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Tony Goodhew has been publishing a Weblog about Windows XP Service Pack 2 that I wasn't aware of. Tony knows more about the changes that XPSP2 brings for developers than anybody else on the planet. So this is a must subscribe for developers who are tracking and keeping ahead of the changes that this service pack is going to bring:

Tony Goodhew: Windows XP Service Pack 2
My name is Tony Goodhew and I'm the Developer Division Product Manager for Windows XP Service Pack 2.

What is Windows XP Service Pack 2?

With Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Microsoft is introducing a set of security technologies that will help improve Windows XP-based computers' ability to withstand malicious attacks from viruses and worms. These technologies include:

Network protection
Memory protection
Improved email security
Safer browsing

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  1. Steven Denholtz, DMD says:

    I had a poor experience with SP-2. I am a dentist with an 8 computer TCP/IP network and run a well known stable dental management application named Dentrix.

    I purchased 4 new Dells with SP2. It took Dentrix 5 to 27 seconds to load a patient file!! My SLOW Dentrix was UN related to virus scanning software. That was one of the first things tried. All virus-related software was disabled in MSconfig AND in Services, then the computer was rebooted. Both Dentrix and the Network settings were played with ad nauseum. All network hardware(router, switch, cables, wall wiring) was taken out of the equation by plugging the affected computer into the Server’s NIC with a crossover cable.

    Dentrix is a QOS aware application; both additional QOS bandwidth was requested, and then it was disabled. Finally, it was observed that the (4) affected new computers were updated to SP-2. None of the working (8) computers on the network had SP2.

    So…..reformated, re-installed WinXP pro SP1 ,necessary drivers and applications.

    PROBLEM SOLVED! Dentrix works so fast it appears to be working off a local harddrive.

    Quite a difference from a 5 to 27 second chart ot ledger load time!

    Its a shame to have to reformat and re-install the OS on 4 brand new (Dell) computers, but that is what ultimately solved the Dentrix slow down.

    So that’s my SP-2 story…and stay away from the new Dells with SP2!

    Steve Denholtz DMD

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Steven,

    How did you get new machines with a beta service pack intstalled? I’ll follow up in e-mail.

    Thanks for the note.


  3. gitch~iticher says:

    I’m having a simular problem with SP2 – I have it running on a few systems in a mix O/S network. The systems with SP2 are slow and at time non responsive regardless of hardware, software or network position.

    I’m currently moving all SP2 systems to either SP1 or Linux.

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