Joe Wilcox on Sasser/Firewalls/XPSP2

Not strictly developer related, but insightful enough for anybody to want to take a look. Joe Wilcox of the Microsoft Monitor Weblog has an interesting post today about his sister getting Sasser through a dial-up connection.

Sasser's Sass

According to JupiterResearch surveys, most consumers running Windows XP say they don't have firewall software installed. That, despite Microsoft bundling a firewall with the operating system. My sister's awareness, or lack thereof, is a common problem.

Joe argues that Windows XP Service Pack 2 would have protected her against this sort of virus. This service pack really does change the way that people connect their computers to the Internet. If you haven't done so already, take a look at our Windows XP Service Pack 2 Resource Page and start testing your applications on the tech preview.

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