Stepto on Channel 9

Stephen Toulouse (affectionately known as Stepto around MS) is being interviewed on Channel 9 this week. Stepto is on the front lines of Microsoft's security response effort, so these interviews should be good.

Stephen Toulouse - Introduction to Microsoft's security response center

Stephen Toulouse is a security program manager with Microsoft's security response center. The security response center is the team (and place) that goes into action when a new vulnerability or attack on one of Microsoft's products or customers is found and reported to

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  1. P!LL says:

    Why Does Stepto use firefox ?

    "MICROSOFT’S head of security, Stephen Toulouse, has accidentally revealed that he uses Firefox.

    In an interview with Wired here, Toulouse was chatting about how security was an industry wide problem and not Internet Explorer specific.

    Then he mentioned that only that morning he had to download an upgrade to Firefox to block a flaw that would’ve allowed an attacker to run a program on his system."

  2. Brian says:

    I think you should ask that on the Channel 9 page. We all have to test sites and things using different browsers, so that may just be the case, but I can’t answer for sure.



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