Visual C++ 2005 Tools Refresh Available

Today we posted the Visual C++ 2005 Tools Refresh for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 and the Visual C++ 2005 Express Beta. This toolset includes an updated compiler that implements many of the features that weren't complete for the Beta 1 release.

Please read and follow the installation instructions if you decide to install this release. The Tools Refresh is from a different source tree and so the tools aren't tested to Beta quality, so please review the overview and the instructions on the download center page before you install.

Visual C++ 2005 Tools Refresh

Thanks for using the Visual C++ 2005 Beta. The Visual C++ compiler team has done a lot of work that is not available in the Beta 1 release. The refresh program is for users of the Visual C++ 2005 Beta who want to try out the latest development builds.

Normally, builds go through a rigorous review process before being released as a Beta. The builds offered in the Visual C++ Tools Refresh are directly from our daily development branch and thus are not Beta quality. There has been only basic testing on these tools. If this quality level is insufficient to meet your testing needs, we suggest using the default Beta installation, or waiting for the next Visual C++ Tools Refresh.

The team asks that you send feedback through the MSDN Product Feedback Center. Testing this and providing feedback to us is a great way for you to make a difference in the final version of the product. Thanks! Brian

Comments (2)

  1. > Today we posted the Visual C++ 2005 Tools Refresh for

    That would be 8/26/2004 in US date format and US time zones?

    > Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1

    That is a link to

    The targeted page offers:

    > Download Latest Builds

    > Beta 1 (6/29/2004)

    > May Community Tech Preview (5/1/2004)

    > Express Betas (6/29/2004)

    I did a reload but the dates did not change.

  2. Brian says:

    Sorry, this tools refresh is just the tools for Visual C++. It’s not an update of the beta. Check out the download center page for more information.



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