinfeeder says:

    retired from valve:

    I agree with most of what you said in that last post. Except one thing. I think that PC will dominate in the graphics department, but that doens’t necessarily mean that the PC wil rule the gaming world for 6 years, or any long time. I think there will always be a close race between the two. But like I said, PC graphics will always be far superior to console. The thing about console gamers is this: I have a PC and consoles, I like playing some PC games (older ones- haven’t played any recent ones since painkiler), and I also like console games. I play the console for 2 reasons: 1. There are tons of games for consoles that never come out for the PC- which I obviously want to try out. 2. I only believe that PC rule the FPS gaming department- I would never touch a PC when trying to play.. say a street fighter game (just an example). So, from my view point, the PC is great for graphics, and mostly just dominant in the FPS genre. I prefer the mouse and keyboard over the console sticks, but the console sticks are also very easy to get used to.

    The main reason why I don’t think the PC will rule the gaming world is because lots of people enjoy the consoles for being so easy and virtually simple. They don’t want to get a cg loading error and have to figure out why their game won’t even get past the starting screen. They like how stable consoles are. But also, like I already stated, there are tons of games taht people love that are only for the console. So, the PC doesn’t even necessarily have a fraction of all the games that are coming out. Say someone wants to play a final fantasy game, they’re not going to load it up on their PC. For one thing, it is nonexistant on the system, and 2. they probably like using a console controller to play the game.

    PC = good for FPS/graphics

    Console = good for virtually everything else. (no compatibility, no errors, smooth playing- if the game is coded and made correctly.)

  603. google says:

    PC will dominate because it is highly flexible..there will be some time before a console matches it’s supremacy–nevertheless, you are right in saying that there are some games better for XBOX and some better for computer. However, in general, the latest games will not be fit (in the future–at least for the time being) for XBOX until there is a new upgrade–and thereofre there will be people that diverge and keep playing XBOX games and PC…most will see PC as the most attractive:

    You have incorrectly jumped to the assumption that I have meant "dominating the market" as more market revenue. No, this is not what I mean. Consoles have been known, AS A WHOLE to superseed their PC counterparts on game sales (during 2000-2004 period). Yet, you also have to concider that consoles hit the market for a couple of years, and then die..making it hard for you to buy your games on your console because it is outdated. Therefore, PC’s have an increased revenue over a LONGER PERIOD of time. ALL these things come in cycles..and since the first cycle has already started taking the period’s starting point as the XBOX’s being outdated, then comes the next phase where PC’s gain dominance again–and this is what is meant: in the future–or rather, right now–the latest games will tend to swerve to PC–slowly–in fact this has happened recently statistically and is only projected to increase—read here:


    for statistics regarding a couple years ago on consoles that superseeded PC

    Don’t worry–I beleive PS3 has been delayed until past 2005–much passed–because of a cancellation..I project something in 6 years because even if a new console comes out with better game play–I do not beleive it will be able to sustain even the high end games..without shedding it’s economic convenience–and why buy if it is worth equally to a computer–the reason for a rise in game consoles has been a wall–silicon is reaching it’s dead end..and it will be some time–15-20 years before they break the nanotube wall..THerefore I beleive there will come an age of PC dominance in games–as has happened in the past–but a little bit more prolonged..(by this I mean a longer sustained revenue instead of little spikes on the graph)..have chip prices not escalated more than in the past? and then you can expect a future–where computers and consoles a like, drop in price, and run, much, much faster, (heavenly nice machines) but that will be around 2020, and I beleive you will all be old…THerefore enjoy your future..that is, the computer. Instead of offering you the illusion of choice, I will take the liberty of choosing for you….HAHAHA

    In the end you have more of an accumulation on PC, than on XBOX or any one console…demonstrating the dominance of the PC, go ahead, count your games, say in 3 years, then get back to me. However, I also was very humble–and I do realize that it is counting chickens before they hatched–I am not arrogant enough to say in which way such a complex set of demand and supply will partake–unlike yourself. But concidering the market in the past and how it has gone in cycles, you can expect it to do it again…just like so many people react in effect to the same cause. I do not expect you personnally to shift to PC, until it is too painful to bear..most will have a combination of PC and console..buying new consoles every 3 years or so–and amassing a majority of games on PC: the effect.

    retired from valve and butthead are the same person. Coffinfeeder.

    HAHAHA, I love it

    I did not expect you to answer in any other form than the one that you did–

    taking the words from my post —-you will not only reject it in basis but reject the very merit of it–you can check–and I KNOW, and YOU KNOW that you don’t care, right? obvcourse..hehe.

    I am sorry..but you are so and so…no one cares…and get a life—are all very very well known. next shield—yes, bla bla bla, but you ACTUALLY bla bla bla…this has nothing to do with bla bla bla, and with another derivation of a lack of merit–you suck and no one actually cares…there are many many chatrooms, for many many psychopaths…go there instead of game thread..bla bla bla..always the same….you are no different than everybody else

    I have already known your reaction…how does it feel to se predictable?

    your answer: I rather be like everybody else than be a raging lunatic…wow, did I steal it from you? come and say something original and beat me…it’s not that hard..there are a lot of VERY VERY common rhetoric that are used as shields that can beat me…or say a brief statement and ignore me… or — (ignore me altogether) –I have predicted all your responses: take fuck you as a response–wow, even more predictable.

    another–I did not even read your post..it was so long…HAHa, your so fucked up.. bla bla lba

    best answer to this one: HAHA, you are correct, google, you really are–haha, you make NO FUCKING SENSE—now to some pertanen….bla bla bla.

    in a never ending paradox

    HA HA HA

  604. irsh bastard says:

    andrew… ur so fucked up… u sound like a fucking phsyco, u need to take some classes man, classes.

  605. irsh bastard says:

    seriously man… classes.

  606. irsh bastard says:

    oh and by the way…

    HAHA, you are correct, google, you really are–haha, you make NO FUCKING SENSE, U are so fucked up… and u dont know wat u r talking about and half life 2 is better! and Halo 2 SUCKS SO FUCK YOU!

    u think ur so smart but ur just a fucking nerd thinking for hours of some shit to say on a fucking website, iu can say anything u want but it doesnt count for anything, everything u said about us, predictable, insecure, and all the same, what the fuck makes u any different u fucking idiot, ur sitting at ur fucking desk just like the rest of us, if u were any different u wouldnt have bothered posting anything, u should be doing something more preductive like huffing gas like i always do, and then hit a line of crack or something, get a life man.

  607. darkreaper says:

    hloy shit what the hell happend no more talk on Halo2 or halflife now were talkin bout a dude needing classes……. man this just keps getting better and better.Lmao

  608. darkreaper says:

    Holy* and Halflife2*

  609. darkreaper says:

    The special bus yey!

  610. Coffinfeeder says:


    You apparently do not understand how I respond to posts. Because when I respond to posts I give both what I agree with and then what I do not agree with. Open your eyes.

    Anyways, I do agree that consoles get outdated fast, and that is the biggest (and only) disadvantage of them, unless you want to consider adding in the controller fiasco.

    You don’t understand the point why I am here. I normally never post on any forums, ever. I definately don’t post on gaming forums. I began posting on this one because I thought that H2 needed some sort of defense. Everyone obviously knows how superior HL2 is when it comes to graphics and engine- and they just use that point to say it is the greatest game ever. So I thought I had to defend it- and that I did.

    And for the record, I personally don’t care what anyone does on the computer. It’s their life, and if they want to waste it in front of a monitor thats fine with me. I can understand why they would, but thats not something that I do- maybe something I used to do. I have other things in life now that I have to attend to. I commented saying his post had nothing to do with the subject because it didn’t, clearly. The subject is HL2 vs Halo 2, and his post was about life and stupid shit "that no one cares about". And he also ranted on about it in a point of superiority. I like talking about Halo2 vs HL2, not someone’s religous/life/personal preferences- those don’t really belong here.

    btw: what is with the "HA HA HA", kinda odd ;P

  611. andrew says:

    uhm, sorry, I was just kidding,

    I don’t even know if the stuff I put was right..Irish bastard..your right..I am going to do just that– huffing gas –and a line of crack–hahaha

    I am sick and tired of myself..let’s all have some fun–I never said I was better than you Irish bastard. I am just as insecure, and lonely and stupid as everybody…I was just annoyed by it for a while

    Let’s all celebrate for half life 2 and halo2 –AND the new awesome video games that shall come…


    I luv all human beings, and the pigeons and the like…sory for misunderstanding


    huggy, huggy, the big furry bear. LOL

  612. google says:

    I am sorry if I steered anything — no reason to get all emotional–just kidding–entertaining my inferior self..

  613. google says:

    me thinks that this thread should be closed before SATAN posts something

  614. dude says:

    andrew….your an idiot

  615. darkreaper says:

    satan is probably already here and typing as we speak……..wait when did this turn to a churh thing i thought it was on halo 2 and halflife 2. man what happend wall i was away.

  616. omar says:

    all i can say to all you fags is that HALO 2 is better then everything, this thing as it like this what can you do with cs 2 theres no levels nothing to beat you just go online and play, which you can as well do on halo 2 but halo 2 is better jews.

  617. irsh bastard says:

    … i quit. its been fun posting my retarded shit here, but even for me, its getting out of hand, nice meeting u freaks, if u have xbox my gamertag is


    maybe ill see u in H2… (hopefully not though)


  618. darkreaper says:

    anyway halo 2 kicks halflifes ass so far out of the water its not funny

  619. SATAN says:

    MUAHAHaHAHAHAHAH i am here for i say halo 2 wins since i play that alot more then gay ass cs 2 only pussys play cs 2, satan has said his words…………

  620. darkreaper says:

    awsome satan

  621. darkreaper says:

    told u guys satan would probably be typing

  622. Coffinfeeder says:

    For all of you H2 fans out there, my gamertag is kun0. Lets all have fun on xbox live- whilst the HL2 kiddies play CS: source and HL2 online with 2 maps πŸ˜€ Fun for everyone!

  623. darkreaper says:

    Coffinfeeder god i wish i had x box live. I would be like the best sniper on your team but i dont have cabel hookup where i live.god damn u tellaphone company.

  624. analyze says:

    darkreaper is SATAN

  625. darkreaper says:

    actually i am not satan one of my online buddies is assholes.

  626. darkreaper says:

    I think analyze is google

  627. darkreaper says:

    could not resist what google your urge to look at gay porn

  628. darkreaper says:

    yea michael swanson must sound familiar to u google hes in the new michael jackson did he give a little something to u

  629. google says:

    for more information on why people have suddenly stopped playing video games for a month and world wide trauma—

    go to


    and look at the left hand corner:

    discretion is advised: this has been known to cause: excessive vommitting, hysteria, insomnia, limpiness, insanity, wild and unhealthy ejaculation, staring at peculiar objects and left hand corner of computer screen for long, long, long, periods and lengths of time, suicide, phonecalls from crazy grandma’s, seizures, excessive flatulence, unaided and dangerous eating practices (such as inanimate objects or parts of one’s own anatomy), death, impulsive murder, high blood pressure, and tickles.


  630. Coffinfeeder says:

    Someone please remove google’s threads, he has because utterly rediculous. There is no rhyme or reason for any of his posts anymore.

  631. Bened says:

    I think most of the people here saying that halo2 kicks hl2 out of the water havent played hl2.

    ok. the multiplayer mode is in its infancy. but so is the content available for the source engine – there is such potential for it. Valve released the SDK for source a good while before the game came out – the modders have been working away already. besides the most popular MULTIPLAYER game was birthed from half life (counter strike). think of whats gonna be coming out of hl2.

    I wouldnt be surprised if valve will be selling source to other companies. if not theyll have to make their own competitor, either way, everything from now on hinges its targets on what valve has achieved and is yet to achieve.

    everyone also seems to be using halo2’s multiplayer mode to wage war against HL2. Play the single player of HL2 and compare it to the single player of Halo2. Not everyone has a connection and games used to be judged on their single player mode – this is where the quality of a game comes in to play. Any game is made more fun when you face real human opponents! Besides there are so many ways to do things in HL2- its something you will go back to again and again!

    There are too many people here knocking what they cant run on their 486/have never played. HL2 isnt only for "geeks" – its for anyone who wants to experience the most advanced and engrossing computer game ever made so far.

    Bring on add ons and new multiplayer modules – COS YOU KNOW THEYRE COMING.

    hl2 will shape halo3. halo 2 will have its day. hl2 will always be remembered becuase it is pioneering new things – just as halflife did and is still remembered.

    go play it on a high spec system – actually, you can enjoy it on a half decent system – thank you valve. dont just watch the vids. cos playing it is something else.

    Soon halo2 will be gathering dust along with your XBOX whilst HL2 retains a large part in any open minded gamers heart. And Im pretty certain that in a few years. Those who didnt play HL2 will see it in a bargain bin, take it home, load it up and think… "Why the hell was i so ignorant?!"

    Oh yeah. let me remind you. Halo 2 is great. But this is to those who blindly call the most spectacular game to date (HL2) – "shit". Your minds/eyes are full of the latter. If you love computer games, you will make a wife of HL2.

  632. darkreaper says:

    the only way my x box will start to collect dust is when im dead and the xbox is buried with me.

  633. jew says:

    dude you dont use comps for game you use them for looking at porn, and xbox is were you play video games because thats the only thing it made for so halo 2 must be better alright niggas, now if looking at porn is a game for you then cs 2 could be better

  634. google says:

    why do you present yourself as "jew"– –wtf?

    –when I go to a chatroom, I don’t post "christian"–what kind of sick perverted fuck, puts his religious denomination and becomes sacriligeous by mentioning artifacts of porn in his post–what a fucking hypocrit:

    I never knew that computers were used for PORN, jew, I always watch my frieken PORN on my frieken tv JEW, there is too much FRIEKEN gay and animal porn on comp jew, you see jew, I am not into that jew.. But obvcource, to each race his own…


    don’t you be using the ‘n’ word unless you fucking black–or a’ send MA NIGGER to kick your unholy ass to answer to MOSES IN THE HOLY LAND mothefucka.. and don’t you be letting down ABRAHAM bitch; he get angry and smite your ass,

    so before you start bad mouthing and telling about the sick shit you do to your computer– go and and start talking about masterbating your circumcized dick to your family during shabbat dinner –to see their reaction. Take a time to think before you type your dumbass fucking comments and type YOUR RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION..we know that jews are awesome and kool, but boy,


  635. google says:

    for all you DUMB BITCHES out there that think there are only 2 maps for half life 2:


    hl2 palyers–download and enjoy–scroll down page–.

  636. google says:

    for all you DUMB BITCHES out there that think there are only 2 maps for half life 2:


    hl2 palyers–download and enjoy–scroll down page–.

  637. darkreaper says:

    mn google u really need some fuckin help man take some goddamn classes k man.

  638. darkreaper says:

    yea u r a suck a happy go lucky guy dumbass

  639. Coffinfeeder says:

    Man he is the biggest faggot for doing that. I won’t be coming back to this post- there are too many 12 year olds who act like the kid on the CS flash video ‘REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!’. Get a life, and stop being such an assole. As for the legitimate, non-gay HL2 fans- I had fun debating with you guys. And to all of the H2 players who see this forum, I hope I’ll see you fellas online. Fuck all these 12 year old rejects who have no life but to fuck with threads.

  640. zEn says:

    well, we all know that halo and half-life are the most talked about games in fps history, and much of the people posting on this forum are people who are biased towards half-life, and I too loved half-life, it was one extremely great game though face the facts halo is a totally great game either, and no i do not respect people whop say that hl2 will step all over halo 2, to me that statement is like saying super mario bros is the crapiest game that was ever created, it is what built the foundation of gaming. So think about it hl2 will most likely be amazing keyword will be because we do not know, now I know halo 2 is amazing, even though the sp is short and that most people say its like halo except for dual wielding and such, though it is a very hard game to compete with. O and to the people who say halo 2 is more like halo 1.1 here are the easiest of all changes, the gravity code is rewritten, a crap load of mp maps, new weapons, dual wielding, new texture engine, new vehicles, good storyline yet short, excellent multipayer options such as bomb, slayer, ctf etc which through my vision is a lot more than hl2 will ever deliver muliplayer wise, though im pretty sure its sp will far exceed the one of halo 2’s

  641. irish bastard says:

    that wasnt me


  642. Coffinfeeder says:

    Finally got steam, downloaded HL2, and the deathmatch. I must say that the game is quite amazing. I played DM and downloaded that map pack [thanks google] and I would have to say it DESTROYS Halo 2 multiplayer. I never thought playing a DM game on my PC could be so much. I then realized how much easier and accurate it was to use a mouse over a controller.

    Also just to clear some things up I must admit, I really was biased against PC games and was just bullshitting when I kept saying how I wasn’t and how Halo 2 was actually a better game. Turns out I didn’t know what I was missing…

  643. abc123 says:

    halo2 is the best! I would give it a 10 out of 10!!!!!!!!! half life would be -10 out of 10!!!

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