Niagara Falls

We're in Niagara Falls today as part of a weeklong swing though upstate New York. Buffy saw the Mountie at the visitor center and she went wild. He was nice enough to pose for a picture and this really made her day.

I'm conneted through T-Mobile GPRS with a bluetooth connection to my phone. It's really a great connection. I sent my mom a video feed of the falls from our room and it actually worked. We're staying on the Canadian side and I had to put the phone right up to the window to pick up T-Mobile. I'm getting only one bar, but the GPRS connection is solid.

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  1. > I had to put the phone right up to the

    > window to pick up T-Mobile.

    I don’t know what T-Mobile is in particular, but this issue is not unusual. I used to use a mobile phone (with built-in modem) and for one year used a separate mobile modem. I used them both at home and while out, because the fees to buy a wired phone line were not cost-effective. My home is in between two public antennas and right at the limit of the range for both of them. A home antenna acts as a repeater. It’s supposed to be possible to put a home antenna near a window and it will forward the signals between indoors and outdoors. But in my location, I was lucky to find one spot along one wall near the ceiling, where the home antenna could pick up the public signal.

    (Finally had to get a wired phone in order to get ADSL though. Just try to imagine getting some of those MSDN downloads through a mobile modem.)

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