Application Security Best Practices at Microsoft

Microsoft has published another paper from the IT group describing some of their best practices and experiences. The download page links to a paper and a PowerPoint presentation. From the Lessons Learned section of the paper:

Microsoft IT's effort to inventory, assess, and, if necessary, fix security vulnerabilities that it discovers in its internal applications has proven to be successful. Microsoft IT has a much better grasp of the number and complexity of the applications that are used to run the company's day-to-day business. Any vulnerability discovered in one application was noted and searched for in other applications.

You can download the slides and the paper here:

Application Security Best Practices at Microsoft

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  1. I have no idea if I’ve reached the right site.

    I am new to computing.

    Received an email.

    Thought it was an erroneos address.

    Returned it.

    Computer full of ? virus, freezing,etc.etc.

    Microsoft updates not coming thru.Symantec keeps sending hacker messages for me to correct

    When I open Norton screen freezes. Not sure I’m on a true Microsoft site. Same with Norton.

    Microsoft postmaster has returned said e mail, but time frame is off. Afraid to use msn. afraid to download updates from Symantec. Think my brand new computer is being eaten alive.

    Please advise how or where I report this thing I just ‘have a feeling’ about.

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Carol,

    I would go to Protect Your PC and follow the steps there. You should make sure the machine is firewalled, the updates are applied, and then update your virus software.

    You can also call 1-866-PCSAFETY for virus related help.

    Good Luck,


  3. TIMES says:

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