Platform SDK Update with Windows XP SP2 Support

I saw on Mitch Walker's blog that the Windows XP SP2 Platform SDK has been added to the SDK Update site. You can download it from this page: Microsoft Platform SDK

Click on the Windows XP SP2 link on the left of that page to get to the XPSP2 Platform SDK download:

Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Platform SDK
The Platform SDK – Windows XP Service Pack 2 contains the information you need to develop applications for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2.

Use this SDK to ensure that you have the latest documentation, samples, and SDK build environment (header files, libraries, and tools) for the release of Windows XP Service Pack 2. The documentation includes updated information for Windows Server 2003 as well, but does not replace your existing build environments for Windows Server 2003. A new custom install allows you to select components you wish to install on a more granular level. Choose “custom” instead of “typical” to utilize this feature.

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  1. If I take the link to Downloads – Full Downloads then it goes to a page for the February 2003 SDK instead of for the Windows XP SP2 SDK.

    MSDN still has a downloadable ISO for RC1, not the release.

  2. I’ve found more really good, reliable and useful information by reading this column than I have found just about anywhere else on the internet. It’s just flat, good information.

    Thanks, and keep up the great work. Somebody at Microsoft needs to give this guy a raise!

    Anthony Marlow

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