KB Article: Migrating a Custom AppWizard

Freshly updated and just what I needed for a little project that I’m working on. 🙂 How to migrate a Visual C++ 6.0 custom AppWizard to a Visual C++ .NET custom wizard This step-by-step article describes how to migrate a Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 custom AppWizard to a Microsoft Visual C++ .NET custom wizard. The…


Slashdot Picks up on Visual C++ 2005 Express

Slashdot is linking to the Visual C++ 2005 Express page in a new entry. I’m finding the comments rather interesting. Take a look here: Microsoft Offers Beta of Visual Studio 2005 nanodude writes “According to DimensionXC, Microsoft is offering a free beta version of Visual C++ Express 2005 among other programs in the Visual Studio…


MSDN Smart Client Developer Center: Rebooted

The MSDN Smart Client Developer Center has been reloaded with Chris Sells as it’s new content strategist. This is a great resource for people building Smart Client applications. MSDN Smart Client Developer Center: Rebooted Jonathan Wells and Chris Sells introduce the new and improved Smart Client Developer Center. They discuss its goals, what’s new, and…


Halo 2 Recent Games

So I’ve added my recent Halo 2 games to my blog page. It’s pretty cool that you can acually get an RSS feed of your Halo 2 stats, and it’s even more interesting that you can use something like Newsgator to get them to show up on your blog page. Greg Reinacker has the details…


Steve Makofsky: How Many Gadgets Do You Carry?

The other day, Steve asked, “How Many Gadgets Do You Carry?” Since I carry a few things and I use a lot of computers, I decided to put together a little Visio picture that shows the major computers that I use in my work and my personal life. (I’ll let you draw in the connecting…


64-Bit Computing Webcasts

I just noticed that there’s a nice new page up for the 64-bit computing Webcast series that took place a couple of weeks ago. Check it out here: Gearing Up for 64-Bit Computing on Windows Server Tune in to this webcast series and take advantage of the sweeping change in technology offered by 64-bit computing….


Dam Security

This is funny…. Beavers Weave Stolen Cash Into Dam Beavers found a bag of bills stolen from a video poker casino last week, tore it open and wove the money into the sticks and brush of their dam on a creek north of Louisiana Highway 48. (via the Drudge Report)


Halo 2 Guide to Multiplayer Medals

Check this guide out for the medals you can earn this weekend playing Halo 2 online. My gamer tag is Brize if anybody wants to say hi. 🙂


Security Chat November 18th

Update: I’m taking this off the security feed so the new one shows up on the Security Developer Center home page. Update: Chat is over. Lots of good info from Mike and great questions. I’ll post a link to the transcript when I get it. Update: This chat is starting now. Go here to enter…


MSN Search on David Letterman Last Night

This was on Letterman last night. Pretty funny: Have you heard that Microsoft is launching a new search engine to compete with Google? They’ve come out with this commercial. “Microsoft if proud to announce a new, comprehensive Internet search engine that is far superior to Google. And using the Microsoft search engine couldn’t be easier:…