Hands-on Lab Drives JNetDirect to 64 Bits

Interesting case study about how a company was able to port their application to 64-bits fairly quickly through the Microsoft Hands-on Lab here at campus.

Hands-on Lab Drives JNetDirect to 64 Bits

JNetDirect is an expert software component company that provides data access, security and delivery to customers with growing business requirements. When some of JNetDirect's JSQLConnect and JDataConnect customers asked about the use of 64-bit versions of Microsoft SQL Server, JNetDirect decided to attend a 64-bit Hands-on Lab at the Microsoft Redmond campus. Two weeks of work at the lab and another two weeks at the office were enough to add 64-bit support to both products.

If you're interested in seeing more stories like this be sure to visit the Microsoft Customer Evidence site. Here's a list of the case studies related specifically to Visual C++. I've been meeting with some of the guys that run this site and I've made some suggestions around adding some more code to these case studies and maybe eventually creating developer papers associated with these stories. I'll let you know how that goes as we move forward.

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