Tim Bray at Sun

I see today that Tim Bray is now working for Sun. It's an interesting world we live in. 🙂

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  1. Marshall Brooke says:

    Tim Bray mentions that .NET is focused on the desktop and does not work as well as Java on the server. For a guy who co-authored XML 1.0 this smacks of some personal agenda against MS. How can he say that when MS is activly leading the WS-I interoperability sphere, has he even heard of Indigo. I have written many .NET based apps and none of them have been desktop focused. MS were first to market with a rock solid Web Services architecture that still leads the market, and that is an undisputed fact. Bring on Indigo and we’ll see the likes of Sun left behind in a sandstorm of techonolical catch-up.

  2. Tim has an unfortunate habit of introducing FUD to any conversation involving MS. It is very sad because he seems to be intelligent and level-headed about almost every other subject but for some reason he all too often avoids logic and truth when discussing MS. My personal favorite is his post trying to rally web devs/designers to put a "no IE" icon on their pages with a disclaimer that (incorrectly) states "this site would look better and run faster on any browser other than IE". I have had Firefox/bird as my default browser for at least 6 months but even I know that simply is not a true statement. Tim will call an ad comparing the cost of AS-400s to Windows servers a lie (because AS-400s are old, which doesn’t make it a lie, it just makes it a useless, perhaps unfair comparison at most) but will be happy to ask us all to lie about IE.

    I just don’t get it.

  3. Mark Schmeets says:

    I remember seeing something somewhere at "ongoing" that Tim has had a pretty negative, and personal, experience with M$. Maybe that’s why?

  4. Brian says:

    I don’t know Tim personally, but I’ve heard him talk and I think he’s a very smart, upright guy. He explains in the post why he feels the way he does about Microsoft. I really don’t know anything about that. I was just wondering how he would get along with the Sun corporate culture. 🙂



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