Windows XPSP2 Pages Updated

As I'm sure you know by now, we've updated the XPSP2 page in the Security Developer Center with links to the downloads available. In addition, a number of other pages have been updated on Here's a short list of the articles and pages that I'm reading through today:

List of fixes included in Windows XP Service Pack 2

Release notes for Windows XP Service Pack 2

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Developers - Lots of good info here.

Changes to Functionality in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2

And just a quick note about the checked build we're linking to from our XPSP2 page. This is a great build to install on a test machine that you want to run a debugger against, but it will probably mess up your workstation if you install it on a machine you're trying to work on. If you're looking for the build to run locally, use the release build.

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  1. denny says:

    as of 5 minutes ago (6:26 eastern) +/-

    the download link for the full sp was broken.

    it dumps a block 161Kb and stops.


    just an FYI.

  2. denny says:

    and now it’s working (I think?)

  3. 1. I wonder why the Japanese version isn’t available on that site? Last week MSDN graduated the Japanese version from RC2 to release.

    2. Are there plans to make Windows Update compatible with RC2? The initial page(s) accessed by Windows Update have been updated and work with RC2. I could scan the machine I’m presently using (there’s nothing of interest yet). But when selecting the link to Windows Update Catalog, it comes up with an error message asserting that I’m not an administrator.

    The error page gives me instructions on how to use the "Run As" option in order to force Windows Update to run as myself. Surely if I obey then the page will repeat its assertion that I’m not an administrator and will repeat its instructions. I’m a Hofstadter fan but I’m going to abort the recursion at this point.

  4. Colin Debney says:

    Have not been able to down load xp sp2.

    First time went to 216 mb and finished

    Second time to 64mb and finished

    third time to 161mb and finished

    all this was on a ISDN connection as in country Australia

    No success as yet.

  5. 8/21/2004 4:50 AM Colin Debney

    > Have not been able to down load xp sp2.

    A program called GetRight can resume downloads in the middle after they’ve been interrupted. I used to use a program called "My GetRight" which was free but was loaded with ad-ware. I’m not sure if "My GetRight" is still available, or if it can run under SP2 — hmm wait a minute, you’re not using SP2 yet so the adware can run freely 🙂

    216 MB was almost the whole thing too…

  6. Dave says:

    Hmm…I’d stay away from GetRight – it does some naughty things. Try LeechGet ( – an excellent FREE download manager that looks quite nice.

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