Windows XP Service Pack 2 Technical Preview

A Technical Preview of Windows XP Service Pack 2 is now available for download from You can find more information on this page. Keep in mind that this version of the service pack is available only as a preview for computer professionals who need to test software. You can find out more about how Windows XP SP2 affects developers by checking out the XPSP2 page we have on the Security Developer Center.

Here's the Warning from the download page:

This technical preview is unsupported and is intended for testing purposes only. Do not use in production environments.

Comments (3)

  1. mike says:

    lets check it out

  2. Peter Krause says:

    Being disabled from an accident in 1997, the last problem I have is finding Time. I have learned many things thanks to MS. and the internet. I have helped test new programs in the past.


    Peter Krause

  3. TIMES says:

    Believe you, support you, I believe that you are right! ! ! I will make great efforts to look like your study! ! !

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