I just discovered IronPython and this is one cool system. This is a Python implementation that targets the .NET Framework and Mono. I was especially interested to see this on the page:

Fast - IronPython-0.6 is up to 1.7x faster than Python-2.3 on the standard pystone benchmark. An early performance report is are contained in this paper for PyCon 2004.

I've only started playing with this, but it shows a lot of promise. I also noticed on Jason Zander's Weblog that Jim Hugunin, the author, has joined Microsoft.

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  1. gab says:

    well, it is quite interesting but there are some things to notice:

    – it is 4% slower than CPython (on .net, 80% slower on mono).

    – python is not so much dynamic, and the given benchmarks do not stress core features like multiple inheritance, (semi)coroutines and descriptors.

    I still think the CLR got to be revised to support ‘non mainstream’ languages (i.e. adding some way to do continuation handling, or languages like Scheme,Ruby and perl6 won’t run easily on it)

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