Phone Pic from Yesterday

I just had to comment on this picture. I took it with my 3650 camera phone on the way home from work yesterday and I was shocked at how well this little thing turned out. It was a beautiful sunset and it's so nice to be able to capture moments like these when they happen.

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  1. christoc says:

    nice! I love good sunset shots, the blue and gold you have is amazing.

    I’ve got a LARGE one taking with my Digital Rebel back a few months ago.

  2. Brian says:

    Very nice. Thanks!

    In case anyone is looking, here’s the link to the big version of the picture Chris is linking to. (It’s really something.)


  3. Francois says:

    Wooow that’s what i call a nice sunset ! Indeed, having a digital camera with you all the time prevents you from missing that kind of shot ! I recently bought myself a small camera add-on for my mobile phone in order to catch all those moments ! (well i don’t want to take my good one with me all the time, just in case if … so it’s nice to have this little things lost in a pocket and ready to catch the moment !) For other sunset shots, you can check out on my website ( but most are not as impressive as the Chris one ! I hope you’ll like them anyway !


  4. christoc says:

    thanks for the comments 🙂 I thought I posted the link to the larger one, but apparently had the wrong clipboard pasted in there 😉

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