DLL Tutorial on The Code Project

People ask about accessing DLLs all the time and now there's a clear little tutorial on The Code Project on just that subject:

Regular DLL Tutor For Beginners

This tutorial is in five parts. It gives a step by step procedure for developing a Win32 DLL and a regular MFC DLL object. There are three client applications, two Win32 console applications (one for Load Time linkage and the other illustrates Run Time linkage), the third DLL client application uses the shared MFC Library.

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  1. OmegaDoom says:

    This is excellent!!!!!!!!!

  2. OmegaDoom says:

    This is excellent!!!!

  3. How does AfxGetApp know where to search for the user’s Application Object(the application object is created before the framework’s WinMain)?

    Why should the framework provide a hook for message handling instead of setting lpfnWndProc(of the WNDCLASS provided by MFC) to AfxWndPoc and then making a call to defwindowproc from inside AfxWndProc?


  4. TIMES says:

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