MSDN Labs: What’s New in Visual C++ 2005

Duncan links to the Visual Studio 2005 alpha documentation up on MSDN Labs. The Visual C++ 2005 documentation is up there also. Note that this is all very pre-release and we're still hammering out the bugs in the docs. Here's a good place to start if you want to know more about changes to the tools and language:

What's New in Visual C++

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  1. Kris Georges says:

    Here’s a doc bug:


    The single-threaded CRT libraries, libc.lib, licd.lib, msvcrt.lib, and msvcrtd.lib, have been removed. Use the multi-threaded CRT libraries. The /MD, /ML, /MT, /LD (Use Run-Time Library) compiler flag is no longer supported. Non-locking versions of some functions have been added in cases where the performance difference between the multithreaded code and the single-threaded code is potentially significant.


    That cant be right, "msvcrt(d).lib" IS the multi-threaded DLL runtime, not the single threaded static one.

  2. JSalomon says:

    I do enough C (not C++)programming that C99 compliance, including designated initializers, compound literals, and variable-length arrays are important to me.

  3. Hazel Stevens says:

    I have no idea what Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library except it comes up on a runtime error that says Microsoft Program Cwindowssystem ei features:EXE Then it says abnormal program termination. This happens all the time and is getting discouraging.

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