Rebecca Norlander Demos XPSP2

There's a great XPSP2 multimedia demo done by Rebecca Norlander on Channel 9. If you haven't installed the preview yet, take a look at the demo and see what the experience is going to be like for users:

Rebecca Norlander - Demo of XPSP2

There are two other pieces that discuss various aspects of the upcoming service pack including a question about security improvements and one about the size of the service pack:

Rebecca Norlander - What are the big security improvements in the upcoming Windows XP Service Pack 2?

Rebecca Norlander - why is XPSP2 so big?

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  1. Thank you very much for the kind words! More fun things to come on Channel 9.

  2. 仪表 says:

    It contains tons of securty update…

  3. just noticed you have my last name .don,t see it often

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