Windows XP Service Pack 2 on Windows Update

You can now get Windows XP Service Pack 2 by going to Windows Update. This is probably the best way to update a single machine. Word of mouth is a great thing. Be sure to tell your friends and family to update their Windows XP machines.

Windows XP users: Get Service Pack 2 today
Your first step to help protect your computer is to install this new security update to Windows XP.

In related news, there was an XPSP2 story on NPR this morning. They interviewed Rich Kaplan and others about the service pack.

Fix Released for Windows XP Security Flaws

Microsoft rolls out its biggest and most comprehensive security fix for Windows XP. The company says the patch will make it tougher for hackers to break in.

Update: I added a better link with more options for getting the service pack.

Comments (6)

  1. (Slightly OT, slightly related) Is there anyone at Microsoft that will comment on what version of .NET was packaged with the SP2 Developer/Network download? It’s 1.1, yet some of the files have newer version numbers, suggesting the SP1 update; yet only the Tech Preview of SP1 is/was available. Is Microsoft shipping beta software to the masses, or is it really SP1?

    A little clarification from someone (anyone) would be help.

  2. Ed Bott says:

    Hmmm. Still not showing up here on WU. Are you sure today’s the day for WU?

  3. Brian says:

    Hey, I updated my link to point to the Protect Your PC site, which explains the other options for getting the service pack.


  4. According to Brian Johnson, Service Pack 2 is now available via Windows Update. If you’ve been waiting, this is your opportunity. Unlike the full download, the Windows Update version is tailored to your Windows version. It’s still large, but it is considerably smaller than the full download. Update: I just checked on my unpatched test system and WU is still not showing availability of SP2. It is available via Automatic Updates, however. I’ll keep you posted….

  5. Looks like it is the TP of SP1.


  6. Where can one give feedback on XP SP2

    On my computer (Presario 700 Laptop) after upgrading to SP2 infrared activity taskbar icon refuses to work. Mind you infrared itself works.

    Luckily, I ghosted my machine prior to the update and managed to "go back" to a usable infrared capable XP.

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