A First Look at C++/CLI

Nishant S has written an excellent introductory C++/CLI article for The Code Project. From the article:

What C++/CLI gives us?

  • Elegant syntax and grammar -This gave a natural feel for C++ developers writing managed code and allowed a smooth transition from unmanaged coding to managed coding. All those ugly double underscores are gone now.
  • First class CLI support - CLI features like properties, garbage collection and generics are supported directly. And what's more, C++/CLI allows jus to use these features on native unmanaged classes too.
  • First class C++ support - C++ features like templates and deterministic destructors work on both managed and unmanaged classes. In fact C++/CLI is the only .NET language where you can *seemingly* declare a .NET type on the stack or on the native C++ heap.
  • Bridges the gap between .NET and C++ - C++ programmers won't feel like a fish out of water when they attack the BCL
  • The executable generated by the C++/CLI compiler is now fully verifiable.

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  1. Vidar Gunstvedt says:

    I have been working virtually every day since the late 80s with Microsoft C/C++ compilers.

    This is the message myself and thousands of co-developers have been waiting for the last couple of years. Now I can hardy wait to move on from VC++ 6.0.

  2. fensily says:

    I wand to learn more

  3. Mike Walker says:

    Three years old now and .NET is still a toy for BASIC programmers.

  4. kuki says:

    Believe you, support you, I believe that you are right! ! ! I will make great efforts to look like your study! ! !

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